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Having a home sucks unless you hire a landscaping crew. Stupid normie neighbors.

>muh equity

Only worth it if you buy during a housing market collapse.

the absolute state of normies

>drink driving

Or you just don't be a spastic and spend that much on drinks every night out

>road beers

>having a home means you made it

absolute brainlets on this board

>5% downpayment
>$2,891 monthly at current rates
>$1,040,760 over the course of the loan

Turns out getting lit is slightly less moronic.

My method:

>take transit ($1) or Lyft ($5)
>cover fee either ($0) or ($5)
>get drunk before and buy like one drink at the actual club (total $10)
>eat at home after ($3)

Who the fuck only pays 5% down on a home

This must be the center of Manhattan, $20 parking, same for club admission

I'm glad I live in shitty St. Louis (secret: it's not that shitty), parking is free everywhere and the most expensive club I've ever been to was $10

>he doesn't buy weed (extremely cheap compared to clubbing, drinking and whatever) and gets high with his gf every other weekend
>he doesn't go outside, walk a bit, buy snacks in the nearby store and just giggle the day off

Probably spend like 20-30 bucks a weekend desu and it's always a good time.

If you can only put 5% down on a 450k house you should be going for housing around the 200k price range! Fucking retarded normies never change...

>buying drugs
>buying alcohol
>buying cigarettes

>5% down on a 450k home
we /poor/ now. no sane bank will shell out 450k for 5% buddy.

>going to nightclubs
>not doing drugs at home with a cute girl to fuck
Only 2k£ annually, me lads.

No body said or implied that

You don't enjoy altered states of mind, user? Or you just don't have the friends/contacts to try it? Be honest.

>104 nights
do normalslime really go out that much? thats like 8 times a month, christ

im a 25KV so wouldnt know

Anyone going 'clubbing' 2 days a week is a fucking retard

Do 20%. Doesn't matter if its 200,000$ home or 1 million. You'll save more long term.

its probably correlated

I got 10k set apart for that exact situation.

if you aren't an autistic 4chaner:

$5 to get semi-drunk beforehand
$20 drinks at a bar
$8 mcdonalds

----> getting sloppy with the boys and fuking a random chick ----> story for life = priceless

>spend $200 or so for an ounce of good weed
>lasts for months on end
that is my vice, outside of cigs and caffeine. i consider all three of them to be "wagecucking aides"

when i find myself in instances where i dont have to go do the same thing everyday to survive, i tend to stop all 3 and go straight edge

You seem to forget that achieving those "altered states of mind" come with very real, long lasting side effects. No thanks. I'd rather not deal with psychosis again

This. OP’s pic could really improve if he thought of a worthwhile investment

Literally exactly this. You know what's up. Ignore all these fucking social outcasts.

>its probably correlated
look out, einstein coming through

Unironically this is the real answer. This is not the place where you can discuss people having friends/going out etc, they don't know the right way because they're a social outcast reading a picture written by another social outcast

you fags are just poor. kek

>5% deposit
u fucking child

How to "get lit" in Europe

>public transportation to club 3€
>0,4 LITers of vodka 4€
>club entry 10€
>few lines of speed/a pill 1-5€

Money spend ~20€

retard who the fuck goes 104 nights out in a year and spends total of $205 every fucking night

Ok maybe someone but this is just beyond retarded. You can do anything in moderation.

but what if you can get an ARM? surely the low teaser rate will make up for it.

real talk, though. i love watching retards buttfuck themselves financially.

>$150 Club Drinks

What is a pre-game?

>stay poor home loan fags
>stay mad gaymer fags

buying a home is a bad investment
ESPECIALLY in this bubble
put the money into stocks instead and just rent

>only drinking at the club
People do this? Pre-party and split a cab for fuck sake.

>if you aren't an autistic 4chaner:
shit i wish i could socialize

>wah wah wah
Don’t be stupidly irresponsible and almost everything is fine.

> what is uber
> paying for a cover
> buying 15 drinks at 10$ a piece
> buying food at a club

Yeah it's pretty clear you don't go out much. Anyone not retarded eats and has a few drinks beforehand and then takes an uber to the club. Also what kind of club charges 10$ for drinks (assuming your paying for 15 drinks at 10$ a piece, which is still fucking laughable) and only charges 15$ for food on a 20$ cover lol.

man i wish i still lived in st louis.
live in the chicago suburbs now

Just 2 hours left for the pump. Join in to see the spike.

t dot me/tornadopumps

>Paying to get in a club
>Not having connections to get in for free

>$150 on club drinks
>every Friday and Saturday

Either you are getting ripped off or you are trying to fucking kill yourself. Inb4 some faggot with alcohol issues brags about how much it costs to get them drunk.

Drugs are not the way to happiness my friend.
Sounds like you got some growing up to do.

>get girls and gays to be you drinks ($0)

I'm happy because my life is fulfilling. I get high sometimes for the same reason I play videogames or have sex for non-reproductive reasons: it's fun.

Fair enough, user.

who the fuck spends 200$ to go out unless you are in a major city and making bank anyways. No one fucking cares about a down payment on a house, faggot.

Man, your socially retarded if you think anything is wrong with that number. I've known people who could easily blow x2 x2 and they are wage cucks too. The numbers dont account for drugs which can easily be another 100 each night