COINBASE charging 17x more without permission

COINBASE charging 17x more without permission.

Coinbase insider trading last year.

>Imagine if only there was a technology which prevented double spent without requiring to trust a third-party... Oh, wait!

LAST. FUCKING. CALL. For the REQ train. If you cant see the writing on the wall youre retarded.

The timing is TOO perfect as well. If you have half a brain youre in on this.

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Yesssss user...YESSSSSS! Prophecy

Proof of coinbase fucking up for the second time, majorly.

Unironically may make my first LINK purchase to add to the req collection

are you intentionally collecting failed projects? own it bro

REQ will be like coinbase but much more secure, less bullshit, and it will have TONS of alt coins listed. 2018 is the year of your alts mooning thanks to REQ. Youre welcome.

100k REQ holder here. Have a question that you might be able to answer though. From my understanding, REQ is mainly to facilitate person-person crypto transfers from one token/currency to any other token/currency, correct?

Therefore, you wouldn't really be able to use it as a way to just, purchase whichever coins you want...right? Since they don't actually hold any tokens.

Likewise...people have said this can act as a fiat exit point in Q2, but how? Unless you post that you want to sell x amount of a coin, and someone takes you up on your offer and you make the exchange.

Just want this clarified.

I own a ton of REQ but you faggots are retarded and don't know what REQ even intends on doing. It's not an exchange.

Wrong. REQ is like a decentralized exchange plus eliminates the need for a million fucking wallets for the 10k different coins there are. Think about it. Plus nice meme there "I own X REQ but i dont believe in it senpai" clever but spottable FUD. Yes and REQ is a gateway into and out of crypto, for any crypto of your choice, if you didnt see the prototype yet it is a very easy to use, normie friendly coinbase sort of app

This. The poster right above you.

My understanding is that it's a universal way to exchange currency between two parties, without the issue of one party wanting to be paid in one thing, while the other only has another thing.

One thing that could be amazing, is if something gets set up similar to Localbitcoins, but call it Localcrypto, where people can sell any alts for fiat to each other when Q2 rolls around.

Q1 is still incredible, don't get me wrong.

ITT: fags never making it or self induced fud

REQ is sitting at 32 cents. What a fucking shitcoin.

Screencap this.

But it's factually not a decentralized exchange. You need to make a direct request to another person that you know the address of in order to send/receive payment from them.

You are not going to be able to just sell 10 XMR for like 2 ETH instantly. It requires another person to say "Yes, I will trade you my 2 ETH for your 10 XMR"

Youre missing the point that REQ is filling in

Normies are going to be scared away from coinbase but coinbase is the ONLY gateway for normies, just accept that, look at its position in the app store.

Enter REQ, all normie has to do is pick a wallet, and REQ acts as coinbase but can also convert anything for them allowing a less confusing one wallet fits all scenario for norman, thus starting a huge bullrun, and theres no third party. Please see the writing on the wall

I never said I don't believe in the project. I simply don't spread false information about it being a decentralised exchange when it simply is not.
They're using Kyber to "transform" one currency to another if necessary when settling payments between two parties. If you think that makes it a decentralised exchange I suggest you read up.

Not true

This is from their whitepaper faggot, where am I wrong.

I could make that same picture and pump out a shitcoin.

Crazy to think.

>are you intentionally collecting failed projects?
REQ is an absolute game changer.
LINK is ok, but if both succeed on their own terms REQ will be a moon mission*1000

but you couldnt get backing from ycombinator retard

There's a difference between creating a pajeet scamcoin with pretty graphics, and delivering working code.

youre kidding right? That is one fucking use.

Heres a smart phone jimbo it makes phone calls

OMG holders will swallow REQtards whole.

muh ycombinator backing

That's all you retards have, lol.

Here come the tard FUDsters...erm I mean accumulaters

>Not riding the REQ wave first for Q1 then shoving profits to OMG for Q2

Not gonna make it kid.

Ya'll are forgetting the real prophecy. Together they will reign.

Whats going on with OMG?

Nothing it's a shitcoin
Being coordipumped on biz

Get in on COSS while you still can. FIAT coming next week!




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