Throwing $30k into icx. You fuckers are all poor btw

Throwing $30k into icx. You fuckers are all poor btw

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>3x eom

Lol this guy thinks he’s rich with 100k in btc

Good job bro let me know when you’re actually made

You're making me horny

TIL you can still be a raging kikefag with a decent amount of money

kys gook

>he thinks 100k is a lot
>it's all in tron

how can you be in trx when there is...

it's a good move

Listen faggots. I'm a 20 year old in college who turned $3k into 100k. I don't have a job. My parents pay for my shit. I'm comfy as fuck compared to you min wage fucks.


kill yourself

ICX already mooned. you should put it into IOST

fucking loser got lucky on the bull run.Good job!

top fucking kek you poorfag

Thinking youre rich with 30k. L O L


This has to be bait... right?

If you think $100K means you've made it you're an idiot.
>20 yr old faggot who hasn't paid for shit like a real man, and instead relies on MOMMYmilkies & daddy's cockgravy for sustenance
Confirmed. Also, I have more money than and a great paying career you faggot. You're the poor one. kys.

everything is b8 m8

I'm better than you

Literally why are you here?

Fuck you. Fuck off my thread then

here is some free advice, either cash out majority or move to a stable coin or cry later.

Good job leave all your gains on an exchange and prepare to get bitgrailed

Tether moon soon. HODL on!

Congrats faggot. I don't give a fuck about you. I'm majoring in computer science so I think I'll be oooooook

Taxes will fuck me if I cash out. Have to hold for a year. And I have a ledger so no

it's your funeral buddy, good luck with justin trap-star

Just 2 hours left for the pump. Join in to see the spike,.

t dot me/tornadopumps

Fuck off

Alright boys I'm out. Goodluck to you all and let's make some money

The bait is real