What is Sergey Myers-Briggs personality type? INTJ?

What is Sergey Myers-Briggs personality type? INTJ?

Buy MOBIUS, Sir.

I think I am an INTJ. It means I r smart right

INTP masterrace here
hes probably ENFP scum or something like that


Myers Briggs is just Jew science bull shit

INTP probably

Mine was INTP

Can confirm


INTP, that also means he will never finish LINK.

It's none other than


>Sergey Myers-Briggs


Means you're likely to be a depressed turbo autistic incel

Welcome to the club.

ENTP masterrace reporting in

I'm ISTP, am I gonna make it?

ENTJ master race reporting in

ENFP easily

MBTI is for 15 year olds on buzzed, get his DiSC.



Yes, just learn to stick to something for more than two weeks.

wtf that's impossible

can double confirm



Sergey is an INTJ.
Elon is an INTJ.


>I'm also an INTJ

where my masterrace bros at. Looking for some ENFP pussy to smash

high C bitches, analyzer

>asking if birds with the legs glued to a plane could let a pla s to fly or something like that

Pick one.

Makes sense. INTJs ask "why not"


You won't find many of us on Veeky Forums. It's definitely Reddit: The Personality


not entirely inaccurate

I'm infj and intx's are all chuuni fucks (sometimes that works out though

oh just searched it.
spot on.

Chads like me are ENTJ

ENTJ are alphas but not Chads, Chads are ESTP

>tfw we're all introverts

I'm shit in social settings what do

just b urself

talk about crypto

>tfw ENTP

No one likes me

Alcohol or MDMA will fix your social problems

>tfw INTJ

I don't like anyone else

No way is Sergey an INFP. I'm one.