I've got hundreds of proprietary trading algos to give away for free. Some good. Some shit...

I've got hundreds of proprietary trading algos to give away for free. Some good. Some shit. Coded in various languages from Python, C++, Java, etc. Where is the best place to upload them all for free? I'm pretty sure people are going to try to shut it down because of huge multi billion dollar patent violations. But I don't care anymore. Fuck the industry. They need to fucking burn to the ground.

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upload them in seperate maps (good, bad). you can use 'wetransfer' and create a 1 day available link for us all to download.

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This please kind sir


fuck this is going to take long

I've got 2 petabytes of data to upload

even if i copy paste in one big notepad file its going to be several million pages long

im wondering what a faster alternative would be ?

2 Petabytes of code is literally impossible you fucking imbecile. You would need like billions of text files with millions of bytes each.

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Now hes gonna try to sell us his ico with the capability to handle files this large oN tHe blOcKChaiN

or just give us ur 5 best ones

look its all the data learned by the ai

if i delete it all it would take years for the ai to reach the level it is now

the original ai scripts with no learning is only 119 gigabytes. i can upload that instead if you prefer


I am monitoring this thread

upload it as larp.txt to fedora.io

i dont think we could ever make the ai relearn with our pleb computers but we could at least see the code. maybe someone will come up with a solution

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Please user I need. I'll fly over and download all of it rn


GitHub bro

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not if it's source

If you have dat files that the algorithms were trained on, those aren’t needed assuming we could get the same data, e.g. exchange data. Exchange data from a couple of months could be hundreds of MBs

Don’t delete the data. Just upload the code.

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Kys larper even if you have a couple of algos guaranteed they are garbage

>2 Petabytes
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>2 petabytes of code

The fuck are you doing? VGG-19 is only 500mb.