Still a virgin

>Aryan (pic related)
>8/10 face.
>dress Nicely.
>naturally fit.
>129 I.Q (actually tested IRL)
>still a KHV dateless friendless.

What gives, biz? I was already from a wealthy family so I thought making some money on my own would "build character" or whatever you faggots say so I put a good chunk of my savings into crypto now I'm sitting on around 780k worth of it. Still feel nothing, even told some females about it but they didn't understand it.

Your hair is horrible and you seem like an entitled prick.

I can tell from what little of your face is showing you are definitely not an 8/10

You also sound like a bona fide shit-stain so yeah, you're going to be a sexless NEET for life. KYS

Well I like it, I'm not getting some stupid "trendy" short nigger haircut fags like you praise.

Also your stare is scary af.

Find an asian girl, if you have a pulse they'll fuck you.


Gee, I honestly can't imagine. Maybe try blaming SJWs and "the Left".

It's not Veeky Forums fault that you're a cunt.
Clean your room cunt.

If you like that and you're not gonna change it then don't complain you're not getting any pussy.

Fuck, you're helpless. Please do the world a favor and just kill yourself instead.

call yourself Aryan
>not blue eyes
>red hair

kys you wanna-be

> I'm aryan
> thinking girls give a fuck about this

roasties fuck chads of any race. The fact you think this way is exactly the type of autism that has prevented you from getting laid. Oh and, you're not fit, you're average. Hit the gym and go for a run.

srs I am like 8/10 I am 180 cm, I consider myself maybe a little above average looking guy and I banged 20+ girls last year (8/10 +++) almost without efford I should prob write a book ffs

more like
>5'9" in shoes on a good day
>3/10 babyface.
>crypto "rich" (can't cash out lol)
>dress like autism.
>naturally skinnyfat.
>100 IQ nowadays (brain ages and you get dumber as you age)


If that’s you, you’re actually no joke ugly.

Supreme gentleman
Use a five seven, 30 rounds, almost no recoil, easy to get armor penetrating bullets

you look like someone i would steal lunch money from

You will never experience the fulfillment of being a self-made man. Thats your blessing and curse. Good luck.

>not blue eyes.
>red hair???

Wtf are you color blind?

you're clearly a faggot. maybe fuck some dudes

Lol youre hideous.

>8/10 oh the delusion

Lmao you look like shit, just from showing half your face you look like a low T nerd, LOL at your negative canthal tilt and hobo hair and subhuman brow bridge.

Kill yourself

Kys you desperate Aryan wannabe faggot. Pic related is you.

I second this. I can tell you're a hopeless prick OP, do us all a favor.

Post the other 80% of your face then.

You look like a 6/10 (if not less) based on that sketchy-tier pic.

>naturally fit
What the fuck does this mean. You can't be "naturally fit". Congrats, you eat so little you're not fat. You're still a skinny fuck who couldn't bench his own bodyweight though.

Hello future Elliot.

Just work on yourself man, workout, read, don't be a douche. Your money (especially parents money) don't make you better than other, but its a resource you can use to get better. Do cool stuff, get a hobby, help people and it'll change you, give you substance. Don't act thirsty and come from a mentality of abundance. Don't put pussy on the pedestal. Good luck user.

is that the shit you say about yourself when you look in the mirror? kys hollywood fag

Hello poorfag mestizo manlet. True intelligent wealthy Aryan men like me don't care about things like trendy hair styles. You are most likely jealous of my beautiful hair and wealth at such a young age. I know you have subhumsn genes but maybe stop acting like a savage and aggressive non white.

i think i found the problem. ur ugly and got no selfesteem

>129 IQ

Go back to ya /pol/ thread fag

you look like an austist, probably talk like one too and your ego is too is too much for something like you, your personality is probably shit lol



Why would you need armor penetrating bullet to shoot civilians?

>I was already from a wealthy family so I thought making some money on my own
Don't kid yourself, in the end you took daddy's money invested in penny tokens in a bull market and it multiplied. A monkey would have had the same results, bull market is easy mode.


nigga ur eyes are caved 5 inches deep into your head


I mean I'm naturally muscular. Obviously not Veeky Forums body builder tier. Basically a naturally fit slighter bulkier otter mode. I could care less about animalistic things such as that though, fit is mostly a place of manlets and other filth. Physical strength is obsolete.

this is why you dont have a girlfriend

I also recommend joining the military, at least National Guard Infantry or some combat arms MOS. It'll make you tougher and give you character and you'll learn how to fight. Theres a lot of smart and tough people in the combat arms and most of the smart guy end up in SOF.

Do you have subhuman bug eyes or something? My eyes are attractive.

Plz tell us your secrets
Also how do you meet all these slots

your eyes look soo scary i


>physical strength is obsolete
This is why you're alone.

>giving credit to black people for the crew cut/gi cut

I used to be kinda "shy" around girls but the more you approach the less you give a fuck, when I see a qt 3.14 I just go for it

>pic related this girl was a fucking 10

But it is.

all that money and still insecure as fuck

I see the mutts are hating on our qt aryan OP, as expected.

scrolled to make sure there was an elliot.

Don't quite get this forked meme with another guy eating

>Physical strength is obsolete
you're retarded
you come to us for help and then you try to defend why you don't have good qualities

Larping as Elliot Rodger, nice one.

If not Veeky Forums is a MGTOW board faggot. They are a depreciating asset

Whatever moot

seriously, this is all it is.
going out now to go meet some bitches, see ya NEETs in the morning.

>6/10 face(probably 5 lets be honest)
>pretty broke
>lets just say 100 I.Q. (never tested)
>not a virgin
780k is great, way way way more than me. yYou can tell people about your 780k in crypto but no one else appreciates it. You need hard cash or/and actual material items. Showing them your blockfolio is cringe.

LMAO 8/10? This guy is a 9.5/10 and you think you're an 8? The delusion

At least you're not stuck to a wheelchair like me, legit comtemplating suicide

I was also a NEET, actually I still am I just go out for weekends

>turkish german indian brazilian mix
>6/10 face
>dress shit old cloths
>naturally balding and skinnyfat
>don't know anything beyond multiplication (5th grade drop out)
>poor 250 USD salary (48 hours weekly job)
>have sex in a daily basis, lost my virginity at the age of 13, have a lot of friends

It's a literal fact though. What good is physical strength in 2018 in any 1st world country? For 99% of idiots at the gym just fell for the "get fit bro" meme. Or just want bragging rights. Also most females, besides vapid bimbo whores don't really care about muscles. Face is 100x more important. So is height. And in life overall I.Q is the most important.

Anyone who brags about their IQ (especially when you’re nothing exceptional) and brags about being ‘Aryan’ is a loser

Autism most likely

IQ part is true, face part you are soo fucking wrong, my friend has 5/10 face and 10/10 body he fucks literally every 10 he approaches

Bahahahahaha op is back again. This cunt used to make threads all the time. OP show them the whole pick, he has the deranged look of a school shooter.

You've never been with a woman, but claim to know what they want. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.

congrats, you're a failure in every other way. just as bad if not worse than OP.

the looks scale is logarithmic faggot.

>Asking why you're a KHV.
>Someone says get fit.
>"Lol girls care about IQ not muscles."
Why the fuck are you asking why you are a KHV? Obviously what you are doing isn't working.

I'd say he's a 7 at best. God awful hair and shitty skin, but good facial structure. That roastie is fucking awful though, and that's with her caked it make up.

Learn to accept criticism and become confident. All of us have insecurities, but you need to have that shit under control and get over it. Your character/ charisma is more important than looks and money. Work on this shit. Become tough and replace EGO with CONFIDENCE. I'm telling you man, go through military training, join the reserves or national guard. Interacting with your peers and developing leadership skills, and warrior skills will do you a lot of good. Cheers

bro it looks like you shampoo every day and you took a 3 too your head and let it grow out evenly for 3 months

you seem ugly tough

I am the opposite of OP, i am a fucked 3rd worlder who have a great life being poor and ugly.

I'm a girl and I would never date a dude who browses Veeky Forums. You guys are racist and misogynistic and care for nobody but yourselves. I wouldn't have proof that you browse Veeky Forums, I would know instinctively. You guys give off a bad vibe and I would feel uncomfortable around you. The "normie chads" you guys like to hate are actually mostly adorable and comfortable to be around, not pretentious, and don't hate everything in life. Sorry not sorry.. Work on your personality.


>tfw the embodiment of perfection but am 5'4"

really sucks and none of you have any idea of true suffering

If this is real.
>> so much bait here
It’s that you feel like you are entitled to women’s bodies as a transaction. You probably think of all relationships in a transactional frame. You are not valuable to be around except for your wealth. Watch American Psyco. That’s you. Except you missed the 90’s and women are more woke now. No one will ever value you for anything. Any time anyone is having fun around you it is because they want access to your wealth. If you want out of that nihilistic hell it is pretty hard but not impossible. First, set up a retirement account so you will be comfortable but not wealthy after age 60. Then, donate 99% of what is left of your wealth to charity. Then buy a van, and live out of the van. Go live someplace that is not a massive financial hub or a mecha for the 1%. Learn how to do a thing. Learn to respect people’s experiences that are different than your own. Learn you are not the protagonist in the story. Life, true fulfillment, and most likely awesome sex will follow.

>I'm a girl.

Opinion disregarded.

This is where you're wrong. Nature has programmed women to be attracted to stronger males for protection. Train, don't fall for beach muscle meme. Functional training, running, swimming and calisthenics will not only give you a healthy aesthetic body but also make you confident. Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu or Boxing is even better.

>he has the deranged look of a school shooter.

Believe it or not Women get wet over that sort of shit, take a look at all those comments on Elliot's jewbook when he an heroed and all of the sudden his profile was ironically swimming in pussy. Cunts are sociopaths that want danger but in a non threatening manner and if OP really looks like that type of dude then either he is a narcissist that doesn't give enough attention to cunts or he's full of shit and is always talking about himself.

Well you seem like a total asshole with a shit personality and if that pic is you then you're DEFINITELY not 8/10 looks-wise. I'd say 4 or 5/10 at the very best.

So, to be honest, if you factor in these things, you're probably a 1/10 to women. Maybe start dating 1/10 women and you'll get laid.

You basically want privileged fagbags. The ones who suffered no hardships in life. People with no character.

Enjoy the beta uprising this kind of mentailty will cause. Tip, Natsoc was a beta uprising.

Women are dumb anyway, whatever I tell them they believe soo tits or gtfo

>I would know instinctively

Gee, I wonder why no girl wants to date you? Sigh...

>change yourself completely to have a chance to have sex

Be urself hurr


>Mecha for the one percent


Tits or gtfo

You can start by not behaiving like an entitled prick
You owe nothing the World nothing and the World owes nothing to you
OR you could order a bride from thailand if you be dat thirsty

literally only virgins know their actual IQ

there's nothing you can do about it now OP

No, I want a man who doesn't drain the life out of everything he touches. Just because you went through some hardships in life doesn't give you the excuse to be a debbie downer all the time. Pick yourself up and put yourself out there. And I'm sorry, just because a guy is attractive doesn't mean they haven't had any struggles in life or has no character. But keep telling yourself that.

Are you crazy, do you need psychiatric medicine? Go see a shrink, you have got that sociopathic look.

Don't come running back after no Chad wants you due to your waining youth.

The point of being with a beta is that he sticks around. Chads are 10% of men, not all women will get them, if they'll ever want to settle for the common roastie.

>girl was a fucking 10

the dude is a world class model, i wonder what you have done with your life

Pic related is a full photo of my face, and I have shorter hair. I'm a genuine 8/10 yet still a 22 year old KHV dateless despite being wealthy. This just shows how flawed females are. And yes I have asked out females, I don't just sit on biz and complain all day. I've even tried tinder ect but to no avail.