Don't fall for it

Tread carefully
>inb4 meme lines
BTC is following pretty much exactly with the Nasdaq bubble

>i-it has to go down, i am shorting it

meme lines aside, what indicators point out we're NOT on an ascending route?

keep in mind there were positive news today

Well, I am generally bullish, but I don't really like how overbought the 4h and 1h RSI is. Especially for the 4h RSI you always have some decline afterwards.

I sold anyway and will rebuy lower if applicable. But who knows how whales will fuck me. ;)

USfag here, i don't short. Pretty sure we aren't aloud to on our exchanges. I am in fiat though, ready to buy

6k sellers are getting desperate

>USfag here


yea... indeed
We should have gone down to test 6k support area a while ago. But this market is so retarded that everyone buys ATH
Whales are desperately trying to pump the price up, anyways. My bets are we will be visiting our bottom again shortly, just a matter of time.

>meme lines
>50/50 chance of being right might as well meme line and pretend to be smart while I take TA's from tradingview

I only do some swing trades and make kinda safe money, even though I may miss out some % compared to just holding.

I just lurk and wait for altcoin bullmarket. When I snatch some x5 and x10 its not worth the risky hassle with that BTC shitcoin at the moment to suddenly drop to 6k again, which I don't believe will happen however.

I've already tethered up, we're way overbought.

Alright, confirmed troll. What's your goal, getting actual newfags to stay on the sidelines longer?

Not trolling, just spreading some helpful FUD. I've saved some of the cucks here money before, by warning them before the crash happened. Those that listened sold, waited and bought in lower.
>stop posting
As if you know who i am

Just let them carry their bags. Everybody with half a brain knows where we are going short term.

+1 bear point for you

That graphic is bullshit anyway. But short term we may retrace somewhat again when we are so massively overbought, no matter how bullish.

I kind of wish it would crash just so I can focus on other things, even if I lose money.

bottom seller spotted

well according to your own lines if I just hodl I'll be ok

This has to be OMEGAY
>New threads every time old one expires
>Bearfag alias
We know its you omegay, we will find you and we will kill you.

It would take days if it were to happen, and there would be bounces on the way. But we are overbought

I don't get it I look at the logarithmic on BTC and it all looks really clear. This up and down happens all the time. Naturally as the peaks increase so will the valleys remain comparable. Obviously I am missing something?

Keep waiting retard. You'll eventually FOMO in at 25k.

Wrong, i sold my ETH when btc was around what ... 11k i believe

>emphasis added

It does look clear but don't ignore the left side of the log chart. At some point there will be some kind of longer term reversal. I doubt it'll go straight to $1 mil.

You are right, some goofs here think that it will just have a steady climb up again like we had in NOV and DEC with out any valleys

Now if we have a little valley down to 9.5k or back down to 6k area is the question.

No worries. Im holding through, just like I did before. If it dips I have few fiats waiting to get in. Smooth sailing after that.

>says every faggot on here when they actually sold the bottom
Bet you didn't buy at the low and are still waiting for your precious bear trap. What's your fomo target if your 50/50 shot is wrong?

If we have a dip I may buy some there, then it'll go up again. Then i'll save some to buy more on next dip. If it just keeps climbing i'll fomo into my alts and just swing trade to make up for losses.
I'm 30% coin right now 70% fiat

Look at that macd you're all dumb

Hard to say, we'll know in a week. Price looks good, but everyone needs to check RSI as mentioned... way overbought.
I'm thinking if we do drop it will be to about 8k tho. 7k max.

I fully believe you bearbro. I follow some guy on tview that doe a lot of comparison with the Nasdaq bubble.

The spergs here get really mad because they think it's the end, but really it's just a minor delay before true bullmarket revival.

exactly, they should welcome the correction
Yea it takes longer to moon from now, but it'll peak much higher if it hits our bottom support

Bidsum is continuing to taper slightly. Combined with the price increase makes for a pretty substantial narrowing in market depth.
Keep buying those bags guys I demand entertainment.

if you really think it will make a drastic drop just buy like 20% on the next dip and wait and reevaluate at the next checkpoint.

Just gone and done some TA of my own things are looking good but more and don’t sell at the bottom try and sell at the top - good luck to all holders

I am scared.

Looks about right
If you are unsure, sell half keep half?
Or if you don't care, just hold... and prepare to wait a while

2 months tops is a while for you?

You’re all forgetting to look at the scale of time. If you want to compare those charts, look at how long it took for NASDAQ or BTC 14 to dip/recover then look at the time it took now. Crypto is moving fast so it doesn’t matter if we see a dip because in a few months time we’ll be right back at ATH and beyond

Agreed OP, it feels like we're walking on a tightrope right now honestly. We're super overbought after a month long downtrend. I'll only be convinced the bulls are back once we break the upper downtrend channel.

You're right OP. Although this is a good sign the correction is nearing the end of max volatility. BTC may still slide for a while but not enough to affect alts. Think Alt Spring 2018 is about to start.

>Comparing crypto to stocks

Op it climbs a wall of worry. Betting against BTC right now is like trying to deep throat a niggers dick, it feels good at first but then you get choked out on your own vomit