There are people here who unironicly think we are in the stealth phase

There are people here who unironicly think we are in the stealth phase

Retards on here actually think you can make any decent money. Not to mention the god awful fucking taxes that are awaiting you once you try to convert back to fiat.

I'm finding people are aware
But not many are holding/buying - they are too bamboozled still

so why are you here?

>ever converting back

we the future boy

You could make decent money when bitcoin was below 3000.. Yeah, you still can make decent money now and even if it falls back to 2017 levels again

browse whatever I feel like on Veeky Forums. Why are you so concerned?

I'm not from america
0% capital gains tax here so I don't need to worry

Lol I'm not paying taxes if I have anything less than 1 million, and if I get to 1 million, i don't mind 150k in taxes


>implying America is the only country that taxes you upon exiting crypto

Shows how much you know

Thats my take on things, alot of people got burnt but once they see it picking up steam again they will all FOMO back in because the allure of easy money is too enticing to not have atleast a few chips still on the table
The bubble chart is a meme at the end of the day no one knows where we will be over the next few years but i think the chances of going to 0 are pretty low

Meaning if I have less than a million, i'll just withdraw slowly and never declare it.

If I have a million, or a number that's too big to not declare, I'll just pay taxes on it legally.

Capital gains is only taxed on half the gains here, at ~30%, so 1 million gains is 150k in tax

>There are people here who unironically believe that there is a predicted path with "phases" in that predicted future prices movements
>Implying it wont go to moon regardless of any mythical "phase patterns"

*gets audited*

Fuck your audit.

You tell him man, fuck his audit

Katy Perry has been in crypto for longer than the newfags whinging here about her nails

Based katy, i bet she was buying drugs and CP from silk road back in the day

She also doesnt have a highschool degree and has mental breakdowns constantly

She literally was

>hurr I came here last November and now NORMIES like Katy Perry are in? OMFG I'm an oldfag I've been here all summer!

Just lol. Katy has been in crypto for at least 4 years you newniggers, possibly earlier.

Crypto symptoms, i bet these breakdowns run along side the crashes

Russell Brand got Katie into crypto back when he was filling all of her holes.

If you knew anything about Russell Brand you'd know he was heavily into drugs and decentralization. He doesn't trust the government at all. That dude was definitely into crypto back in 2015. No doubt he got Katie Perry into it.


Would you look at that. Brand and Perry were in on crypto in 2015, before the majority of Veeky Forums, yet Veeky Forums thinks they're early adopters. KEK

I got in this year
RIP my money, was gonna buy back in 2014 but was broke as fuck back then, i think it was lite coin i was going to buy but only had $20 to throw in it, didnt seem worth it
I dont make any claims to be an oldfag of crypto im just not delusional enough to think im still early, 2014 was still technically not that early

We are still in the denial phase
Panic will soon ensue

>omg I haz la univarsity degree
Lol enjoy supporting football niggers running into each other forever with your life-long debt you cuck

Katy has been in crypto longer than you and will make out like a bandit harder than you ever will

>omg but mental breakdownz
How many pink Wojaks do you think she has posted as opposed to you? Lol she will be fabulously wealthy forever and maybe let some steam off on her gorillion follower Insta page while you FOMO in and Wojak out you brainlet

Any bank wire more then 20k is reported to the irs. Just saying.

what a twist

lol not everybody lives in burgerland

Outside of a very few people, nobody knows shit, go downtowm and ask ten people what Binance is or ICON, you'll be lucky to get 1 out of 100. Stealth, for sure