Shhhhh I’m accumulating

>shhhhh I’m accumulating

>Delete this thread!

you should accumulate amazon stocks... because that shit's gonna be 10k+

>not having 4k

>10k over here

water u accumulatin pepe

>will I make it

>the only true token

>watch and learn

pepe there's a fucking pin through your hand, are you ok?

>Tesla is going to buy in

>shhhh it was the only way I could take the picture

>someone literally bought a Pepe plush so they could takes pics of it and post them on Veeky Forums.

And look how much better it makes this board.

fuck off back to /a/ faggot

when I make it I'm gonna buy one of these pepe plushes and put it in my lambo

same here brother



nice quints

>3 days

No fucking way dude, thats a 6 trillion marketcap. Before they hit 800Billion they will get fucked by regulators just like Microsoft when they hit 500Billion

holy fuck your toilet is disgusting

and they say OMG isn't the coin


Clean that fucking bowl

do people like my pepe