Hey Lomostar is having a airdrop right now that lasts until February 22nd...

Hey Lomostar is having a airdrop right now that lasts until February 22nd. They are celebrating the Chinese New Year (Chinese Company).

The link for the app can be found on:


Upon registration you will receive 100 AiLink tokens if you use the code below.

Code: 15FY74

Total amounts

2,000,000 AiLink = $24,000

50,000 RUFF = $7,000

30,000 RED = $12,000

20,000 DCON = $2500

10,000 LMC = 800

$46,300 Total being dropped!

As you see plenty of money to go around

Other urls found in this thread:


This is the promotion Lomostar is running for new users until Feb 24th. You'll get 100 ailink coins in your wallet.

These are the tokens I collected from the airdrop last weekend.

The total amount is ~ $270

100% free you don't even need to buy any LMC to get the airdrops.

These are the red envelopes you appear on the top. They are available only on the world view. They appear around certain times throughout the day. A few common times are 8 pm, 3 am, and 8 am EST.

If you're a iOS user like me you might be having some trouble. Here's a quick 5 step tutorial to get the app started. It takes 30 seconds.


Only open the red envelopes from the official Lomostar account. The official account has a little lomocoin sign on the bottom right of the profile picture as verification.

On the Lomostar app they have a point system. You start out of 10 Vitality points. Every red envelope you open costs 1 point. These points recharge slowly only 1 point every 2 hours. This is why it's important to not waste your points!

As you can see the drops vary from person to person. There is some luck/gamble involved. Sometimes you get a big drop and sometimes you get the small one. RUFF is always a good coin to use your points on though.

Close up of the Official Lomostar account. It's a good practice to double check since there are some fake accounts out there. It really sucks to waste a point on a bad envelope.

The airdrop will begin in a few hours or sooner. Save your points do not open any red envelopes until airdrop starts. These are the red envelopes you want to open they will appear on top in the world view.

gibs Lomos pls

do I have to do this on my smartphone?

Yeah an iOS or android device. I'm pretty sure you can on an ipad for example

The wallet is based on Ethereum ERC20
AiLink (ALI)

Total Supply = 10,000,000,000

Circulating Supply = 2,000,000,000

ICO price = 0.1RMB

Whitepaper: ailink.in/AiLink_whitepaper.pdf

Ok cool. I read a Reddit post from a guy who called NEO at $.25 and he explained this project in a way that made it sound like it has a lot of potential. Almost like Pokemon Go but to a different level that's even more interactive.

Remember not to open these envelopes. Wait for the real airdrop it should be starting within 2 hours. It's morning time in China and there new year has started!

Haha I bought NEO early as well not 40.25 though. I do love Chinese projects for some reason.I know the post you're referring to and does a good job of explaining the project. You should join our telegram group! Also check out the video of the lomostar office posted today.

When the airdrop starts I would pick the RUFF and LMC envelopes first

is this legit?

I just tried the iOS fix and it said NARI something or other instead of Beijing Nation Sky Network. Is there a reason for that?

Yes NARI group is the same as the Binance app. They changed it a few weeks ago I forgot about that.

I mean you can read through the reviews on the google store. You can't fake 1700+ reviews lol

And how do you cash out? Turn everything into ETH for example and transfer it to an exchange?

The 3 new coins will be available to withdraw after the airdrop. They are ERC20 tokens so you can use eth wallets. They all have different exchanges where you can trade them into eth

Do they disappear

Each red envelope can only be opened by 1000 people. They disappear once they have been opened 1000 times and all the coin balance as been emptied. They drop 6-7 red envelopes at a time normally in batches. They usually do 2 batches so 12-16 red envelopes in a hour.

Don't open this envelopes they have junk in them. Wait for the real airdrop. You'll only have 30 minutes or so to catch them before they are all opened. Remember to open the best ones they may drop several batches. So it's a good idea to save some points so you can pick the best envelopes each time.

Should I use gems to get the best envelope?

Yeah you can use them for that purpose or you can trade them in for more Vitality points. You'll run out at some point during the airdrop (they will drop more than 10 at a time sometimes). It sucks when you can't open them and they keep appearing

What do u reckon I should do

Here's a cool video they posted of a quick tour of the Lomostar office.


I would see how big the envelopes are first. If they drop a large amount that's when I would use them to pick the best one. If they are just smaller drops then I would use them to open more

How can you tell how big they are without opening/spending gems first

You can't haha. Also everyone gets different amounts. You can get 5x less than someone else. There's a bit of a luck/gamble factor to this.

I'm expecting the airdrop to start very soon a lot in the past come between 8-9 pm EST

how do you know when the Airdrop starts?

Only open envelopes from this username. The official account has a lomostar logo on the bottom right of the profile pic

Their twitter says Feb 16-22. I've been through their past ones and it's always around the same times. They have yet to start and it's 9:17 am in China right now. It is their holiday now though so it could be delayed a hour

Then what did you mean by check how big they are first?