> got solid idea
> Got seed funding (100k)

Can't find programmer.

What should I do? Based in the UK.

Find a programmer

nobodies giving you 100k when you don't even have a product or prototype to show off. why even give you 100k when they can just take your idea instead. none of this makes sense. have you patented this shit? trademarked it? whats stopping them from taking your idea? you don't even have a product yet.

is it that hard to find a programmer?

How? Please help. I am a Neet. Should I go to a university? HEEEEEEEEEEEELP

The money is no problem. I got it. I need a programmer to join my biz.

Its possible to get VC funding without any product at all. You have no idea what youre talking about,
100k is literally not nearly enoug to start a real start up by the way.

how do you get 100k from just an idea? makes no sense.

ok but how? you'd have to have a solid reputation and succesful products released in the past?

it's not like joe blow off the street can wander into an office somewhere with some random idea and walk out with 100k

It's my money faggot. I got millions of dollars. Need to get into the biz Ness life. Need to prove myself. Please help. Thank you.

Where do I find a programmer? At university? They have meetups? Please help.

I'm a London-based programmer and free for work..

doesn't sound like you have to do anything if you already have millions of dollars. just retire.

unless you're doing this for reasons other then money, because as a man you need to stay busy. i can respect that. but is this really what you want to be doing? must be some idea.

i guess you need to hire programmers without them stealing your idea though. so it seems you need legal advice. get some paperwork drawn up, non-disclosure agreements or something. and then put listings in job search places for programmers and then people will send you their resumes. i assume thats what you should do, but i'm a random nobody who wouldn't know how its actually done

How good are you?

[email protected]

but of course a top programmer isn't going to send his resume to a random dude who can't even tell him anything about what he will be doing. so perhaps you need to create a business or corporation to start posting job postings. i don't know.

People don't respect you just for money.

A semi successful startup is what I need.

why would you work for free for a millionaire willing to put at least 100k into this project? for a cut of the profit? get it in writing, legally done up, so you don't get screwed. or just let him pay you

Visiting events is actually a good idea. It depends, meetups are good if you want someone who thinks like an entrepreneur and gets invested in the project and alo develops.

If you want a code monkey it all depends on what your product is. If you just need some kind of shopsystem set up/modded/maintained or other trivial shit you can try freelance sites.
If you want a real new product built you can try digging on linkedin for your area.

Well you have to have some skill at pitching of course and be able to prove you're not a retard by presenting past ventures and all that, but there are many VCs that look specifically for very early phaser projects (so they can strongarm you into giving them 40% off the bat).

Usually there are a few meetings where you pitch. You have to present a whole thing with your business plan etc and they will dig into your past and due thorough due-diligence before they pull the trigger.

But you dont need to have a working product for all that.

lol yes they do..just get an expensive but classy car, wear only the finest clothes and get a cool house, tell everyone you are living off your good investments. Instant respect (and envy and hate).

He meant that he's looking for work, not that he's willing to work for free.
I assume you are not a native English speaker.

Thanks, just bought 100k

>[email protected]
10+ years experience, multiple references, loads of code on GitHub.. i'll mail you now.

Ok. Thank you. Will have a look.

why do you need respect when you already have millions of dollars? i'm not saying there's anything wrong with respect, i just don't see why you care.

I'm a programmer OP. I code in Python, Java, .Net

I can do anything you need as far as back-end goes. Just don't ask me to document any of my code, that's for cucks. My code is perfect. You can read it easier than you can read english, there's no need for documentation.

As another idle millionaire I can tell you he's not looking for respect from others, he's looking to find some self-respect. It's easier for the ego to state it's about others though.

I'm idle and I feel like a useless parasite. I realize if I died it would be a net positive for society because I don't bring anything productive to the world. I too am looking for something sensible to do.

This is what 99% of code-monkeys actually believe.

that i can sympathize with
i'm not too happy about being useless either

Yeah, this is why nobody wants to work with you.

hello sir, muh name Abdul Jamal Rajeesh i live in USA on work visa and am verry good at python let me work for you kind mister

browse /r/choosingbeggars and with someone to do it for free (a.k.a. "experience")

"can't" is the cancer of Happen.
stop using the word can't
thats negativity. a negative mindset
you might as well chop your balls off now.

Tell us the idea.

document code? The fuck are you talking about faggot, you mean comment surely?
too many damn larpers over here. anyone who doesn't comment their code is a total retard.

Can you not suck my dick?

Oh, you can't?

Real programmers in real companies create actual code documentation in addition to comments, user.

I was only joking you fucking apes

Do I type like a Pajeet? Jesus

>implying i need to add comments when my method signatures are perfectly descriptive in their own right

Go back to 2004

follow, currently have same issue looking for someone decent
eastern europe

>Its possible to get VC funding without any product at all.

VC known as 'Grandma'

well you do code pajeet tier languages so it's not really unsurprising people are assuming you're a pajeet.

What are you making anyway?

100k that might cover dev's salary

Hello sir kindly hire me for 100k gbp and uk work visa, thank you.