Did I get pajeeted goys? Am I fucked?

Did I get pajeeted goys? Am I fucked?

Bought another 15k. Slowly but surely

Not Pajeeted, Ali'd.

>See this post
>Get pumped because JNT is dumping and will be able to get moar cheap jibblys
>Still $.6

Get rekt nigger

why are you spamming the board with
threads constantly?

because they want cheap jibrel


Come on dummy. It's called Jeet Network Token. It's right there in the name.

This. I am tired of that imbecyls.

I literally just started with crypto 2 months ago, and even I knew to wait for gains from bullrun before i invested it in Jewbril. It won't move for another week or so, the announcement and listings will come in after that. Damn, some of you are actually fucking retarded.

stfu noob and kys

nah nigger just be patient. when this shit moons its going to fucking skyrocket and people are going to be weeping that they waited to get in.

I currently hold 15k jibrel and yes, i could ride the bullrun right now with those funds but id much rather keep my position than risk it for a relatively small gain.

>15k jibrel


>tfw I only have 5k

I want to believe this could go to at least 1k in a few years but that seems crazy to me, especially when people here claim to have 100k+, that would put them into 9 figure numbers

I have 200Kish but it's unlikely I will hold it all for years. I'm probably going to sell half if if goes 3X in the next few weeks to buy that sweet Ven dip coming up.

holy shit i've never been so fucking powerless. i have all this fucking money coming in next month but none now to buy 20K jnt


it's not going to do anything for like a month dude


I wouldn't be so sure about that, if the announcement with the sheihk is very positive then we will see an increase to at least 1 dollar most likely. They also teased on telegram that they have lots of surprises in the coming weeks, so who knows.



One of you faggots pls panicsell. You got SCAMMED


half of it yes

I'm so annoyed, I'm a fucking poorfag and all in'ed in this and only could affor 2k JNT, I'm not starting with enough funds to make it anons, am I?

if you wait until 2-3x here then ride the next shitcoin moon wave, you might make it