Lt Colonel here. As you know the Bitcoin Superconference starts tomorrow. This is a signal to any marines who are deployed in the area to update us with as much Chainlink intel as possible during the event, including but not limited to:
- Presence of Elon Musk or Tesla employees
- Any mention of "Chainlink" especially by General Sergey
- representatives
- SWIFT representatives
- Jason Parser
- Chad O Fork
- Director of Marketing
- Toilets
Anything else we should look out for?

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I think they are just letting sergey speak because they feel bad for him - if he even mentions link i'll eat my own dick

Burger supply sir

Have you seen the line-up? There is nothing "super" about this conference. I actually think, if anything, Sergey is kind of lowering his standards on this one. My expectations are zero.

The recent pump was actual whale accumulation.

I expect no movement or a slight downtrend unless there's actual news. I don't expect actual news until around March 20-22nd. I do expect real marketing and frequent tweets because they'll be promoting open source development, partnerships, and education about what ChainLink is. Expect literally what Sergey stated and nothing more before the end of Q1.

Be glad there's more time to accumulate.

We need people there taking pictures of everyone and posting to a common twitter so we can run facial recognition on them. Bonus points for anyone who speaks directly with Serg (plz don't stalk him too bad but if you happen to attach a skin colored rfid tag that's cool)

and they accumulated millions worth of linkedchains the week of the conference because they know the price is going up soon.
reading this makes me very comfy, not that i havent been before though.
>ChainLink seems to provide a secure, decentralized and therefore tamper-proof “blockchain middleware”, while also being an easy way to access the multiple inputs and outputs needed by a complex smart contract. By greatly simplifying how smart contracts can securely access key off-chain resources, ChainLink accelerates the development of increasingly useful smart contracts.
based sergey

Yes of course. Nice trips

I don't care about price movement for now. My goal is simply to prioritize mission objectives for those on the front line.
From what I have gathered the conference will not be streamed. Can anyone confirm this?



>subtle fud
General Sergey is truly /ourguy/

notice how all the pajeetery is about nothing to see here and the price isn't going up any time soon? pajeet wants you to fomo buy when the price jack up. this isn't fud to accumulate, it's to get you to miss out on cheap linkedchains.

I like this coin, i have used it everyday since the release and makes everything faster.

Sometimes I think Sergey is the sort of person ppl call at parties just to laugh at.

When he makes a presentation on a conference, all crypto chads watch him from the hallway and tell each other "Oh man, just look at that fatso go. Haha, it's the same oracle bs he tried to push last time. Never gets old". Then they seemingly cheer on him, when Sergey looks their way, and keep snickering, when he looks back at the screen.

When he is finished, chads enjoy to observe his unsullied autism.
— Hey, nice trousers, Serge.
— Thx, they are pretty comfy. Also my momma says they match with my trainers. Don't you like em? I think they dope. If I run fast enough they blink - look!

Then chads wish him luck with his project and tell him they really enjoyed his presentation, so he should definetely see them next time.

chainlink is dead guys it was fun whilst it lasted

Oh shit you might be on to something here

i've been a detective longer than you've been shitting on a street, pajeet. i know what i see here.

Yikes. Not much of a conversationalist. I was agreeing with you

buy mobius

pls never post that shitty jpeg abomination again

Hello Woman

we need a bigmac count on the ground

John McAfee and Erik Fucking Voorhees are speaking. I'm a little embarrassed for Sergey to be in the presence of those shitstains.

LINK has given everything to this man, form his own mind. From the very fabric of his consciousness he has slayed the puss, mastered the decentralized oracle, and given rise to a new generation of wealth inequality.

>relegated to sunday afternoon slot
>speaking in an unused sideroom
>most of the people who attended the event are already on their flight back home
>literally a crowd consisting of rory, steve, some autistic LINK fanboys from Veeky Forums and a couple of staff left waiting to close this fucking long ass event so they can get the fuck home.
>sergey waddles on stage
>"mumble mumble smart contracts... mumble mumble data... mumble mumble oracle... mumble mumble blockchain middleware... thank you, goodbye."
>LINK tanks back to $15c
>deluded LINKies on suicide watch for the rest of the month

the price is going to dump. the accumulation is just like sibos.

bad pajeet, bad.

yes yes, the FUD is because pajeets are trying to accumulate on LINK, not because the price of this thing doesn't fucking move EVER


your pajeet syntax screams street shitter. you're not disproving my observation.

>Anything else we should look out for?
Yes, I've heard the name of an 'Elliot Waves' mentioned in conjunction with Link.
Who is he, where is he, and who?

you are incredibly stupid and I shouldn't be helping you


your faggot syntax screams to me that you're a deluded faggot.

put your supervisor on the phone.

>link goes 3x pre-sibos
>link crashes to 18 cents
>link volume goes 3x a few days before the big conference literally just like pre-sibos
>shoo pajeet!!!!!!
I tried warning you redditor

you and everyone else. why you think the price is dumping 3 days before the speech

Put your LINK gains in this thread

hes negative from buying at 1.40

I'm actually close to 2x cause I bought in at around .30 last week.

we haven't been overwhelmed with "nothing's going to happen at the conference" threads for no reason. autism has it's limits. every one of you street shitting little monkeys say the price is going to dump soon and not to buy, over and over and over. ohhh sibos2.0. bullshit.

Why don't you say that to his face, FAGGOT?!

Bought at 16 cents but only 5k because i thought it was a pnd joke coin at that point. In fact litterally nothing has changed since then so why link went so high up is beyond me.

I think you are correct. There will be no massive announcements for chainlink in this setting.

I don’t expect sergey to even mention chainlink and I don’t care if he does or doesn’t.

this. nothing to see here sirs, move along please. tank you come again.


Fuck off, Sir. Kill yourself. Officers are scum.

Your chain link bullshit is god awful and no one wants to conduct blockchain-financial network transactions through nodes held by actual retards

Unironically this is a fairly accurate assessment of how things will go down

Elliot is the new Go dev, has been working with Bonilla.