Currently mooning right now


I went all in Nano just this morning

thank god

>price is 31% from ATH


LOL not even a moon but you raifags should sell cuz btc's crashing. Enjoy

That's not how percentages work

>another day, down another 5% in sats
the absolute state

no coin was FUDed like this one because of all the shit it went through because of incompetency of other people

bought this when it was 50 cents and sold at 10 dollars
so happy to watch it burn now

that was short lived

You're gonna be kicking yourself when it hits 100

up 0.38% the absolute state of raifags.

If by mooning you mean barely just touching the downtrend line, then yes... ??

More like 80% down from the high

hahah nano is so garbage it's nothing more than some shitty PnD coin right now

So glad I got out of nano. Don't be a retard and blindly hold it. Maybe in the future, when some more marketing happens and it goes a bit more mainstream once people have forgotten about the exchange bs, would I be willing to get back in.

i don't think so
i'm eyeing a coin with a 500k market cap right now
i like to have huge ownership
i don't know if i'm going to go in yet though
still gotta vet it

> up 2%

Talking about NaNO on joe rogan right now

when nano doesn't drop by 50% a day nano bagholders call it a victory