Stop shitcoins get the good one

stop being bullish on meme coins biz! get in on the real ride for wealth

>known scammer devs
>riddiculus hype videos
Enjoy your PnD

HPB is Chinese EOS with about 50 times less value. Buy it instead.

>Its X countries something
please stop posting

what scammer devs^^ its dan larimer, he is the hype reason

Yes the Larimer brothers
They Pump and Dump projects and abandon them. Over and over again.

Steem and bitshares aren't pump&dumbs, so what are you actually refering to?

>stop shitcoin
>get the good one
>real ride for wealth

stop investing in crypto you have no idea what happening

>What are your criticisms of dPoS?
>Dan Larimer certainly isn't a scammer. The only criticisms EOS gets about looking scammy is its distributing/funding method. But at least they are doing something different to protect themselves from the incoming crackdown on ICOs and avoiding being labeled a security. That they have the most cash to work with relative to any other crypto is the opposite of bearish, unless you think they are straight up going to steal all of it.
>Totally worthless criticism, every crypto that has the potential to go anywhere has hype videos.


dPoS is the most centralized consensus method
It brings politics into it long term
Short term everyone will vote to whatever is default making people who devs put there dPoS agents
Mid-short-term people keep money on exchanges and exchanges have too much voting power and pick whatever they want

Dan Larimer is a known scammer who exit scams each of his projects
EOS has no mainnet yet and is a token

Soon you will findout all the overblown stats are just that.
And yes the criticism of hype videos just show they want to sucker people in and not make a actual change.
Learn to avoid snake-oil salesmen like this

The erc20 ethereum killer strikes again

It's high performance!*

*based on our bullshit stats because main net isn't even there

That's right. Invest into the only coin that will matter in the future.

the tokens are ERC20, not the coin.

I'll have to look more into dPoS. I don't own any EOS I've just been interested in it.

Moving onto other projects isn't exit scamming. That you conflate the two makes your other judgements pretty suspect. His reasons for moving on are pretty clear and understandable.

You would have to be pretty tinfoil paranoid to think that there won't be a main net. Who cares that it isn't a finished/launched project yet. People said ETH was a scam in its beginning as well.

With your last point you yet again didn't say anything of substance, just vague FUD that could be applied to anything in crypto.

>the absolute state of vaporware

Pumping the price up and doing super hard marketing before exiting is exit scamming friend

Eth never had a token.
You are literally trading on promises of things that wont happen, its pure hype.

Everypedia won't happen.
That announced POS solution on EOS won't happen.
The big ETH project that is switching to EOS won't be announced next week.
The big names behind EOS are just for destroying their reputation.

Sorry I don't hold Piece-of-Shit coins
t. miner