How the fuck do you save money

0 savings
900 rent
100 internet
50 phone
300 car
300 food
300 entertainment
100 loans

Get a cheaper phone, own your own car, spend less on entertainment. Wow, that was so hard

>300 entertainment
just stop

can you cut down on your phone costs? here in canada we have prepaid plans for as low as $10

Find what you can control, then go for it. You are spending too much on food and entertainment, you can lower each of those by a hundred bucks very easily

with 30k a month that budget should be no big deal, i dont see the problem

>read beer and weed

>300 car

what are you driving for that much? I pay $250/mo

no shit but not easy when you got a reputation at work and gotta keep up appearances. plus going out to grab some brews.

$10? Where?

I live in my parents basement leeching of them, i basically pay for train travels to my gf, crypto and the steroids. Everything else they pay for :)

A cell phone plan cheaper than $50 a month? Are you fucking high?

300 food? Nigga get on my level. Oatmeal and 100g chicken nigga the rest in link uh

seriously 300 is not that much. what the fuck do 20s in your city do? here its all bars and clubs. that shit adds up fast

>300 entertainment

Start pirating, motherfucker. My NordVPN subscription is 480 for two years

300/month is a LOT of money you're pissing away

Short the S&P index with a large leverage.

You'll see money in a few weeks.

maybe a 20 dollar difference at most.but thats if i have a shit phone

Drink at home alone like a pathetic pos

whoops $80, not 480

k, faggot.

my mom has it. it's not much, but it's possible

but why vix already recovered monkey hammer style

30k what nigga? annual income? monthly income?

by entertainment i mean nightlife (bars/clubs). really cannot lower it that much unless i stop going out on the weekends. yes the food could be lowered. though im a shit cook

Anglo culture, not even once.

$100 for internet? What? Try to use your car less

30k a year

Because 2+2 no longer makes 4 in this index.

>Inflation on a shockingly high level
>Fear of rents rising by the federal reserve by march
>Literally this rally
>Hasn't faced a proper correction since 2015/2016
>We haven't had a recession since forever

You may argue the point that it might not fall due to the tax cuts but that'll only raise the inflation further if more money comes into circulation by the private sector.

yes if i was a shutin but having a social life in 20s in the city makes that tough

Fuck off permabear cunt.


Kek, no energy to argue?

I'm far from a permabear, but things can't keep going the way it is. This is pre-school shit.

i meant nightlife entertainment not movies


>tfw I pay 25 euro for unlimited 4G internet, SMS and calls (even international ones for some main countries)


well its either 100 for internet/tv or 80 for internet. thats the only option. and i figured 20 for tv is worth it. car use is mostly to and from work.

Earb more than 30k peasant

Stop being a normal fag and going out. If you're going out expensive bars/clubs for girls just get a hooker. I don't know what country you're in but here in Amsterdam I can get 20-30 mins with a 8/10 girl for 50 Euros, or around 60 something U.S dollar. I do that once a week. I haven't been to a bar or club 5 years.

Buy wotka for 14€ and every time before u go party u Drink a little of it at home, so you don't have to buy 5€ each beer at the bar because u already drunk as fuck. For the price of 1 bottle bei 0,7L wotka you get the alcohol of like 17 Beers, so you save a Lot of Money

It’s things like this that make so glad I’m not a fucking normie.

All my bills are 380 usd a month. Then maybe 250 for food and 50 for alcohol. I get 1200 a month as student loan (25%welfare 75% loan).

you faggots are terrible with money, consult an adult for ways on how to save asap.

Well it'll be easy to keep up your "poor" appearance in the not too distant future. You live like a nig. Try to appear flashy, but completely broke. Fucking disgraceful.

You can't be fucking serious. Did you not put anything down? I pay $250 a month for an 09 Porsche 987S.

>How the fuck do you save money
Stop, please.
Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with living your life and having some fun. But if you're blowing through $300 a month, you're not even trying to be frugal.

50 for alcohol? is it all pregaming then? here its like 10 cover charge just to get in and then 10 a drink. so it ends up 50 just for 1 night

It isn't hard. I pay $30 for unlimited talk and text and 3GB of data. Just don't be a retard sperg and stream shit on your data plan and that's more than enough data. Wifi is everywhere

>when ur a manlet on the slavland and u can stay permanently shitfaced for as little as 50€ a month
Thank you god.

>Calculate necessity expenses
>Determine what you want to save
>Spend the rest

Thats how

Cool, move to a country that is larger than 50 square miles and thus requires a more expensive cell phone plan.

Just do this
>eat oaths and milk from college to early job
>pirate movies
>never go out with your friends or family but text them you are fine.

It sucks, but you will earn a lot. Buy a better PC with your savings

>gotta keep up appearances

Wants to save but doesn't want to not spend.

Eat less, move, get a better internet contract (wtf) and don't spend money on entertainment.

i had 0 down. also i pay about 60 a month in gas.

go play wow and save a shit ton of money

i pay 15 a month

>300 entertainment
>how do i save

lol, read a fucking book. reading is as inexpensive as it gets for a hobby, you can literally download ebooks for free.

300 on entertainment when you're wondering how to save money.

stay. poor.

for all the people saying 300 entertainment is way too high. i get what youre saying. but if you go out in the city its really easy to spend 300 or much more even. so you are saying the main way for me to budget is to not go out? its basically not having a social life then. go to the bar or club with $10 cover charge and get a few drinks. ends up about $40 total. so you do that 2 nights most weeks and its easy to see 300 is really not even that high. i'm telling you, all 20s here do is go out and drink.

His point is you're a fuking brainlet for not putting any timelengths in. What's 900? Per month? That's way too much if you're trying to save money.

Holy shit living in merica is cheap, you goys have no idea how ez you have it with ur underpriced goods compared to here, god damn

>100 internet
get a cheaper plan if possible. i pay half that
there's $50 for savings right there
>300 car
yeah can't do much there. insurance being what it is. maybe if you don't need the car to get to work consider selling it.
>300 food
could easily trim $70 off that
>300 entertainment
predrinking saves money. maybe spend less time at the club?
200 saved right there

there, that's $300 a month you can put towards "savings" ie crypto

This, only it doesn't suck, it's the most relaxing and comfy kind of life when you're not socially dependent on anyone.

My question is where the fuck do you live that your rent is 900 but you only make 30k. Like what do you even do for work.

And what possible appearances could you need to keep up when you're only making 30k

>what the fuck do 20s in your city do?
ever since drinking was banned in bars
they just sit at home on facebook

you don't need to go out every weekend.
you don't need to "go out" to drink overpriced, watered down garbage
chill with friends at home and play smash, idk

what you consider necessary is in reality far from necessary. just because "all 20s" go out and drink doesn't mean everyone has to, especially when they want to save money, which is the fucking point of the thread.

so much poorfag consumer herd mentality. stay poor, dudes. don't even try to shift lanes.

i mean smoking
smoking was banned in bars, not drinking

but really, as far as i can tell nobody does anything. the bars are empty most nights

This. That's a lot to spend on entertainment. YouTube and biz should be enough. You got torrents and putlocker. Easy to get things for free.

sales in la. year 1 30k but you work your way up. some of the guys been there 5 years making bank. im talking 150k before they are 30. but its competitive. have to look flashy and impressive to keep up at work

I hear you. And honestly I hear you on the entertainment cost. Here's what you do.

Get cheaper internet. Even if your only option is to cut out cable, get rid of it. The internet is enough.

Learn to cook a few basic meals. Pasta, chicken breast, etc. You don't have to cook all the time but it's much cheaper and very easy.

Keep going out but maybe cut out a night or two. Or drink cheaper drinks. You're there to socialize and get buzzed. Shouldn't matter what you're drinking. Beer isn't ten bucks

Look into a cheaper phone plan. Like through tello or similar providers.

And work hard as fuck because 30k isn't nearly enough money to live comfortably where you're at. Don't live outside your means. You don't make much so don't spend much

thanks bro

>300 food

Do this instead.
>Weekend 1: Reduce your normal $75 spend to $50. Just drink less. Budget and stick to it.
>Weekend 2: Invite friends over to your place and do same cheap shit. Eat pizza, play video games, drink CHEAP drinks. Cut your weed usage in half, trust me you probably smoke too much anyway.
>Weekend 3: Same as weekend 1. Knock yourself out.
>Weekend 4: Read a book. Watch a movie. Spend time to work on yourself. Do chores. Work on your budget and crypto fund. Maybe even figure out a way to make some extra change.

You posted this thread before and you took absolutely no advice anyone gave you on board. You are a fucking idiot for paying 300$ a month in card payments, you could have just got a reliable second hand car for a few grand but you insist because you're in sales you need a good car to impress clients despite being in your early 20s. I really doubt any of your clients expect you to have a nice car. If anything(as a customer) I would probably not trust you if I found out you were a retard with your own money.

Sorry meant car* payments.

bro i'm telling you it's all about image and reputation. i get what you mean but the bottom line is people care about first impressions and appearances. that's just the way it is

If you're not looking for any serious advice than don't make these threads. If you actually want to save money you'll have to make sacrifices. If other peoples' impression of you is more valuable to you than savings, then just keep doing what you're doing and forget about saving anything until you move up the ladder.

I do the same in Austria
Hookers for 50€

the key to saving money is in ones ability to make twice as much as they spend, most times more.

where in canada? University towns/city bars are always packed in ON.

you dont save money havent you figured that out yet? what do you listen to dave ramsey all day wtf you need to leverage debt period. good debt.

Scrath some sim cards u need 6 = free phone bill

I pay 20 bucks for unlimited talk text and 2gb data. Get good

This is hilarious. You're a brilliant troll. You sound like such a petty twat that I can't buy that your serious

Go out during the daytime and pick up women. Take them for coffee. If you pay you blow $10 at the max. Save $250 a month and get more women.

at 30k a year image and reputation are going to hold you down for life

Find where the remaining 500 a month is going, do math right, its why you make 30k

>keep up appearances

u srs? $300 per month on a car to "keep up appearances?" Nigger tier attitude

Ditch the lease and get a reliable, older car. Max budget $3,000. Keep it clean with a nice-smelling interior (for 'appearances'). That's your new look: you're the frugal guy. You don't need no Lambo, a 2003 Civic does the job just as well, and you don't give a fuck what anyone else thinks about it. You're better than all of them because you don't spend your money on useless crap.

Food: don't spend more than $90 per month (hardmode: $30). That means you get $3 per day. You need 2000 calories per day, so that means $1 should buy you 667 calories. When at the supermarket, divide the calories by the price to see if the dollar/calorie ratio is within your budget. Plenty of good foods at this price, not hard at all.

>100 internet

should be 25

>50 phone

should be 20

>300 entertainment

should be 50. Pirate shit and don't drink every day

>900 rent

might be reasonable depending on location, but since it's OP, I'm going to assume this can be lowered to $600

I have 30k as well
400 for rent
150 for food
50 for phone
100 for internet
300 for entertainment

only 1k a month

>tfw my rent 1600 per month