>has it's own chain
>links other chains together
>actual use case
>perfect trend
>about to moon

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dont say I didn't warn you cucks

Yes, but what does the coin actually do besides stake?


The team is zero hype and 100% execution. They just keep delivering which increases my confidence that they're actually going to pull off their insane mission. Many of these guys left LISK to go build something better.

Super easy to stake and their wallet is by far the best

Push button chains and Ark VM with 8 second block times, 18 coding languages, and infinite scalability. So, as a startup I can either A) build on Ethereum , find programmers who know solidity to build my platform, compete with cryptokitties for network bandwidth or B) push a button with Ark, hire great programmers and let them code in whatever language they would like, and never have to worry about scale.

IPFS and DB have the potential to compete with the likes of civic and Dropbox imo.

Fiat on ramp is going to happen eventually and Ark aces will keep adding bridges to existing coins (they've already done eth and BTC) which essentially means you'll be able to connect to any chain with Ark.

The list goes on. Their roadmap and mission is one of the most ambitious projects out there. At worst if they only do Ark VM and push button chains they will keep pace in the top 50 for 2018 and could see the top 25. Best case scenario if they pull off everything they want to they could be one of the most valuable coins in crypto. Safe bet with steady growth and mind blowing upside.


When ark gets push button blockchain up and running it will allow ICOs to create a side chains that are automatically linked back to the main chain. Ark would then be able to be used as gas on all these side chains. And now that ETH has lots its main dev, a new ICO king is only a matter of time.

By far the most safe holding I have currently. Just can't wait to see it boom.

please don't, I'm only at 8k, need at least 2k more

How can ETH compete?!
Veeky Forums always goes on about LINK saying “is this what ETH was like back in Dec ‘16?”
The fact is that fud, use base, even price wise, ARK is the next x100 ETH type coin.
Everything user just said is only the tip of the iceberg. This is going to be huge!
You wish you bought ETH at $5? Well now is your second chance Veeky Forums. Get on board the ARK.

Literally the only reason you need to invest in ARK is compound interest

Guaranteed 8-10% return a year beats almost every index fund out there. Anyone who doesn’t put capital in ARK and just let it ride in cold storage and accumulate doesn’t understand investing

The "Ark Ecosystem" is a collection of Ark forks and Smartbridged blockchains. If you look on the roadmap, one of the items is "Push button deployable blockchains." This means anyone can literally change a few settings like the number of delegates, blocktime, number of coins, etc. and press a button to spin off their own fork of Ark. This Ark fork will be its own independent blockchain that will automatically be able to communicate with Ark (via the Smartbridge) and any other Ark-forked chain. The Ark blockchain and token will be the intermediary between these chains.

Imagine two banks setting up and deploying their own private blockchains with the push of a button. Their blockchains are keeping track of their customers' balances. A customer at Bank A wants to transfer some money to a customer at Bank B. When they do that, it fires off a transaction at Bank A's backend blockchain that debits that user and sends a transaction over Ark to Bank B's blockchain telling them about their customer's new funds.

You can also think of it like Ethereum's ERC20 tokens except Ark's push-button deployed coins will have their own independent blockchain whereas all of Ethereum's tokens must rely on the Ethereum blockchain which bogs it down as we've seen happen during popular ICOs like Bancor. Yes, people will be able to create their own ICOs using Ark and all of them will be automatically Smartbridge-enabled.

I only have 452 ARK my friend. It’s ok. You have 8k ETH at the start of 2017. You are going to make it user.

ark is paired with btc, remember that. eth is mostly for shitcoins (except stuff like OMG and SPANK)

>>has it's own chain
Can someone please explain why this is a good thing? Because I know of a different undervalued coin who's Telegram says they're going to be releasing their own blockchain soon.

>75% of the top 100 is erc tokens

Bullish charts.

delet tihs

Yes but you have 8k ETH @ $5!!! ARK is going to x50 at least this year. Top 5 coin easily by 2019. It’s price will only be reduced by its inflation but even with that you will have 8k of a $500 coin! You are going to really really make it. I’m almost happy with my 452 but I’ll be buying more up to $100 at least.


Don't be deluded. Don't be an Arkie.

Why not AION?

>korean meme coin
>will tank with icx
>barely any development
>supply increases monthly = monthly dump

It shows a level of blockchain/developer competency for one thing. And ERC20 tokens cannot do anything that Eth can’t do, so in a lot of cases there is no need for the ERC20 to begin with. Create your own chain and you potentially have functionality above and beyond Ethereum are you only limited by what you yourself have built.

thanks user

0.0005 is gonna break boys



I hope so. You can look after me with my 452 :(

Delete this thread

The ARK is here to save all Veeky Forums who wish to join us. All aboard!

where can i get that wallpaper?


It's in the #oc-archive channel in the biz_classic discord.

daily reminder that idiots here were posting these "arkies" memes last year when it was $0.70

always do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says

deluded anything aside my ark bags are filled


That is what you have to do to get enough ARK. Sacrifice.

Wait until they see

sitting here comfy as fuck with my 50k ARK and watching my ARK grow every day from staking

literally the comfiest hold in all of crypto

Literally the Microsoft of crypto. Ark systems are currently windows 3.1

Jesus Christ user. You think that is "perfect trend"

What fucking planet are you on?

the one where I am richer than you, brainlet

fuck off pajeet


How do you cold store your coins while also staking them?

Nano Ledger is safe enough

Ark client + nano ledger

btw the Ark wallet should be the standard that all other crypto wallets are held to

I only have Trezor.

epic larp
>portfolio change +487k

when will all of this happen? my coins arent doing much. Im losing money with ark. Convince me to keep holding.
thats a lie it barely moons.

5000 ARKie here

you're never beating interest on ARK itself, you're just matching it at best 95%