This is for you oldfags who were on Veeky Forums before the December bubble...

This is for you oldfags who were on Veeky Forums before the December bubble. Did any of you predict that parabolic crpyto market pump? If so, what's your take on the market right now?

my great grandfather once told me there were no chicks with dicks before the Great December Run

14k is when i was certain a doom drop would happen at any moment

I stopped buying at 4k which seems low but timewise was only like a month before the peak

Give it 3 months and you will see nice gains this is a needed consolidation period.

I shorted at $9k thanksgiving because I thought shit was getting insane.


So basically 3 months to accumulate? I'm in this for the long haul, mostly looking for insight so I can plan when to invest more fiat.

Been in since may (and am nowhere fucking near being classed as a oldfag) and I didn’t see it going as high as it did. I want to see it test ath asap but it’s more likely to be a gradual rise/sideways for a couple months

the chinese will dump after their new year celebrations

soon as I saw this thing climb over 4.5K after China FUD (sept) I knew some shit was going crazy. when it broke 6K, 7K, and 8K in almost zero time I started to get really worried about what was going on. what's happening right now is hard to ascertain and I think most people on biz believe they know what's happening but they truly are clueless. look at the chart and see what you make of it. this is not the exponential growth they promised. every parabola has an up and a down. I'm thinking this doesn't look too good short term.

Sorry to disappoint you m8 but there's no such thing as chicks with dicks. Just confused grown men.

Thanksgiving until mid December was scary as fuck. I took 60k credit in August and got into crypto. I was cashing out daily 10k$ worth btc everyday (i dont trust exchanges, i got goxxed) for 9 days consecutively. I didn't trade at that time and my portfolio was still increasing. No, I did not expect that. Neither I expected going back to 6k.

Now I am very hesitant about the market. Correction might be over but it looks scarily similar to nasdaq and dot com bubble. This might be a big bull trap.

Besides... There is still the tether subopena, which could fuck the entire market to sub 100bn. On the long run, I'm extremely bullish though

I'm not sure if this qualifies as oldfag but last year in May we had kind of the same market situation, literally every shitcoin was going 10x-100x and bitcoin was rising as well. After that, in June btc crashed from 2.8k to 1.8k I think and all alts went down. Nobody expected to see a market this crazy again but look at December.
I think we will have at least another one giant bullmarket ahead. First one was just because everything was new and exciting, this one because projects started to actually look promising and showing first adoption and the next one (ones?) will be about products actually being implemented and used.
Just gotta cash out at the right moment next time

>before December


i knew the market was going to tank at some point just didnt think it was going to be this early in 2018. although when futures came out that should have been an obvious enough warning sign.

>Being here before December makes you an oldfag

I remember being a genius when I bought 50 btc at 50 bucks each and selling them at 500 each.
Last years run was too much too fast...I don’t see 20k anytime soon fact I don’t see it above 15k anytime this year. It had its mania run and now it’s in the drawdown’ll go below 5k this year and it may be worth loading up then...just my 2 sats

Accumulate when you can time to buy was yesterday. I see a climb back to ATH over next two months. There may be dips but I'd be pretty surprised if we hit 6k again this year. By june-july we will see 20k btc call me delusional or whatever but if you think this isn't being manipulated you are delusional.
> I don’t see it above 15k anytime this year.
lol...oh god.


So now I'm an oldfag? Are Crypto years like dog years?

Not sure man, there's a lot of manipulation going on, even though its rational for BTC to fall below 7k this market is highly irrational.

it jumped over 2 grand in less than a week how can you not expect to see 15 this year?

yes basically
this crash was manipulated for cheap accumulation + quick cash out. It won't be this low for long. Trade like an insider guys. There were warnings everywhere.

accumulation was post 2013-14 crash up until late 2016. bitcoin will collapse this year and some other coin might take its place but the market as we knew it will completely change or it might go to zero which is highly likely since crypto is a SCAM.. youve been warned

I predicted it, was surprised by how high we went though.
Still managed to kindof sell the top. Averaged out 13 - 17k.

My take is that we are in a phase similar to the one between the 2 bubbles in 2013. Sideways few months before massive bullrun this summer.

IMPRTANT: wen I say bullrun I mean total crypto marketcap. Its very possible BTC will be flipped before the next bubblecycle.

t. held from 2013 till december 2017

you think itll drop again before the bull run or are we on a steady increase after the 7k mark?

using the term steady very loosely here...

Yes by sideway I mean it will trade in a somewhat wide range.
Could be between 7k-10k or even 5 to 8k.
So yes Im definitely expecting it to go down hard soon and try 10k again in a week or two.

>it might go to zero which is highly likely since crypto is a SCAM..
Yes after all sorts of institutional investment, billions in $ of projects still in development, widespread awareness and rapidly increasing will crash to $0 because it's a scam. What the fuck are you on about user? Do you also think the earth is hollow?


That absolutely is the truth and is a HUGE wildcard

>in fact I don’t see it above 15k anytime this year.

hey man same can be said for gold, everyone who believes in gold says, that its value is derived from industrial applications, but thats like 10% of the price. Same can be argued for BTC really, we can argue it can be used as P2P transacting etc but thats a small percentage of the price. If we all believe it has value and can perform its role as a store of value then its gold 2.0.

If you realize BTC is a ponzi/scam then you must have figured that the same criteria you applied to get to that realisation works for the entire monetary system as it currently exists. So I don't really get why people even bother.

It can based on manipulation and mania A lot of the momentum is gone… Now we have more more people with shorts and futures contracts to deal with… Not to mention everybody getting into alt coins that has to use bitcoin as an initial purchase will moderate the price a bit

I have been through two big cycles and I think that we are going to take off with 3rd gen networks. I went btc, then eth and now I am buying thousands of EOS

>everybody getting into alt coins that has to use bitcoin
This meme is dying fast. ETH pairs are starting to be superior.

The proper term is called consolidation and yes were in a consolidation phase right now… It’s going to have its ups and downs definitely but I think a big thing that’s going to hurt the market is come April 15 when all the Americans have to pay the taxes and the IRS start smoking everybody with bitcoin mania tax mania type stuff

I do agree with that you’re correct...But you and I know that not everybody else

You stink of paid shill no offence

BTC will rise
alts gonna shit themselves

well said. I do think that BTC may not see insane growth but ETH + functional ERC20s will this year.

I was thinking Nexus being as it's quantum resistant and will operate using satellites.
Or is Nexus 4th Gen?

Quantum resistance is a meme, seriously.

>billions in projects that will end up being nothing

There is only one serious project in crypto, and its called Ethereum, everything else is just money grabbing.

ETH,WTC,ZRX,BAT,QTUM,EOS are all significant. There are a lot of moneygrabs yes but some are decent and offer up useful novel function.

My take is that we will go to 12k and then we'll have to see from there again really. Bubble kinda popped and everyone's quite aware of this.

>2 months = oldfag
no I didn't predict it at all, I rode up part of the way to 5K but didn't know what to make of it after that. I put the profits into s9's so I got a good amount of the pump through that, but probably not 100%. It's way easier though.

Looks like that to me too user

Been in the space since 2011.
Mind says bear market is coming. Black swan event maybe. Not a prediction.
Good luck.

$10k was thrown around quit a bit during the summer time, but it going parabolic was NOT what I expected.

$10k however was definitely waited upon, however.

Nah, too soon.

You short when normie bullshit like CNBC is starting to FOMO hard. Shit like the tron pump happens. That means smart money wants bag holders.

You forgot NULS. Good list though.

I miss plushtard

>Did any of you predict that parabolic crpyto market pump?
No, it took me by surprise but I made plans to exit after dropping to 15K, and left at 13K except for stinkies.

> what's your take on the market right now?
It feels unstable, like there's more will to see it rise than actual fuel in the market. It's not like it has to go down but I would feel much more confident if it had spent another week in the 9K-10K zone. Let's say we continue trying to push upwards and we reach 18K by April, at that point I would expect a fall to where we consolidate at the 12K-15K range and have to spend a couple of months there.

As to how I'm playing this, I'm looking at big coins that went down at least a 60% from ATH and if they start going crazy, start taking profits and reinvest most of them into other big coins with similar characteristics hoping they'll get their turn. Also a 10% for moonshots, stuff that isn't on good exchanges.

Nope. When bitcoin was going up, alts were getting justed and there were pink wojacks for a good 2 months straight at least

Not one person tells Skippy to do a barrel roll. You should all be ashamed

I bought ETH back in February 2017 for 11. I thought 400 EOY was a fabulous price prediction, beyond the scope of dreams...

They all exited biz you deluded fucks I was here then and those guys use this site now to brainwash and make money off stupid people.

How much do you have now?

Meh they still have $ in just don't buy into flavors of the week.

The point is they are not here any more they are in chats deciding best how to fuck with people here with their 100,000's of BTC and they are the biggest stakeholders in ALL altcoins.

>be me
>see use of BTC in chinese capital flight
>speculative risk
>2.5% exposure
>$13k / $15k speculated ATH
>only notice in November
>see it push past $15k
>start asking self whether to sell
>start seeing sentiment
>no something insane is happening
>start to alter portfolio for 2018
>see crash
>under 200 dma
>50:50 - $4k or $100k
>purchase same amount / fiat $7200

>sell at $40k or HODL for 3 years to $1m...?

>still rich - who cares...

>not using classic Costanza

not exactly, I knew it would go up (got in around 1k) but I knew overall it would shoot up soon

its really general but I think things will recover steadily over the next few weeks and then it will be back to random coins getting pumped