Is it REQ for real???


its RLC

The REQ prophecy? Yes.


plz someone confirm, I'm gonna cum in my pants

Its gto

Dubs confirmed

No stop loss

What are we talking about here guys? Is WHAT req?


I'll let you dweebs know when it's released, 2 hrs 15 min to go...

I hope he doesn't PnD REQ while all of mine is sitting in MEW.

thank you teeka

Still none the wiser. What am PBC?

it's gonna be REQ because that coinbase shit, i'm feeling it, march or april coin is gonna be RLC

palm beach confidential

Fuck this Pajeet Pumper. Stay away from my REQ.

Has he done VEN? It's been pumping for seemingly no reason today.

what is RLC? REQ is going to be huge and rape coinbase, REQ is coinbase but with every alt listed. Come on now user

user at it again -_-7

It went from 80k to 45k its going slowly back plus obvious rebrand event and expiring ndas soon. Bmw partnership incoming

yea, and that's exactly why he choose REQ, coinbase button got a lot of publicity and REQ is gonna be better in all aspects, button is just one thing on their platform...
RLC is iexec, best cloud computing solution for dapps

its OST look at the spike a few days back

>no stop loss

Teeka is a pajeet but he wouldn't go that far as to shill REQ, the pajeetest coin in the market

And who is this guy and palm beach? Sorry for being a scrub but ive only seen mentions of this never took it serious. Heard hes a pajeet PnD

dyor, boomerfag

gotta say, RLC is being walked down for the past few days on a very thin volume

just speculating ofc


Seems like hes a scammer faggot, btw not a boomer. Your probably shill turtle coin. sell me your REQ for cheap faggot