My account was overdrawn which caused 5 overdraft fees of $37, do I have an grounds to sue coinbase?

My account was overdrawn which caused 5 overdraft fees of $37, do I have an grounds to sue coinbase?

>suing for $37
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Join the club. We need justice, this is bs they cant get away with this

Be mad at the bank jews for their fees.. if anything.

5*37 != 37 mathfag

They'll refund the charges and will work with your bank to cover any overdraft fees. I used to work for both Hulu and Zappos. Double charges happen more often than you think. In fact, one of our bosses would weekly go through and find/refund double charges before users noticed. They would then reach out to the customer and notify them of the double charge/refund and usually gave a credit as well.

tl:dr double charges happen often and Coinbase will probably cover the problems they caused in overdrafts.

they already fixed it with refunds already on the way and some even getting compensated just wait you neetbuck autist

>using kekbase

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same thing happened to me I called td bank and they refunded it

start buying in coinmetro

when I checked my bank account Coinbase had already refunded me before I saw the posts on Veeky Forums/reddit. This will blow over soon. probably.

whats the best alternative to this fag site ive only ever coinbase then send to gdax then to exchange

Nothing happened to me. u jelly?
Is it only affecting people with cards or bank account ACH transfer things?

>reddit fags having a chimp out over this
>hurr lets start a class action suit
>someone claiming that coinbase is insolvent
>reddit fags actually start the suit
>its successful
>coinbase closes
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>try to spend more money than you have
>suffer the consequences that you signed up for when you open the bank and coinbase accounts
>what in heck can I sue??
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I didn't overdraft shit you fat Nigger, I didn't touch my money, coinbase did without my permission.

Hell yea you do. Sue those motherfuckers for 185 bucks! Lawyers get rich taking $185 cases. Nail their asses to the wall!

Weird thing is, the reverse happened to me. My account was credited ETH again, for a purchase I had made several months ago. I considered trying to send it to Binance, but figured CB would find out and fuck me somehow so I just didn't touch it. Two days ago, that ETH disappeared. I'm sure it's related to this somehow. Just not sure how.

If only there was an auto executable smart contract that auto pays you back if you are charged for purchases you didn't make. Too bad they don't exist yet. If only there was something you could invest in that makes those. That would be massive.

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In the US, it just has to be over $20, federal law. I actually think it's in the bill of rights somewhere, idk.
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So you can scam someone as many times as you want so long as its $19?

small claims court.
$30 to file paper work
$45 to serve coin base the paper work

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Sometimes it's about the principle

Sorry I’m just mad I got double charged

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i get it man, but fuck...are ppl really buying such a speculative asset with their tiny ass savings? go spend what little money you have on something real, like FOOD or RENT. you don't have the expendable income to be gambling on shitcoins. don't set your house on fire to keep warm ffs.

What about taking out a loan?

>double charges happen often
that wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't for the high amounts involved and that Coinbase is the largest fiat gateway for Americans
the reason for the pump to 10k was to get normies to FOMO into BTC again, now with normies closing their Coinbase accounts that won't be happening
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File a complaint with the CFPB

i got refunded 300$ for a purchase that I made myself.. so i got my 300$ of ether and 300$ back thanks coinbase

Maybe this is the jew banker credit card companies causing this?