Luxurious Instagram Posts

You know what I'm talking about... Those blurry pictures you see on 'Posts you might like' of people with expensive watches, expensive cars, iphones, etc. Are these people really successfull, are they living paycheck to paycheck, or are these posts choreographed? Often times the person is black too.

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Check their credit history kek

look at that guys hand, you tell me

They're either given the stuff for free (for a certain amount of time for cars)
They need to post new content daily.
Friends live next door to some YouTube family. I prefer my 9 to 5 after hearing the stress they endure

>trying to look expensive
They have Merc taxis here they're that common

Proper rich is Range Rover or Bentley/Rolls

Most of them are shit with money. I see part time retail workers with iPhone X and new cars fairly often.
These same people want to tax the wealthy.

Exactly. All of the stuff is on credit. They never buy outright.

I wouldn't put a range rover with bentley and rolls. Plus Bentley is for people who want a Rolls but cant afford one

wagecuck spotted

Nigga it's marketing. I have thought about going to places like NYC, Chiraq, D.C. Etc on the weekends, wearing nice clothes and shit and create a social media brand where I look successful traveling all the time

I live in Ohio so I could drive to plenty of major cities on the weekends spend a day, get pics and make content and be back home for my 9-5

Just put on a facade of being. Rich and successful and traveling and retard Norman's will follow you and you'll get that exponential growth. Hell I was considering putting an ad on craigslist to find some hot thot to partake in building a social media brand and demand 40% of her profits

But that would be too much to work and I would prefer to play video games

>range rover

no, replace with this

they are dont rich
really rich people dont brag about their wealth

these guys are just some dumb fuckers who want to impress others with their "wealth", although this shit is all buyed on credit

Looks like AMG C63.
Definitely a proper rich car...
He is still a faggot though

I mean E63..

range rovers are quite expensive.

You still play video games?


Few things come to mind that are bigger time wasters than video games. Quit that shit & never go back.

If I had friends or someone I could enjoy traveling with then I might do it but a guy too comfy to do that

wew lad, who hurt you?

That wojak' eyes change when you expand the image

you know half these cheap insta fucks literally rent all their shit for a day, including the watches, take a load of pics and backlog their uploads, right?

>Wasting time consuming the social jew

Explain your self user

What's a friend? You have people you associate with. Nobody is your friend. Don't make excuses. Travel alone. Know yourself.

As for entertainment, find a passion, read a book, surf the web, clean your house, workout, watch an occasional movie. Almost anything is better than video games & tv.

That's what I'm sayin bro this market is such a meme anyone with half a brain could make $$ if they actually THINK about how they're going to capitalize off shot.

I see normies who are retarded and want massive followings or have a decent following but are too retarded to capitalize off it. If I'm going to have a following the only use to me would be capitalizing, because you're making yourself a giant target. If I could be rich an anonymous, I'd choose that over being famous any time. I don't need niggas targeting me and shiet. I'm more of an under the radar pulling the strings type

Welp I wouldn‘t know what to do otherwise. I quit solo games a while ago (except for the occasional masterpiece every few years) but I enjoy playing with friends. My job is mentally challenging so I like having some easy activity

>being this much of a neckbeard
>reddit spacing
please go back

Continue immersing yourself in video games. When you're old & all you can remember is if you beat that dragon or not, don't say nobody tried to correct you.

go be a soyboy somewhere else, maybe reddit faggot

>I prefer my 9 to 5

but utter trash, i've met so many regretful buyers after they break in less than a year

how would you monetize a rich people ig tho? sell classes like tai lopez? promo?

Look at trump and tai Lopez. Copy their formula. Just be a rich shill, literally that easy.

I wouldn't sell classes on anything though because then people expect it to work, I'd just shill merch and motivational speaking and some shitty book

>they are dont rich
English much?

yep, its a hand alright

You know that you can play video games AND do other more meaningful things in life? Moderation is key

He's from India bro cut him some slack also nice trips

sir im from india, pls apologize me

Tell that to a heroin junkie, user.

If you really care about this shit you can get iphone X boxes on ebay for about 30 bucks.

Rent the merc

post it on instagram ez.

Embracing a cynic worldview will ironically lead you to the end you shun so ferociously and blinded by your proud gritty "realism" you'd mistakenly call others nihilists for finding meaning in something as basic as fun. Enjoy the hypocrisy of your existence.

Comparing video games to heroin, okay. You‘re either baiting, ignorant, or have an addictive personality. Most drugs can be done easily in moderation as well.

I don't care enough about you to compose such an ersatz diatribe such as yours. However, I will point out your obvious boiling resentment toward the fact you spend excessive time 'gaming' indicative by your overt personal psycho-babble directed towards me.


Rich people don’t advertise their wealth. Only arrivist wankers do.

Thats where youre wrong kiddo