Any other eurochads here who set a stop loss before they call it a night?

Can't let the mutts shit the bed as usual right?

It's you losers who do that. Fuck off eurotrash. Asia and US pump the markets. You cunts do nothing at all....ever

i cash out every night before going to bed in a bear market

pick one

>eurofag makes gains
>still will not fix teeth

>eurochads dominate the top of all quality of life indexes
ok fatso
ok fatso
Not all eurochads are from the UK retard.

>Implying you cant get quality housing in America.
>Implying Euro cucks have it better with their small cramped flats
>Implying that Europe isnt in decline.

Atleast our nation isn't being hollowed out by kikes. Face it, once they are done your shithole will plummet to a third world country levels and we can welcome our chinese overlords.

I just initiated a short.

Literally the only reason Americans have "good teeth" is because they are all so faggy that they buy whitening strips online.

I never understand why these threads exist. People shitting on people who return the favor that are thousands of miles apart, and have literally no clue as to what they are talking about.

Don't worry, you do a fine job of fucking up your own countries, Mohammed. Aloha snackbar.

Someone post the pic.

white american people shoot up schools on a regular basis

not even the muzzies do that

>eurochads dominate the top of all quality of life indexes
That's a fucking lie. europe is nowhere near the top of the human development index, happiest people or anything else. There are many european shitholes with double digit poverty rates. If you want to trot out the tiny fraction of europe in the cucked scandinavian countries, I can name states like Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire etc. that have higher per capita incomes, etc. Also, pic related.
Not getting hollowed out by kikes? Have you not noticed the massive amount of muslims invading your borders? Are you retarded?

No, they just bomb concerts and run over people with trucks.

Debt is meme. Look at the USA, they're fine

Our muslim problem pales in comparison by the nigger problem you mutts have, nice try though
>call me a liar
>proceeds to lie
ok fatso

anyway, I'm calling it a night. Decided to cash out so I can scoop up some cheap crypto when I wake up.

Yeah, keep coping dumbass
You keep saying fatso when 1 in 3 euroshart children are obese. You are a fucking moron. Of course you're "calling it a night". You should cuz if you stick around this thread you will be told.

Gotta be the goat for his Muslim brother tonight

i wonder why that chart is cropped at number 9. it wouldn't be because...

6 euroshart nations ahead of the US in household debt and the eurocuck crows about this. kys

you're really not as smart as you think you are.

Okay Dweeby McDorkmeister