Ellen just shilled bitcoin on her tv show right now

Ellen just shilled bitcoin on her tv show right now

yaaaass give me that dumb gen x roastie money

Knowing Ellen, she's probably a Veeky Forumstard that just finished accumulating.

Oh you know her pretty well huh user?

how would you know faggot?

she briefly explained what a wallet was and that you can double your money

>watching Ellen

sigh, normies are here maybe it is all over.

thks just sold 1000k

nice, an ellen degenerate thread

She used to lurk /v/

Reminder that normies think Bitcoin is the only crypto currency


Buy alts

so that's it, everything's over... thanks just sold everything

You mean /u/

crush intensifies

SHE hasn't done anything. She is a god damn drone reading a script

heheheh got em

She's also a god damn Aquarius. Those motherfuckers are the bitchiest fucking women I have ever met. They can choke on feces.

what a nice young man

Proof positive that it's gay.

gov't shilling media to woo mainstream into crypto guys.

Ellen DeGenerate is one of the normiest of normie mainstream mouthpieces. If this cunt is shilling Bitcoin it's time to sell now.

Perhaps. Maybe she only went to /v/ when she misclicked.

Have you ever tried to watch just a few seconds of her? I feel disgusting and normified.

mmm I like it

I thought there was no such thing as bad publicity?

I love Ellen

It's not gonna end well. Sure it'll be amazing to see btc reach 50k or something and crypto is used in the world. But they're watching this shit and they're already on top of it. Every good thing is turned on the people who made it good. Haven't we learned this already?

>If this cunt is shilling Bitcoin it's time to sell now.
we got to unload our bags to someone.
>makes new youtube vids to shill coins for normies

> The time to sell if before all the normies make the price go up

Oh god it is being normalized making people feel more comfortable putting more money into it

people literally go insane and act posessed after watching ellen. i read an article about this phenomenon on the drudge report a year ago. i wouldn't watch that shit if i were you. she is pure evil

>Haven't we learned this already?
Theres always new fishies

You seem to have gone insane after watching Drudge.

>watching ellen


Ellen Degenerate

checked. links to vids?