Smart money is leaving the market.

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Very smart...the fork is monday.
Free money...

Is it worth anything at all?

Better get in while you still have the chance. Every time we double before you buy in, you halve your gains. You can’t afford NOT to be holding LTC.

I think so.
If not right after fork I will just keep holding LCC.
Should be atleast 1/10 of the price of LTC.

No shit, you bought at $46 whalebro.

The fork is a scam. lol.

With the upcoming conference shit like this will happen targetting anyone looking to get a heads up. Be pumped n dumped.

LCASH doesn't have Ver to promote it.


yes and no.
It's not really a scam.

How do I take advantage of the fork? I have 15 LTC sitting in coinbase. Do I need to move them to a private wallet?

They, the Litecoin Cash Team, stated this aswell.
Yes it's a fork not made by Charlie Lee himself.
Who gives a fuck..

I have a small protfolio, anything helps lol.

yes you do

Send it to a LTC wallet.
Wait for the fork.
Move your LTC out.
Send them the private key.
Never use the wallet again.

Thats it.

>anything helps
Well, if people bought LTC just for the fork and then, the fork turn to be a flop. This fork may burn the real LTC.

wait, do u remove the ltc from wallet before givin your key? but how they would know how much to give u?

LTC could drop a little after the fork but in the long run it's a good coin with Litepay coming up right now.

Shouldn't hurt too much.

They make a snapshot, that's how they know.
Wallets don't have the coins, only Private Keys.
Coins are on the blockchain.

Holy shit youre dumb.

I just have blind faith in Clif user. For that reason, I'm still in the game.

Litecoin Cash is come to solve the problems of Litecoin Core

I love buying at the top

Go to Charlie's tweeter account. Look for one of his replies. Then, find a tweet that tells you to send LTC for a more substantial LTC in return. Post your key there.

just did this and doubled my LTC! thx user

if you bought this for a fork you're retarded

Thank you sir. Work very good sir.

Dang Yoo

The fact that you're asking makes me thing you'll be scammed.
I mean like, do you guys think this is the first ltc fork? No. But for some reason these fags got some media attention. Ledger & trezor won't support it, that's how you know it's a fork. There are dozen of them like all the time, not worth my time

I have 0 interest in this fork user. I'm just surprised with these hypes around it.

send it 20 minutes agho, im still waiting

It takes 10x longer block time since you are getting 10/1 for this fork user.