No whitepaper

>No whitepaper
>No github activity
>No tech
>No patents
>No mainnet
>fake partnerships
>giving ven for free to corporations
>manipulated price by commie chinks
>shady head with criminal past that is placeholder for booted off ceo
>useless erc20 token
>rebrand has no official date

Tell me why havent you sold this shit yet before it dumps back to 10k sats?

let me guess you didnt buy VEN during the BTC crash lmao
this train is leaving the station and were not waiting for you OP

how mad are you kek

don't tell me you fell for that chinese barcode scanner coin

Because he bought VEN

Thanks just bought 100k Walton

I did and Im already up 40%
this barcode scanner coin is gonna make me rich this year
on a scale of 1 to AAAAAAH how assblasted are you right now?

I bought at $2.5 and I'm comfy.

Thanks just bought 100k

This is now a Link thread

where's the whitepaper though?

Walton has a whitepaper.. I wouldn’t buy shitstain ven

We've seen 5 ICO scams this year already, they all had decent white papers. Why would I care?
I'm a chink, I know what kind of backing they have.

>not picked by teeka

What the hell is a white paper?

ven will never be above 10$, its supply simply does not allow it

at 10$ it will already be top 10 marktcap wise

a powerpoint presentation that boils down the basic premise of a crypto into something an idiot can swallow. They're basically a commercial that you read.

It’s an outline of a coin’s tech and business model. Because Satoshi wrote one for Bitcoin, people think every cryptocurrency needs one. The difference, obviously, is that Bitcoin was designed for mass public distribution so it was in the public interest for that information to be fully disclosed from the beginning. VeChain and other tokens like it are enterprise blockchain solutions and they attract institutional investors, no doubt with their own private presentations. DNV Gl wouldn’t have selected VeChain unless they had proof of its utility, obviously, it’s just that it hasn’t been publicly distributed yet.

It’s not like Apple puts out pdf files outlining their tech roadmap. VeChain’s a business doing their own thing.

When people complain that VeChain has no white paper, what they’re complaining about is that it doesn’t have an easily digestible outline of the token’s key features. They’re essentially upset that it isn’t being marketed in the standard crypto way.

I wonder whose behind this post

no they're upset that there's nothing anywhere about the vechain blockchain from a tech perspective


even in their hardware AMA they just parrot whatever their advisor tells them to say to pump the coin the hardest. I know this to be fact.

>ven will never be above 10$, its supply simply does not allow it
>all competing market caps are completely static

I was honestly just kind of baiting for a reaction there but I really don't see the point of having one so long as the purpose is capable of being explained in any other format. VEN genuinely seems like one of the few projects in the game that actually has its shit together and I'm sure in a years time I'll have a very nice return. Seems to me like most of the people who are against it on here are only upset because they fomo'd at the top and believe because its not double digits yet that makes it a shitcoin.

I don't even know exactly what crypto is but I'm up 70% the last few days.

That’s true that it’s not publicly disclosed, but I’m not concerned because I can infer it must be solid given that DNV GL, PwC, Jim Breyer, etc etc decided to back VeChain over any blockchain solution.

We’re not the target demographic for this coin. We’re bottom feeders hitching a ride, but VeChain’s not for us. Again, it’s an enterprise blockchain solution. They’re giving private presentations to companies we aren’t privy to. I’m inferring they must be going well since they announce new partnerships every week.

Can we confirm this?