Are women a good investment?

are women a good investment?

>investing into a depreciating asset
you're never gonna make it user

that's why you cash out when they turn 18

Funny how you cucks refers to good things in life (such as womennand cars) as "depreciating assets" when this bitcoin thing dropped 75% in value in just a month

Only if she let you smell her BRAAAAPS

Pump & Dump
You have to prep them for the bull run, no thanks.

>not investing in the survival of white race
Who is the real cuck here user.

Boomer roastie detected.

Women are in a bear market right now thanks to feminism. You can still make profit but you REALLY have to DYOR

thanks just donated 100mL to the sperm bank!

No they are a depreciating asset


Its up 60% in a week (from $6k to $10k) you inbred fucking dumb brainlet. Do you hate gains? You could have turned $1000 into $1600 in one week. Stay poor nigger

It was a great investment 40-50 years ago but the market is finally starting to crash due to interracial dating, especially amongst white women for non-white men.

is right, you just have to pump and dump

Enjoy the incoming crash buddy
Its going to 4k

why are you here, then?

if youre a ceo or politician probably

>this bitcoin thing
good b8 m8

That bitch has some serious fucking crazy eyes, what the fuck

She is void of soul.

>No father in the picture

I'm black and white women literally beg me to fuck them because their husbands can't satisfy them.

shoo shoo roastie

That means literally every one of you faggots is a worthless lack of assets, as you've chosen to be genetic dead ends.

you know you can sell bitcoin...
i know... outlandish concept... right... the sale of an asset... crazy
also: stop loss...

or are you one of those /v/irgins angry about their silly little games and the hardware miners have the prices driven up...

you write like a norman... which usually is an indicator for the most pathetic subhumans on Veeky Forums...

especially when they attack you in this way, you know, this is a permavirgin fatboi trying to dish out the hurts to drown out his own sorrows, LARPING for his life...

how am i doing, faggot?
hit home, yet?
don't bother replying. i only wrote this on the off chance i hit home (good intuition) and the resulting bad fee fees in you...


fucking mutants wtf disgusting

dafuck is wrong with you? i dont even have a gaming PC (only a mac laptop) and i barely play any games at all (clash royale once in a while)
so your "intuition" is complete and utter shit mate

if you are playing the market, then good for you and continue to do so. I was referring to idiots who think this has officialy become a moon mission again and that we are going to 14k any minute now.

those retards fomo'd, didnt sell and wont - that is until panic sets in, and then it will be at a loss

>U$1000 from feb 2017 to U$10000 feb 2018
>U$19k to U$10k in 1 month
>depreciated 75%



El demonio siempre negro...

implying i didnt 100x shorted from 20000 to 100x longed 6000 started with 10 dollars now i have 10 million

she crazy 'bout dat bbc


underrated post

comment of the week here

Nope. It'll probably settle over 11.5k.
Normies all got shaken out - this is institutional money, NEETs and plebbitor types. Who won't be looking to sell but accumulate long term. So it'll be a bit of sideways ranging with 10k as the floor. The usual bear trap later in the year, the launch as sudden FOMO is spread to the normies again.

white trash is nothing to brag about

Noone said cars we're deprecating assets. Women can be a good or a bad investment depending on how retarded you are and your ability to read women. I know a girl planning on Marrying a guy despite hating him and hating sex with him just to pay off her loans. Tell me she's a good investment for him I beg you.

Yes women be the best investments around. Spit some game, buy her clothes do her hair and shit, hook her up with an apartment. A Playa will only be out of pocket a few stacks.
But put that broad to work and she be bringing a back a g a night for a mack.

Hahaha. This guy gets it.

how old is this little slut?

underage girls are so fucking hot

will 100k link be enough to date?

pretty much this + AWALT. Not a good timeline to invest...

Every time I see a female gymnast for the rest of my life all I will be able to see is her doctor finger blasted her anus

if you find a good one itll make your life 100x more enjoyable

are you?

who cares, I'll still want to do the same


Would you invest in something that will constantly be a net loss financially, emotionally and socially?

Asian women are a good long term investment. White women can potentially make for good pump & dumps.

that's a pretty jaded outlook on women...they're not all bad..a lot of em help with all three.

fuck these trips are broken

If you want kids, yes.

it would be more believable if you said the girl on the left was 35

Except they are not. Trying to trick the same person into sex every day for a couple of years makes you jaded soon enough.

The issue is just efficiency. You can get what you want from women (sex) from escorts at a fraction of the price!

you've been telling me this for years and you've been wrong every time

el ogro.....

>those dead soulless eyes



it's not the same..


>I spent all my youth for just being a subhuman factory, shitting subhumans every year till I can't produce more ovules.

modern women are the worst investment. pump and dump only. feminism has reduced them to holes. they have no value beyond their holes anymore. in the past females stayed at home and cooked and cleaned and raised children. Now if you have a wife her dumb ass will have some shitty job at a leftist non-profit where her salary is less than the money you pay some stranger to watch your children in daycare. In the past females were more faithful because they were virgins on their wedding night. Now they are all cum dumpsters and every man they work with is a cock you aren't around to block. Better investment is to buy a fleshlight and use it with POV porn. After you cum you will actually be relieved there's no dumb roastie around to nag you about stupid shit. Then on occasion fuck a 3d cunt off of tinder but again it just a hole you're fucking so not even really worth the time/effort/money spent. If you do fuck a 3d just remember to spend as little money as possible, ideally spend nothing but occasionally you have to spend money on yourself on the date.

somehow this joke's entire concept has become less cringey to me as I've gotten older

love my friend.

Because when you're young everyone's immature and you think the whole "women are children" thing is overstated. Then you get older and mature and experience women more and realize they literally stay half baby through life.


beta as fuck

If you want children, yes.

If you want money, no.

I am the morlock of my relationship. I used to be more of a piece of shit than I am now. Five years ago I dropped out of school, worked at sandwich shop and kept the little money I had in a drawer in my room.

Now, we live in a nice little house, we're both working towards our masters degrees in STEM fields. If my space money doesn't pan out, I'll have a skill in field that will always get me a job.

I'm overweight, 5.5" dick, kinda smart but not really. Don't be a cunt, and don't feel sorry for yourself, things work out. Women are a good "investment"

small brraaappp for small ass


only if they are thai lady boyz

Women are the ultimate shitcoin

dunno maybe suck my chode and find out

What if living the rest of your life unironically with someone else is unironically worth more than money?

Unironic answers only please

If you have good taste in women they are.

Settle down soon, roastie. The wall is going to hit hard.

>living the rest of your life unironically with someone else

When does that happen? Are you talking about women from a different universe?

Alright fucko

I've been with my girlfriend 7 years. I'll take your questions now

Again, unironic questions only

Nobody cares about you or your girlfriend.

This is a discussion about striving for something greater.

What your neanderthal brain doesn't get is there is something beyond the dopamine addiction you have to porn, something beyond roasties, something beyond easy and simple

It's difficult and hard and it is greater than any thing one person can create alone

It requires two

Women = depreciating asset
Buy a flesh light and be cash rich. Haha

wow, really made me think

you're on Veeky Forums... don't expect anyone to understand you.

No. Women will take all of your money

Been single for ~10 years since highschool, have had no shortage of casual sex. I have found myself idealizing many, short-term casual partners (who, in my imagination are all 10s). Recently though, I've been getting closer and closer with a girl I picked up from one of my uni classes. It started out purely because I was super horny in class one day and she was wearing a cute lacy bra. I'd observed the way she reacted to me in class throughout semester and didn't think she'd say no to a coffee after class. She sucked my dick that day, but didn't want to have sex. That was a few months ago now, and we've had our ups and downs, now we have sex every time she comes over, she never refuses to give me head (fantastic), and I'm confident she's honest with me and isn't interested in seeing anybody else at the moment. After all this time I finally find myself in what resembles an intimate relationship with another human being. And it's fantastic. I no longer go out looking at all the beautiful women and feel like I'm missing out. Not to mention she empowers me quite a bit, and i'm learning a lot about how relationships work and how to keep women interested, and getting lots of practice at sex. Furthermore, when I go out with her in public and people begin to recognize that I've got a partner, there seems to be an element of respect gained.

I wouldn't say it's an easy investment, but it's most definitely a worthwhile one. You'll develop your character and personality and capabilities in ways you probably don't even realize. Pic related.

This. Most investments can only lose you the money that you put in. Women however...

The taxpayer.

the fuck is wrong with that bitches arms

can you guys at least post bitches that arent goddamn freaks of nature?

why don't you post a pic of your big, strong, masculine arms for us while you're out here critiquing arms, user?

a real man's perspective.
this is what you should all aspire to

kino, KINO!!!

>are women a good investment?
Only as a cock sock and a skin blanket.

Same girl.

I need a sexbot that looks like this

un pintura de los amrericanos goblinos

b-boner! no!