Do you want to believe?

Do you want to believe?

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this is the cringest clip i've watched in a good while, kill yourselves


Are you trying to make us sell? Because then this would be the best attempt I've seen

thanks just sold 100k

congrats on this, seriously

I believe!!!

....this makes me want to sell, best FUD since shadowfork.

Good job mate!

The absolute

Nice just bought 100k


That's it I'm done with crypto.

the LINK memes really are very creative

daily reminder that we are early adopters

Is there also a pic rundown of the tranny brothel clip?


Good job user, keep the price low!


I've just watched the vid and I don't think it's cringeworthy at all. Kind of cool. Do you also accept TurtleCoin?

Rory on da beat yo

stop memeing this you mother fucker i need to buy more

GOD tier fud

awesome video but you need to mix/level the beat a little better. 808s/snare not tight or crisp at all m8

LINK EOY $1000

Please don't niggerfy Chainlink even in irony.

In all honesty, this is what this site is about: Obsessively memeing the shit out of everything its users are obsessed about.



Just sold my entire stack

node operator
Hope btc utterly eats shit so I can top up my LINK

I'm going to blast this in my lambo when i become filthy rich

>linkies will become rich

this weak


bigger FUD than China crypto ban

This is actually troll af. Congrats on this, seriously.

requesting the blueprint for these linkies






best music video ive ever seen




Doesn't matter where LINK goes, when this ride has ended we can at least say that we've had the best memes.


Veeky Forums is just spitting out dank meme after dank meme

when will it end

Durchhalten Kamerad!

This is actually pretty good

Quality production




>88 praise kek and HEIL HITLER!

link memes are the utterest shit

You fucked up niggah

>my retarded why you should buy link video in the related videos has 3k views



wtf goes hard

Meme magic, it's true.


Sorry, m8. Not not my OC.



my fav LINK meme


>beta tired, pained eyes
>chainlink ... what you think
Asking for validation on your choices

HE is watching us :')

finally we are moving in the right direction












HAHAHAHAHA this is amazing. I’m never selling solely because of this

On the brink yuh

30% CRASH IN 2 DAYS FROM 0.00007450


The whales calculate the precise bottom so the digits are 3456.



Guys I wanted to wait post conference to buy more but this 300k buy order is scaring me

how much do you have now?

10k.. been trading BTC the past few days to try to get enough for another 20k

so this must be the new marketing director?
Based Sergey, with those quality hires

its still 10 000 000$ in 2019 but you should get some more now asap

t. 26k LINKIE

Linkies are getting desperate

fucking laughed out loud hard. funniest messageboard on the internet

Is Link unironically a good investment?

it's a solid long-term hold, depending on if they deliver, and it gets implemented as planned etc. If any other token got the same amount of FUD or scrutiny that LINK does, it would look shit too

its just a meme

Kek shadowfork

0.00005181 + 10% = 0.00005699

whales are stopping at exactly 0.00005699, exact +10%, whales don't even want to hide their manipulations

Look up the BAT referral program. Maybe it's something for you.


Is Ripple good too? Currently my only investment so far as I was gifted some. I hear some people here say it sucks though. looking to invest in other coins as soon as possible.

So far these are the ones I think I will put money into:

Will get BTC and BCC if it doesn't get banned by G20 countries.

What are some others I should get?

What's your favorite idea?