’s time to sell to normies. accumulation is over’s time to sell to normies. accumulation is over.
i’m going to be creating 45 second shorts/commercials to promote on youtube. use your heart to create cheesy sales pitches i can pay craigslist actors to act out

LINK is dead, move on. The super conference didn't even move the price.

non linkie here when was the conference anyway?

just sold the last of my LINK, this is gonna drop after the conference

Delete. I'm not ready. Waiting for my student loan.

Thanks in advance, user.

it was -3 days ago

It hasn't even happened yet.


bye felicia

It's this weekend 02/16 - 02/18 Sergey is speaking Sunday afternoon.

Don't do it, I'm not done accumulating. I will spend money to get your videos massively disliked.

Be warned.

i have 200k subs

You're not OP so fuck off you faggot


don't hire craigslist scum, pay me links to do the voice.
I have a pleasant male voice with a neutral accent.
email attached (real email pls hire sir)

>this 4 month old coin with an upcoming mainnet release is dead
retard-tier fud

It was last week and and link dumped to 20 cents, it's over for link sell now

>Do you hate money? I know I do! So I invested in LINK. Don't know about LINK? WELL LET ME TELL YOU! Its a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. There are plenty of oracles already out there that do the same fucking job, so why buy Chainlink? Cause retards on the internet wont shut the fuck up about it! You know what frogs, lambos, and smug anime girls have in common? Chainlink! You know what hamburgers, trannies, and street shitters have in common? Chainlink! Be a part of the faggiest movement to ever grace the internet. Buy LINK! But you might want to let it to dump to $0.01 first. So wait a couple weeks.


i want to make real ads like someone trying to make a smartcontract to buy their friend a big mac

Never shill to normies. If they do not have the will, they do not deserve LINK.

What are you talking about. It hasn't even started.
It starts tomorrow. 16th

Don't do this, if we want the project to succeed we want as many people running nodes as possible which means we can't advertise to retards who don't even know what a node is.

Sibos you newfag

what's a node

idk but i just bought 100k link

Chainlink - Decentralize the stink

he speaks friday

Something sure is stinky here.


Accumulation is over when mainnet launches you impatient poor piece of shit.

I, for one, prefer smart contracts to be relegated only to tokenization my good sir. strong sell.

Sunday is the Lord's day of rest, sinner. Sergey speaks on Friday.

that post was a faked schedule and FUD you absolute mongoloid

Conference has John Mcafee as a heardline speaker. What gives it any credibility?

leave mongo alone!