I trust this guy with all my wealth

I went all in BTC. I'll buy a rope if he fails me.

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inb4 sum1 asks for his predictions and gets replied with a satoshibox link

pay $99 for his report faggot.




Clif is starting to become the Goldman Sachs of Crypto. Any price point he calls for ends up happening just because he is saying it.

Is he a Jew goyim?

check em

when did he make that 13888 call?
pretty impressive if he hits that ill suck his dick

He had an interview with Greg Hunter back in December.

kek saved


maybe theres still hope for my KMD bags then

late 2016

it is up 20% today

December of 2016, btw.

buy in when its at bottom

He made the 13,888 call when BTC was under 1k. He said it would cross over 13,888 3 times before passing and never returning. 60k by summer before a retrace 30k and 100k by End of year. He said 13,888 on Feb 15th plus or minus a week

They discussed it again a couple of months back.

a friend of mine is a BTC millionaire and unironically believes clif high is a psychic and all his shit about webcrawlers is just a cover story.
make of that what you will

Im aware I just wanted people to know he made the initial call of 13,888 back in December 2016 like an absolute madman.

Hey user, are you buying the Chinese new year crypto pump thesis? I thought China banned crypto. How could Chinks pump the market with their extra money?

That’s interesting. I also have a friend who’s a BTC millionaire who got me into crypto via clif high.

Well, he worked for Microsoft. He had some credibility to bullshit about his web bot.

No, I'm not 100% sure but I think he's white.

Is Clif a Chad?

>I went all in BTC. I'll buy a rope if he fails me.

>Trusts the guy with all his wealth
>Literally first sentence mentions potential suicide if it goes wrong
Your convictions don't sound shaky at all

Digits confirm Clif is without a doubt a ChadZ

I considered that too, but I think he's legit. I've watched nearly all of his youtube interviews and he never contradicts himself. Also, the way he writes his reports sounds like he is reading data from the webbot as he describes it. If he is lying, he has created the ultimate model in his mind to make it all work. Bottom line is he has something that works. When he talks about crypto you need to stop and listen.

he'll be fine, i hope

>what is cognitive dissonance
Millenial soyboy I assume?

>he has created the ultimate model in his mind to make it all work
Don't underestimate the power of LSD user.

These Cliff threads show how easy it is to convince and manipulate people with authority. This generation is weak willed and always looking for a leader figure. People like OP will keep following him until he is wrong big time and then they will find someone else to follow.

>cliff is wrong
>buy rope
Read user

Clif is a hippy / scripter

>I'm sorry Clif I'm going to have to say this...

Clif is someone who is someone who is possessed of two frames of mind. He sees the world, not just in terms of the sorts of bi-modal structure which would make you say something has to be one way or another - yet he has the ability to see things like that in the same way. It's a highly strange sort of genius.

Why is a poem good, for example?

I have of late
but wherefore I know not
lost all my mirth
and it goes so heavily with my disposition
that this goodly frame the earth
why to me it seems a sterile promontory

Please speak Niglish user

Why is this good? Who knows - however it is something you can sense and to that extent it would seem that the selection of language carries with it a certain aesthetic.

It isn't that Clif cares particularly about the selection of language in an aesthetic sense however it is something he's sensitive to.

Welp the new report is supposed to come out this later this month to early march so theres that. Im thinking this ones going to be a critical one of great value.

Listen to Clif.

I think he can sense that but he applies himself to it like a scientist. Starting out with his peculiar upbringing and cohorts he started to look at language initially in terms of spiders to see to what extent he could analyse themes to see if he could play the stock market.

He was met by failure.

But he started to see selections of adverbs and adjectives carried with them a certain sense of margin - people started to deviate from specified sets of language one would expect in a given "space"...

What good is 100k BTC going to do us if we're going to be at war with aliens like he was saying in one of his recent interviews?

So he started to look at the seriousness to which such selections had standard deviations to something you could call an established lexicon within a given "space".

Jesus Christ, easy on that LSD faggot.

So he started to assign values to these words in some sense to the extent these actually deviated from what you could expect within that given lexographical "space".

It's possible the 13000 figure came early. He has admitted his dates might be wrong.

Why is Mike Ermahntrout giving crypto tips?

Kek - it's no more peculiar an idea than the notion "Kek" is some sort of egregore set loose from within the bowls of an intersection of what's sought and unsought on the internet - something which has the ability to set us free.

Even if it starts first with chaos.

It's not that he sought to seed any ideas - it was simply his studying what was going on as a "theoretician".

He sought to understand why people selected specific words and in that process he saw some correlations between specific selections and stuff that actually started to happen.

So he started to try to sterilise anything from his searches which would come back and actually start to factor into what he was searching for - I have no idea how he does it.

Not now - but he sought to use some of the trends he spotted to see if it actually produced something statistically accurate as far as "predictive linguistics" - which is something the NSA or GCHQ is doing now but from a slightly less serviceable and / or altruistic set of uses for the wrong ambitions.

He, like a lot of people - saw the essential basic structure of an issue we suffer from as much today as we have in other days.

You might start with "intermediation" or something like it - financialisation perhaps.

Didn't Walter shoot this fucker awhile ago

However it's not something to scoff at because none of you are here because this isn't important

>pic related
>The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks[1]

Clif high predicted this

I'm not sure this was his first concern or preoccupation however it is one he see as important - because it is. It affects your whole lives.

You're all here because of it - he's looked at language and sets of issues / language / lexicons sorting out what seems to be stuff that subconsciously speaks to people in their selection of language you don't have to choose one way or another specifically.

You don't have to say something is "sweet" or "cool" or "spicy" as some sort of clever or twee adjective - you have no prescription upon your selection of those sorts of words - you choose to and without a great deal of thinking about it.

His hypothesis, however, is your selection of such words is something you can study and in fact draw insights from if you've sufficient information.

His hypothesis is predicated on something "hippy" / woo - you're actually not as noncontinuous or non-linear as a consciousness with time as scientific materialist reductionism might lead you to believe.

It's an interesting idea - you can't have it without being something of a nutcase - you surely couldn't implement it on someone else's time or on someone else's money - however he doesn't have to worry about either - so he has the freedom to be a hippy who can implement his silly insight uninhibited by any sort of institutional dogma.

So if you're looking for an outside line on what's going to happen it seems suitable to me to see what someone too seemingly insane to be taken seriously by the "normies / normans" you hate so much have any say or actual interest because it's "crazy" - it's asymmetry of information after all, speculation - it's about seeing things or information other people won't or can't see before they do - it's why the fringe is so strange - so difficult to distinguish as far as genius or madness.

he predicted both gold and silver to be about $4000 right now (jan-feb 2018)

he predicted this rush for gold and silver for at least 5 years, possibly 10. he used the exact same phrasing in the past as he uses currently "people will stop selling silver at any price"

hes been predicting economic collapse/hyperinflation for at least 10 years

hes been predicting btc will go up since it was like $200 at least - everything else is totally bogus. the figure 13888 im sure is totally bogus, i doubt we hit it, and even if we do im sure it was completely luck.

I saw him as someone I should see as a charlatan however he has some strange insights some of which have been eerily accurate - it might still be hucksterism but if you give the chap a fair crack it's not hard to see why it would make sense - at least to him.

I hope Clif doesn't see this I'm sure he'd hate / have some otiose issue with it but I'm just trying to consider why anyone should put any sort of stock in his ideas or insights - I'm going to get some beers lads if you'd like to discuss I'd find it interesting...

you use a lot of words to say nothing.

absolute word vomit.

can anyone give examples about the times that he has been crazily accurate about crypto? I've watched a few of his interviews and he seems genuinely insane

He is famous for calling the price of bitcoin correctly numerous times. Otherwise, he has made predictions about all sorts of things. Some haven't come true, some have but at the wrong time, and others have come true at the time he predicted.

Veeky Forums really seems to enjoy kooky prophets who collect native american art--see Jordan Peterson.

if he hits the 13888 end of feb prediction, it will be the only one

all his others are vague and are things that might happen in the future

Yeah of course, total ear-piss.

That's how we interact here - it has to be brutal and contradictory and a crucible which burns away bullshit - I was just LARPing in Clif High's headspace for a bit.

If you find that sort of thing horseshit - don't listen to the dude beyond the degree you should bear in mind some people do listen to him and believe it.

Your take on it would be he's a fucking hippy who reads through reddit four days a month, gets high and sharts out some horseshit which idiots pay for as much as they pay for palm-reading, just dressed up in technobabble.

Which is fair - but the guy did get me in on the PPT and VERI ICOs from the very start, sure it's an easy call in a mania however my effectively biggest problem right now is where I'm going to buy a bar.

Doesn't not make it horseshit but it's going to make you feel a little more legit about it.

any thoughts on if ppt and veri are worth holding? or you already took profits and left?


Got his report right here

Buy a bunker

He called Bitcoin will got to 400$
When it was like 50
Then he said it would got to 800$
When it was 400, then he said Bitcoin will crash 30 odd % and break 1000$ barrier then we will never see those Bitcoin prices ever again.
When BTC was 1000 he said Feb 2018 Bitcoin will be 13,888. No one on earth could have comprehended at 5000$ Bitcoin back then forget a 13k one!

Martin Armstrong is right about almost everything but he doesn't really focus much on bitcoin, he just says it will be shut down by government if it becomes a threat

He called Trump winning, Brexit, post 2009 bull market, peak in housing bubble 2007, peak in oil prices in 2008, and he's predicting the Dow Jones to go to 40,000 after the bond markets melt down due to increasing interest rates

It depends what you think about the projects.

PPT is cheap at the moment because the braer who undertook this project got done up for four years for some sort of bank transfer for fraud and lied about it if you trust the FUD and don't think it's a targeted campaign to put one in this project's knee or hoover it up for cheap (you'd be naive to think that doesn't happen) but you pays your choice.

Super cheap at the moment.

Now do you care - does anyone else? They did a pretty good job of cleaning up the search engine hit parade to make sure it wouldn't turn up but I think the fact it's so cheap is because some of the rumors about them losing some of their biggest deals as a result of it aren't untrue.

However - for PPT you're still talking about a $3 trillion dollar industry with a 9 month head-start and some guys who are situated to take advantage of it in the undisputed heart of darkness for financial services with the business knowledge to know what they're doing - I take that gamble myself so no I didn't sell PPT I tripled my stake in it.

The dude spotted this stuff of his own accord as a hobby initially but he found out some horrific intermediary fees are taken on factoring business loans for SMEs - this is the unsexy aspect of finance however it's the lion's share of how they make money if you'd believe it.

It's not particularly spectacular or ingenious in terms of what they're doing it's just coordinating data / finance however if you think (yardstick) in terms of the fact it still takes you four fucking days to make a large financial transfer internationally it gives you some sense for how sluggish and sclerotic the banking industry is and how much of it has to be sucked into fintech.

>Spending your hard earned greenbacks to buy and then gamble on the predictions of a boomer who not only believes in chemtrails but also believes that humans are unknowingly psychic and accidentally leak information about future natural disasters, which can be discerned by his mysterious "software" from the mid 90s that he's never allowed anyone to see and which also predicted that the world would end in 2012

I mean to be honest it's amazingly stupid how simple some of the shit these guys have done is - it's simply the fact no-one has done it because the banks have had no competition.

It's simply the fact they were positioned as a fortunate confluence of coincidences and prior study / interest to be first to start it up and it's one of those situations where it's a question of super-dominance - if you get there first fast you have a position nobody can touch.

It's not something anyone's going to notice, it's not smartphones, touchscreens or search engines - it's just stopping these fucking financial leeches sucking quite so much out of small and medium enterprises of which the majority of this cashflow is composed. It's boring shit with simple yet effective barriers to entry these fuckers are too stupid to notice is important yet because it's assigned to stupid people within their industry who don't know what's going on outside of their facebook newsfeeds.

that looks like suskin

>He said that an asset that was going up would go up and it went up

He predicted 13.8k back when btc was 3 figures. In an interview he said it'd hit that in december 2017, however the correction would cause it to hit again in feb 2018.

his PPT is way down. Time to buy in. His omisego call is looking real good.

>It's not something anyone's going to notice

Which is good - none of this horseshit initially where people are promising the world is going to matter because no-one's ready for use-cases yet you're just speculating open-source on shit that's possible in 10 years.

This shit is nice, simple, dull stuff that is already extant and is ready to be eaten - that's all finance is after all it's a ledger and this can suck all that cashflow fast before they've even realised it's a problem - it's not going to be noticeable to you or change your life it's just going to make cashflow 30% cheaper for small and medium sized businesses because it's some sheer, insane, shitty, horseshit daylight robbery the way things are done now - do you know what factoring is? Have you heard about it before? Do you give a shit?

No of course not you're a NEET trying to become a millionaire, but if you were a guy or a girl in your late 40s with a small business and 27 employees trust me you'd know this is a no-brainer if it's offered as a service - and that's the sheer perfection of it.

This service is actually harvesting the required invoice data to be able to approach these people in the first place as and when it's necessary - as I said, it's just some lax, heavy-breathing, wheezy obese horseshit that people have to simply put up with because they know no better and as soon as you offer anyone a 30% discount for the same service it's not a selection to make it's simply how stuff has to operate in future.

>spoon fed
The new global military industrial complex born from war with the off world humans will unify all fiat under Crypto.

>as soon as you offer anyone a 30% discount for the same service it's not a selection to make it's simply how stuff has to operate in future.

That's what I care about I don't give a shit about the whole payment space (BTC / LTC / VTC / XRP / XLM / XMR / DASH/ IOTA) bullshit because you're not going to take that in any space of time - any space of time at all - at best you're going to be in a maelstrom of "wild frontier" complimentary private currencies each with their own philosophy and branding at nice coffee shops for now - or buying drugs / CP.

However I care about this speculative mania so long as it's funding some projects which truly suck some of the services away from these fucking parasitic rentiers who have been the cause of all of society's problems for the last 30 years - so long as this speculative stuff funds it I support it, it's still going to do more good to people than harm to the idiots who are still selling because they don't believe BTC is going to be somewhere between $500k and a milly in the next 2-3 years - who cares? It's legacy tech - people snort that - at some point it's going to be a sort of antique artefact rich people just wish to own - who cares, that'll come in time provided a sufficient number of devs are able to put aside their own enrichment / bullshit - which I'm sure international (hopefully decentralised) legislation and government shall dictate so it's fair to people who (unlike you) still are blissfully ignorant and dismissive of this nerdy internet money when it's a paradigm shift you and I both see they're just too stupid to understand -

- not their fault, it's not something they should be punished for, however you have no right to assume you're getting the keys to the kingdom of finance just because you were there first.

It can't work like that - cash / it's human enterprise - we're just trying to take it back from these FUCKS who've tried to say they have a claim to it whilst offering NOTHING to society -

This dude is brilliant. He is also advocating for the Expanding Earth Theory. This theory will replace the current model of plate tectonics and rewrite science as we know it. We are in the new age of enlightenment in both science and technology.

discord CDQDWF

>we're just trying to take it back from these FUCKS who've tried to say they have a claim to it whilst offering NOTHING to society

This is why it all started

>see the g-block pic /\

It's simply trying to take some of this INFORMATION back from these parasitic assholes who are charging for some notional substrate of what you're supposed to wagecuck for.


If you feel like the legal risk of PPT at the moment is an issue - put some (10% of whatever you'd have allocated) into PPP as a sort of hedge - PPP isn't the same service as yet however it easily can be - it lacks the headstart however it has (so far's we know) a slightly cleaner-seeming track record as far as its founders.

I still tripled what I had in PPT however I see it as simply a nice premium on stuff I know speculators think is important which actual business (i.e. the Financial Conduct Authority's intervention) shan't...