Learn Java

>Learn Java
>Become a Freelancer

How much can I potentially earn, lads? Is it worth it?

Java is not the best language for freelancing imo. It's far more popular in the enterprise.

>wanting to become code monkey


you just have to compete with a billion pajeets and teenagers

which can't do anything useful


Neither can OP

learn blockchain tech instead

literally just learn python javascript and get aws certified

Yeah, it's a pretty safe bet. Here in the midwest, you can probably make anywhere from $50 - $100 / hr, depending on employment circumstances (W2 vs 1090), company, business, etc.

op only godlike coders get paid good. and if you were destined to be a godlike coder you would have started already.


pajeets are terrible programmers, but they are cheap and you can hire lots of them for the same pay one white programmer would get, and its politically correct on top

>studying the blockchain

>implying learning a new few keywords is tough shit.

What a retard. There's no money in blockchain tech. The entire fucking shit is some code thrown together and here we are. Anyone can shit out a shitcoin these days.

This. Try modern JavaScript (React has a huge momentum) or python or ruby. Java is still possible if you target mobile/Android, but Kotlin is getting hyped now in that niche.

How much you make depends on how well you sell yourself. Avoid cheap online marketplaces where people work for peanuts.


blockchain tech is basically just copying github and launching an ICO, and make stupid claims that its the new ETH

unless you can re-invent the blockchain and write a new revolutionary consensus thats decentralized, cheap and scalablity to any degree, dont bother

I mean stuff like Ethereum/Solidity. The demand for dApp developers is growing like crazy.
This is Veeky Forums and you retards don't know this?

No, it's not. No one in the real world is using Solidity, Ethereum or any other blockchain memes.

This lmao

Worked as a solidity developer. Not true.

That's a nice way of thinking, by this logic you can justify doing absolutely nothing with your life because it wasn't "destiny". Stay useless user

you underestimate the number of teenagers who will literally code for juul pods