Should I sell

Should I sell

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Yes nigger, sell low the biz way. Suck it up and hold for the next bull run impatient fuck.

>next bullrun
It's not gonna have another bullrun bro
Slow agonizing death as other shitcoins go 20x

Sell faggot then kill yourself in 3 years when you see on the news its just reached $1000

This shit has insane potential and if you can't see it you deserve to be poor.

What's the name of this shitcoin again?
Haven't been paying attention.

next bull run starts once the coin hits $4. it'll moon all the way to $6, then drop to $2.

Sell and buy

At least you will get an Illuminati blowjob

Yo wassup my nano bros.

Some sketchy shit happening on the sub:

We should all migrate over here so we can continue to discuss this shit uncensored.

/u/raihodll out

So fucking what. Sell at 6 and move on to another shitcoin you can cry about.

Wait until it reaches the bottom before selling.

I can't look in tea leaves, but has a coin with an active team, wallets for all platforms, many exchanges including soon trading pairs with fiat, ever just went to 0 and become forgotten?

Maybe the FUD will keep it below $10 for a month, maybe 6, but you must be a retard if you don't think it will go up again sooner or later.

Other coins will give better returns short term but I don't expect to time the market well. I still believe there is potential for a sudden adoption from some huge entity and then a 10x.

the Veeky Forums way

No man, it's forming the "Descending Fiasco" pattern, it's like a fibonacci sequence. 100% Garaunteed moon at 0 wei

>Sell at 6
it's $8 right now

>shitcoin released in 2014
>throughout the time saw zero development or interest
>literally nobody gave a fuck about it until 2017 when redditors started hyping it and it mooney from 10 cents to $35
>user is STILL bagholding it after (((THEY))) dumped on him and moved on

hell sketchy. dev prolly. one that got access to bitgrail funds while it was closed for withdrawls.


forgot to add
>"rebranded" themselves to try and distance themselves from the 3 years they were doing nothing as raiblocks

I'm pretty sure the devs just paid off some professional shill team back in december which caused this

Why would you sell next BTC?
It's like selling ETH after DAO hack.

Don't be an idiot. Sell this shitcoin when it bounces back to 0.00093 btc. Or if you have time to wait around 0.00102. Those points will probably be respected unless too many people have lost all their hope in this shitcoin

No worries friend comfysignals got you

>devs blame mercatox
>devs blame bitgrail
>devs blame binance

who are they going to blame next?

Vitalik just retweeted and gave support to Bomber. The poor guy must have suffered a lot to include the worst ERC20 ever on his site. Nearly suffocated his exchange. Hopefully it will be back up soon, without the NANO ofc.

I want you to do something for me OP, just sell low. That's all you have to do. Then maybe buy something like, I don't know, VeChain. It is pretty high right now. Yeah, buy VeChain high. Thanks pal.

Recently mobile wallets were released, an exchange was released, they have held meetups, etc. Your fuding here won't drive the price down any further, if you want to buy low now is the time.

Sell now buy it again at 8k

Yes user there is no possible way you are wrong. Everybody who is negative is "just FUDing to buy lower".
You're delusional.

NANOs only claim to fame is that their token uses unlimited block sizes. I don't see how this can keep up, once NEO gets its chain fully working.

Sell before you are at loss

After loss, have fun being bagholder

Alright I sold. All of it. I'm bought into a real project, VeChain that has actual partnerships instead of being some stupid Ripple clone

You just sold the news lol


Congrats. Been telling people to jump off st 26,22,20,16 etc

This is doomed to failure. Bitgrail will haunt this shitcoin forsver. They'll be embroiled in legal battles for sure this year

Veeky Forums



It’s gonna be $20 soon lmfao what a fkwit

12% of total supply is stolen/tainted forever
Have fun holding this garbage

/lost 2300xrb to shitgrail, not buying back ever.

You deserve it for listening to biz lmao



Dumping back down already

Yeah you might as well. It's in the red so. Selling would probably be the most wise choice here.

> Should I sell
It's literally mooning RIGHT now...
Stay poor pajeet

congrats on this, seriously, explains how I make so much money

Deluded that market cap is not sustainable at all i feel sorry for you guys


lmfao gets em every time

pajeet abandonware made it to rank 20 on marketcap through manipulation on 2 no-name exchanges and devilishly low daily trading volume

why do you think it dumped when it made it to real exchanges?



Just hold retard this coin is gonna be big

And no i dont have any bags i have 0 nano

I fucking bought back in at $9.46 and it's already back down... I just keep losing money you guys better be right this time

please tell me you are larping

Just be patient dude, two weeks or so it will be $25

don't listen to him, you need to sell again and buy more ven right now before it is too late

They say to sell the news so I sold at $9 and it's already back up to $9.26 WHY FUCKING DJDJDJDUDJSJSJAN MAKING MONEY SHOULD NOT BE THIS FUCKING HARD

strap on bois we bouncing back


>tfw bought at 3 dollars and sold at 30

Need proof it's going to rise again?
I fukn irrationally hate raycocks, Nano what ever shit cunt thing it's called now. Everything i hate moons like a mother fucker.
You're welcome.


I really don't understand why nano gets so much hate here on biz. Anyone that would actually put 2 and 2 together would see that this is by far what is labeled as a shitcoin around here.

Patience is the virtue all other virtue is dependt on

can someone link me to that website with Nano's live confirmed TPS?thx

s-stop it guys! NANO will replace BTC! You shills must all be from that discord group! I bet you were all paid to spread FUD!!!


>Last week, massive fudding for Nano
>For the rest of the month, massive shilling for Nano
I'm an insider, fucking screencap this and take notice. Watch it go down on reddit too.

Patience if virtue of the loser.

>manipulated pajeet coin has paid shills behind it

Wow dude Holy shit, thanks for your insider info

Hold you fucking pussy.

you're welcome sir

This. There was a badly coded exchange that fucked people over. The coin and it’s fundamentals are fine and the market knows this. Once mobile wallets and come out, it will start gaining again.

It’s currently a unique and potentially very powerful coin due to the way it deviates from standard blockchains.

>Bought a 100 when it was $3 something
>Bought another 100 when it was $7.
>Sold 20/40 when it was $25/18.
>Sold 60 at $10, investing in VEN

>VEN goes nicely, NANO doesn't move at all.
>Checks recently, up to $10.

Nice. I didn't make much but it is still something. I think both VEN and NANO have potential to be good crypto in the future.

suck my chode