It's me

It's me
I'll leave this for you
'When all are comfy and celebrating, be bearish'
Here is a SS some user took of one of my post before those huge red candles formed.
Too bad it was cut short by bullfags and whales. They are desperately trying to hold this up...


so you post a screenshot of some bullshit post you made up as support for a new bullshit post you just made up?

Kek, we've had enough of that for what 3 days now? Do you think it's just gonna keep up trending forever again?

read that wrong, my bad
Either way, bullfag detected so my comment stands


lol, cya when you FOMO in at 19k buddy


i'm gonna laugh when this shit stagnates in a $2000 range for a year and you bearbullfags get blasted over and over expecting breakouts

>Tea leaves
Nope, i use something else. TA helps once in a while, but we all know 80% of the time it is wrong on making calls
Let's just say my intuition is.... good
I will use TA once in a while to find support levels / resistance and for trends
+1 bear point for making me laugh

Just wait for the US gov. When they shut down the tether printer it will come back.

>Do you think it's just gonna keep up trending forever again?
no it's going to trend to ATH, crash 30% or 40%, then trend to another ATH, then crash, then ATH


I don't want my short to be liquidated mommy MOMMY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

>he has a plan, to laugh at shit that will never happen

How long bear fag? I believe too but I'm risking positions trying to capitalize on this run.

>making up your own FUD

yea ok bitch lmfao




dont worry youll get the chance again

implying poorfags on biz selling would effect the btc price?
Soon, patience friend. It'll happen
You will be rewarded if you are still in fiat. We will collect newfags coins for cheap

>it's another namefag

implying my liquidation is at 10500 and I don't want to get liquidated

I hope your right user-kun

BTC is now in bull mode
prepare to get rekt

PLEASE stop posting. Nobody gives a shit about your half-assed guesses and nobody will give a shit about your suicide posts in two months either. Just stop.

The same people that predicted a rebound to 9-10k also predicted a fall to 4k later on. It's rather convenient that bulls have ignored the bearish part of the forecasts and are charging right into a bull trap.

It will go up! No, down! No, up again! Yes, I was right! Now it will go down! No I meant up! Up! Now down! Now up! I'm so great at TA lol@fags.

>Tripfags convinced him to sell the bottom.

I hope you die larping faggot.

bullish children
Do you think you can just invest money, sit on your ass and 'hodl' and get rich?
Is life that easy? Your time to wojak will be soon, i'll be collecting

Go back to avatarfagging in the stock market general so the mods have an excuse to ban you.

How low do you think it will go bearfag? For me 3k isn't out of question, I mean I'm still up from my initial investment in mid december despite all the crash, just doesn't feel like it will recover yet

Why are these bottom sellers so stupid? Just because I bought at 6k doesn't mean I can't sell at 10k and buy at 6k again.

>intuition is... good
>the brilliant minds sold at the lowest price in months

What DID you mean by this?

3k isn't out of the question, but it seems like there will be too much whale pressure around 5.5k - 6k
If bears break that support we will be in the 3k area, but very inlikely. Testing support again at 6k area is likely
means when i feel something fishy going on with the pump, there is bad news