If you were to meet the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. What would you ask him?

If you were to meet the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. What would you ask him?

I am going to meet the Chairman of the Federal Reserve in Norway while he speaks to students. There is usually "questions from the audience", reserved to the students studying at my university.

Got any good questions I can ask him?

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youtube.com/results?search_query=fed loses 9 trillion dollars

Ask if he has any plans to audit the Fed. They'll not allow this if you tell them that's what you will ask so come up with a mundane question to grt past the screeners.

Ask him if being Jewish helped him get the job

I am not sure if that question makes any sense?

Why would the auditor and chairman audit the fed?

ask him how big his penis is


Because the Fed has never been audited and they refuse to allow it.

ask him why Norway is pumping so much oil money into markets and how much of Norway's money in those markets will evaporate when the markets collapse. he won't answer because norwegian bureaucrats are chicken shit


How will the FED react if the White House shows strong opposition to the interest rates hike?

If raising interest rates as much as needed was not possible what other measures could be taken to control inflation?

First Gentile Fed chairman in like 40 years, you mong. It wouldn't surprise me if the national debt got paid off this year.


Raising interest rates is the post powerful tool they have, and is the biggest factor of all the interest rates in each respective economy. Raising interest rates will help.

The federal reserve in Norway is independent from the government. It's the board that picks the chairman, not the president/prime minister

He has said that the oilfund could loose 128.73 billion USD in his speach today.

Where is it, UiO or BI?

Ask him what his favourite anime is and if he holds LINK

UiO, students from BI can attend aswell

Why do a small group of elite jews control the world reserve currency?

Maybe I should go too, hmm.

Upsi, was supposed to be 12.9 billion U.S. dollars

Tell him that Usury has been banned in the 3 religions. Why does in instill on doing something God has forbidden and His Angry about it.

...Buuuutt.. You won't ask him that. Be a good goy and tell him that Interest is good.

ask him how much link he's got

There are policies and laws against usury in Norway.

Ask him why he hasn't bought BTC yet and if thinks the jews are in on BTC.

I will actually try and ask him that

Can you link the event? Im not finding shit on the uni's webpage.

Check up "Sentralbanksjefen moter studentene" on facebook

>og selvfolgelig gratis lunch
Im sold.

Oh wait thats another event, fuck.

I feel like from what I can see online from regjeringen.no that the federal reserve is already being audited by deloite. Althought I guess those audits are kept from the public(?)

>Mingling og servering av mat kl 12.

That, and after he replied you can add a 'kek'


What about this? Is it not audited at all?

Fuck yes. I mean I'm curios about what they are doing with your reserve, but as immigrant trash i only care about free food and how long i can continue getting the student loan payments.

youtube.com/results?search_query=fed loses 9 trillion dollars


Again, this is NORWAY not USA...

lame, is it public who owns your FED?

Ask him if smartcontracts will have a future in automating blood libel and pedo blackmail

"The bank is a separate legal entity owned by the state. The Office of the Auditor General supervises the government's exercise of authority"

Straight from the central bank law of norway

I sat next to Ben Bernanke at a formal dinner a few years ago. Had a chat about economics for nearly 3 hours.

That was the day I lost faith in the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve.

He sounded almost like a schizophrenic.

"Do you like Cheese Pizza?"

What did he say? And do you have any good questions I can ask the chairman of the federal reserve in Norway?

>chairman of the federal reserve in Norway

Are you talking about the Norwegian Central Bank, or the actual US Fed?

The Norwegian Central Bank, lol