XRP (debatable)

These coins are safe and smart, at least 80% of your portfolio should only be in these.

The remaining 20% should be reserved for shit coins. Anything that is not listed above is a shitcoin.

If you are joining crypto this year, your portfolio probably consists mostly of shit coins. You could get lucky, and score big, but don't be fucking retarded and put all of your money into some stupid shit that other newfags have convinced you to buy.

2) If you are new, you have probably been tricked into thinking that TA doesn't work in crypto. This is a lie that is spread by people who are too lazy to learn how to use TA properly. I predicted the bottom if bitcoin 3 months ago within a 1% error because I picked up some books on identifiable patterns.

3) if you insist on buying shitcoins, your best bet is to buy the thing that every body on /biz is talking about, then when you make some gains sell it and put your money into a top 10 coin. Don't get emotionally attached to a shitcoin.

4) Do not buy something that has already gone up. Do not sell something that has already gone down.

5) remember that if you are holding any of the coins listed in #1, don't focus on short term swings. Be confident in the idea that what goes down will eventually come back up. If you are confident, you can easily wait out bear markets.

6) if you hear people on /biz use the term "bear trap" or "bull trap" there is an almost certainty that they don't know what they are talking about.

7) Do not listen to/biz without doing your own research. Buzz words/phrases should always be looked at with skepticism. For example:
>solid dev team
>active community
>good fundamentals

8) never buy an ICO. They are ALL worthless.

9) if you start to hear normies talk about crypto when the prices are going up, it's time to short.

I doubled my salary in my first year following these rules. Feel free to ask for advice.

XRP shills are certifiably retarded

XLM is the winning one, no T, no shade, no pink lemonade.

>telling people to buy XRP.
You know there is such a thing as karma.

>norman folio

The best thing about this post is that you can't explain why you think this without admitting that you fell into group think

>BTC and XRP
legit kill yourself, if you seriously think these are good in the long run. Once ETH or any other Coin takes over the first spot from bitcoin you can retire it completely it is only serving one purpose right now: buying into other coins with btc.

>never buy an ICO. They are ALL worthless.
Implying TRAC isn't going to make people millionaires many times over.

>I doubled my salary in my first year following these rules.
2x'ing is more than respectable but the people you're giving this advice to are aiming for more than that and generally know more risk is necessary for 10-50-100-whatever-x

I agree. Eth will be #1 market cap before summer.

This reminds me that I forgot one rule:

If somebody on /biz insults you for disagreeing, they most likely make their financial decisions by emotion and don't have logical backing for what they are claiming.


Well it depends on your risk tolerance. I personally think 20% risky holdings is good, but if you only invest in small market caps, you're essentially rolling dice.

>3) if you insist on buying shitcoins, your best bet is to buy the thing that every body on /biz is talking about, then when you make some gains sell it and put your money into a top 10 coin. Don't get emotionally attached to a shitcoin.

I kind of agree with this but there's absolutely shitcoins like trtl and bazingacoin that I see posted fairly often and I know they're shit that's not going anywhere, then there's other literal scamcoins that people invest in thinking they can make money and get out fast only to get burned.

I'm in crypto for x100 gains, if I wanted "safe" investments I'd be in shitty boomer funds.

i started out thinking this way, then realized that the x100 gains come from holding a solid coin for 2 to 3 years.

just be patient

Good point.
If the coin has a ridiculous name, it should be obvious that it's worthless.

>TA works
Stopped reading there.
Kys astrology fags.

100x gains in a year is lucky, not realistic.


>100x gains in a year is lucky, not realistic.
yeah, that's why i said you hodl for 2 to 3 years

whats wrong with xrp? trying to get financial institutions on board would probably lead to wider crypto adoption. banks don't like instability, and having no centralization is basically peak instability for them.

Veeky Forums likes to think they're smarter than normies and this is generally true but Ripple is unironically a solid play if it dips back to $0.66-$0.77 during another dip because people love this shit and there will be plenty of opportunity to dump your bags on them at 2x.

literal Jewish scamcoin that is used as a fund raiser and that’s it. By design coins must be destroyed when transacted

Some issues with this but all in all im good with it.

you forgot XLM and XMR

the transaction cost is so low and the amount of coins that will eventually be in circulation is so high, that it will take literally thousands of years worth of transactions for the fact that the coins go out of existence to be relevant and influence the price of the coin... and even then, it will make the coin be worth more.

I only have invested 4k, which is around 20k now. Invested it mostly in cheap coins (LINK/REQ and a few UFR) and some XLM. I'd rather take a risk than play it safe.

If you think a coin that is literally owned and shilled by Jewish bankers is going to moon, I dunno what else to say


Wrong. The correct holds are:


>he fell for the ven meme LMFAO

I dont care that they're Jewish. that isn't a reason for anything. plus, he is shilling to banks and financial institutions to adopt it and is actively working with them to implement it within their financial process. being centralized will bring a sense of stability which would ease the minds of older bankers and those who aren't as sold on crypto just yet. decentralization (as we see in various states among different coins) gives regular bankers a sense of instability which will lead them to avoid crypto altogether. if he tries to centralize a crypto to ease their pains, and try to get them to adopt the use of it, then that would probably eventually lead to wider adoption of xrp. once it is widely adopted among many banks however (if current market trends continue... which they probably won't (so we have no way of predicting what the future will be)) this will take about 20-30 years. I am basing this on the fact that older people who have no clue about crypto will die out/retire and younger tech savvy people who are into crypto like us get in and force the switch to a decentralized market. that is when you will want to sell, as it would have run its course. today however? its probably an excellent buy.

and as disclosure, I have less than 50 xrp right now.

be careful

congrats on only getting scammed out of $50 so far, enjoy your 1% profit

I said less than. hell, I own less than 40. I don't have a lot of money put in crypto right now. I've been following cryptos for a few years, but never put any money into it. I just started out this week with less than 150$ combined this week. thats all I have on the market, but I'll see you when xrp is worth 100$