We'll all make it

tell me Veeky Forums, why do you keep going forward? today i feel absolutely tired of this shit pursuit of freedom and escaping the wagecuck slavery and i really ponder why i souldn't end it

i think you might as well desu senpai

doesn't answer my question tho, why are you still here? do you enjoy the journey?


sorry, no i dont
i'll kys myself first thing in 2020 if i havent made it

There is nothing else user. Live free or die trying

forgot again
im here because there's many yuri and siscon mangas i'd like to read
im a neet by profession so i get by for now

I have nothing else left. I'll make it or die trying.

more of these, and where

i did this translation today, theres 9 pages total in this chapter
the manga is 1 x ½ if you're interested, eagerly waiting for the next chapter

these are great, you should host these somewhere

There is something inexplicable that happens when you achieve what nobody thought was possible.

For you, that may be finding a career you enjoy. For others it may be finding a partner that makes you feel confident and inspired.

We are witnessing the birth of a new, digitized, asset class. Take risks and invest what you can, even if what you have is very little. Don't live your life wondering what could have been.

I felt lost from the age of 13 until about 18 when I went off the University. I became interested in new tech, the birth of digital currencies, and energy efficient transportation. I built a portfolio worth 250k - trading through the bad times in crypto and the good.

If you really want to achieve something like this, DYOR and pick a project you think has a LONG TERM outlook. No shitcoin trading, no giving in to FUD. Me, I'm all in on VEN and I'll either make it or die trying.

Get inspired.

i'm fine with occasionally dumping my mango bags on Veeky Forums

i'll dump the rest of the pages itt


thanks for the answers, i would do the same in your situation i guess, unfortunately can't afford the NEET life currently and work is draining me slowly, i feel i'll end it in a couple of years max if i don't make it
may kek give you the energy to keep going


i cant imagine what life must be like slaving away only to have your money stolen to feed people like me
my unironic condolences
also, this concludes the first chapter

This made my day

thanks user, medium term ETH and NEO seem extremely solid, long term XRP looks good (yeah i know) and i really like XRB but it's going through so much shit right now and i feel it lacks marketing too

tfw aspergers, can't stand touch unless I trust someone really well. Never had a serious girlfriend because of this. Socially anxious because of this. Always awkward, clumsy and doubtful. My art and crypto are the only things I have. My parents tell me I exaggerate, but they really don't know what it's like. I don't exaggerate, it's my natural reaction to situations others would consider normal. I know I'll never be succesful because of this, so I'm just gonna make art as that's the only thing I can do on my own that I feel good about. Hopefully I can make enough gains in crypto so money won't have to be a problem

what kind of art do you do fellow aspie
i hear commissioned lewds can land you a pretty buck or two

How much LINK to make it EOY?

thanks im glad you enjoyed it
i'll probably end up Veeky Forumsifying the second chapter within a few days i think

you mean nude drawings? I don't draw, never been any good at it. Well, not good enough anyway. I've been getting into music and have always made videos and photosgraphs of all sorts. I edit in photoshop and aftereffects. I'm looking into game programming as well. Just o keep my mind off my current situation and hopefully entertain/help some people in the same situation

Look into Decred. Will still be around in 10 years unlike 99% of these shitcoins. Look out for the roadmap which should be released in the next few days.

As for why I keep going forward? Well I'm not really. I'm pretty depressed and I don't do anything anymore. I already "made it" though (made 500k). I'm going to try the travelling meme in a few months and see how that goes.