Canadian Housing Market General

>National home sales declined by 14.5% from December 2017 to January 2018.

>Actual (not seasonally adjusted) activity was down 2.4% year-over-year (y-o-y) in January.

>The number of newly listed homes plunged 21.6% from December 2017 to January 2018.

>The MLS® Home Price Index (HPI) in January was up 7.7% y-o-y.

>The national average sale price advanced by 2.3% y-o-y.

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so should I buy a flat in Canada or nah

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Prices haven't started declining anywhere except in the GTA. I do expect the rest of Canada to start crashing soon. Do you guys think interest rates will rise in March given this data?

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I hope Australia is next!

The price of canadian homes didn't correct when the american market did. Their crash will be much worse.

They've also gone debt crazy, which means when the bubble bursts they will be in no position to deal with it.

the canadian market didnt correct becuase there was no bubble

do YOU want to live in canada? neither does anyone else

cant wait for this bubble to pop, maybe one day I can own in Vancouver

who cares about canadians

If we play our cards right we can buy a house with our crypto gains once the housing market bubble pops.

I really fucking hope I will have enough money by then

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> pay the same in taxes
> universal healthcare
> don't live in a country full of red necks that might shoot up a school any day now

It's pretty ok up here user

Rising interest is inevitable. Or else they wouldn’t be doing interest stress testing starting this year. I think prices will continue to rise in cities.

Only country in North America thats not
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>3rd world version of spain

> no bubble.

Yes, because I think we can all agree that $1.3 million is a reasonable price for a 71-year-old home with 700 square feet.

1.3 billion Chinese people can't be wrong

You aren’t buying the house, you’re buying the lot it’s on. Most of the chinks buying these tear it down and build 2 of those.

Your comment is nearly a perfect definition of a bubble.

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I just 4x my investment in under 2 months and that's including escrow. If the market is a bubble then good more inventory for me and I'll 2x all fucking day.

And if you buy anything even close to market value then you deserve to get fucked bubble or not. Buy low sell high that's it.


In addition to OP, 40% of variable rate mortgages are up for renegotiation this year and the stricter lending rules will prevent a lot of homeowners from getting a better rate. Defaults will skyrocket.

Seriously if you're young and recently rich from crypto, don't buy a house this year. Rent or live with your mom until 2020 and thank me later.

Another textbook example of bubble talk. I know Canada has a lot of distractions, but did they pay NO attention to what was happening in the US?

So, you made money. Good for you. What happens when you wake up one day and no one wants to buy the house you're flipping?

If you paid cash, then you can hold out for a while; but if you bought with debt your monthly nut is going to crush you.

And if a correction happens like it did down here, what happens if your home loses 40% of it's value and you're now upside down in your loan with no hopes of breaking even on the price?

You fail to underestimate the ineptness of the Canadian government.The federal government will bail out lenders. I hope the CMHC collapses after the crash but I think government will come to the rescue

That's what helped trigger the bubble popping in the US. This chart wasn't widely spread at the time, but it was noticed by a lot of us at least a year before the crash.

From what I read at other sites, sales are starting to slow down and inventories are starting to increase. This will cause prices to fall, which will set off the whole chain reaction.

Mind you... it's not like I have a crystal ball or anything, it's been less than 12 years since the same thing happened in the US.

So you think a .25 rate increase in March is certain? My guess is they push it to April 12.

Im in the us. I buy cash only. If a 40 percent correction happens ill still make at least 2x selling to cash buyers at a huge discount.

>I do expect the rest of Canada to start crashing soon.

Hope so. Something has to give. The chinese are the only ones buying houses at the inflated prices and even they are starting to pull back on it.

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How do I short housing market?

pls i wanna do the big short but with peoples homes, theyll make a movie about me

My hopeful goal from cyrpto was to make about 1 mil cash out and buy rental property once the housing market crashes. Figure it will give me good passive income and be my retirement eventually

Is this is a bad plan? I don't know anyone who has been a landlord

just kick the chinks out dude why do Canacucks let foreigners buy up the entire county's housing stock cmon man

crypto seems like a good hedge, it will unaffected since it's global. I'll be able to cash out and buy a cheap house when the bubble pops, pretty based

I've been a landlord my entire life. Basement suits in my own home, 30+ room apartment buildings, senior care facilities. Its not bad but I don't think most have what it takes. I've unplugged more shit filled toilets than I can count. If you like working with your hands it also can be really rewarding to make improvements to your properties. Also BC is fucked and tenants can fuck your shit up. For example it cost me 5k to kick out some meth heads plus thousands in lost revenue. John Horgan is going to fuck it up even more so keep that in mind.

>Chinese are heavily invested in Canadian real estate
>Chinese are heavily invested in cryptos
>I see no correlation/contagion risk
I'm sure it'll be fine

The Chinese thing is meme. Canada peek bubbled in 2014 and they heard how good our markets was doing. Then the value of the dollar dropped like crazy. Giving them a 30% discount on a hot market. This fueled the bubble from 2015 forward. This isn't true today and the chinks are looking to profit take.

>30+ room apartments
>Not hiring property management to do shit work for you

What kind of larp is this?

With 1 million in cash you can buy stocks and get 70k a year on capital gains and dividends, a rental property doesn't even come close and you have to deal with way more shit

Chinese people that come here do exceptionally well in school. The average chinese kid in your high school will have a 99%+ average type shit in Toronto. I know a few Chinese people that maintained a 100% average through out all 4 years of high school.

Also at current price:rent ratios you are subsiding the renters

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Paying someone to call other people that bill you.

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Depends if you have capital gains or nor.

Right on.
I know two faggots who bought last year, one a townhouse, the other a condo. Both are moving in with their parents and renting it out cause they can't afford to live there.

Every normie house in the GTA has a "student" living in the basement nowadays. Bring on the crash, it will be glorious.

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I hope so to. Just need Link to hit $20-30 when it does

i wish there was a similar chart for canada

My friend just purchased a house for 700,000 that is netting 47K a year in rental revenue. After expenses they are losing quite a bit but brainlets are convinced that prices will climb forever.

This is what real estate cucks don't understand.

How do we make money on this?

Short TD bank?

Can you explain this chart .

Are there any bear ETFs for the Canadian real estate industry? What banks will be most effected by a downturn in housing?

Even if I'm buying at a dip? Why even buy a house ever then? Wouldn't it be better to rent forever and just invest that extra captial in stocks?

CIBC has the highest exposure to uninsured mortgages. Insured mortgages are backed by the CHMC which is a crown (government) corporation. Try shorting REITS.

In every fucking single rent vs. own calculation I've seen brainlets forget that you yourself can rent out your basement suit if you are a home owner. Doing this usually makes purchasing worth is.

its shows how many homes are due for renewing their contracts. when you sign a mortgage you either get a variable rate (the majority get this) or a fixed rate. The variable rate fluctuates with the internet rate, while the fixed rate is usually locked in, but a lot of the time these locked in fixed rates also get updated every five years.

so this chart shows how many home owners are due for an updated rate of interest charge on their mortgages. and if interest rates are rising, this can often mean an extra 200-500 dollars per month. many people cannot afford this so they default on their loans the first time their rates are adjusted. especially the fixed rate mortgagees, since people don't read the 5 year conditional fine print.

People keep using the term "bubble" without understanding how and why it happens.

The US housing crashed because a lot of unregulated markets.
Banks were giving out morgages to anyone with ID.
The rating agencies gave out good rates on mortgage backed securities because it was stacked with a lot of other mortgages with safe ratings.
People bought houses without a plan of paying it out.

When default rates hit 8 to 10%, the market fell.

Canadian Mortgages are not even close to 8%. Canadian default is less than 1%. It's the Chinese investors coming here and over inflating the prices. There are dozens of empty houses with nobody living in it.
There are more investors who buy houses/condos and rent them out than ever before. There are more foreigners than ever before.
This has created too much demand in the market.

Reason why interest rates are increasing, higher rates on offshore investors and etc.

This is not a bubble, but it is highly overvalued. Even last few month's correction.


I meant more can you explain what Agency, Jumbo, Alt A and Sub Prime mean. Are they just industry terms for the credit worth of the borrower. Also I've heard that 40% of mortgages are up for renewal in 2018. Anyone that could find a place to accurately find these numbers would be much appreciated.

Of course it all depends on the real estate market you're in, but you're forgetting that growing your portfolio by 70k/year is very different than actually pulling out 70k/year. The advantage of real estate investments is they provide constant cash flow and a level of secure liquidity you simply can't get from stocks.

you are correct, those terms describe the credit worthiness of the mortgages. As you can see the sub prime loans were at the most risk of defaulting and accumulated for renewal all at concentrated a time and soon became the majority over other loans. why? because there were huge incentives to push these types of loans offered byt the banks to laon dealers/real estate agents. The net effect was a accumulation of bad debt garbage that all got triggered to pay more in a short period of time, beyond what people could afford. defaults naturally occurred.

assuming you can keep a renter in there full time. If the house market crashes then jobs will be lost as well which means people can't make money which means you can't make rent money

Secure liquidity? Real estate is notorious for having a lack of liquidity.

The cash flow aspect is valid, but bonds in a higher interest rate environment would still serve you better with liquidity and cash flow.

Sub-prime.... people with bad credit
Jumbo... very large loans for very large homes
Agency... loans coming out of fannie and freddie.

This reply hit the nail on the head.

Here's what happened....

1. People with bad credit wanted to get into the home game, so they accepted loans with horrible terms.

2. People writing the loans wanted the commission, so they sold these people loans with low "teaser rates" (rates that start out low, but reset in 5 years to a "normal" rate")

3. Buyer didn't care because their plan was to sell the home for a profit 4 years later before the loan reset.

4. Seller didn't care because as soon as he sold the loan he was off to buy a new boat.

5. The system worked great, as long as the price of homes went up. But what happened the price of homes DIDN'T keep going up?

6. Teaser loan resets, someone's mortgage payment goes up $1500 per month. They go to sell, but no one is buying, they default on the loan. A few dozen more people do this, economy goes boom.

you can probably short a real estate investment trust

the thing is that majority of people are so tightly squeeze on bills that they cant afford even a few extra hundred dollars a month. It would end them financially. They're only hope is that the value goes up

See regarding the Chinese meme.

You're ignoring the fact that alot of Canadian are simply buying second homes because.

>Housing always goes up duh

We where prime from a correction in 2014 but the dollar falling made the bubble continue and normies FOMOd. When normies that bought in dec 2017 get BTFO by losing 100K in equity they will walk away.

That's hyperbolic and incorrect

And FYI... the bubble in Canada has already started to pop, though most people don't know it yet.


Vacancy rates usually go down during housing crashes. People that lost there houses need somewhere to stay. The exception is senior housing which benefits from a strong real estate market allowing seniors sell there houses and transition into assisted living.

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>You're ignoring the fact that

The point right after Chinese point.
>There are more investors.... than ever before

Also it's not a "meme". I work with real estate brokers. They're the ones who work with these Chinese clients. It is actually true that the housing being bought off by them but it's not like they're the only cause.


Not really, it is true for toronto, vancouver, and soon calgary.
Areas have gone from 98% white to minority white in only 40 years and the rate is continuing to accelerate

Not investors my frand.

>Normie Speculators

A investor is very different than someone that got into the market because of FOMO and cannot afford ANY losses.

In every bubble there are people out there who see it, study it, and have pages on the internet warning people about it.

When the 2008 crash came, I had already prepared myself because I had found a blog called "housing panic" that had been reporting on and warning people for years.

So far, with the canadian bubble, the best site I've seen so far is the "housing bubble blog". It focuses mainly on canada and the american west coast.

(note: you'll have to click back to prior months to see more of the articles. He is VERY good about backing up ideas with data)

The canadian housing crash is going to make the American housing bubble look like a drop in the bucket.

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Also if anyone is interested in shorting the housing market be careful. I don't know much about the Canadian financial system, but America is getting ready to raise interest rates, which will help banks out. Be sure to short it once it hits the top of the short boom banks will get after increased rates.

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Oz and Canada property markets are both tied to the hip of China, so our time has started

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