give me some of dat cheeba OP

>weed user
>verge holder
why am I not surprised

why are you posting pictures of trim

Ah, good old dope. Turning young adults into lazy, unmotivated retards since the 70s.

i want the fucking trim youre smoking if it looks like that

Fire your trimmer.

yeah wtf, that's not trim, it's just buds that aren't meticulously manicured.

I work at a rec grow and that bag looks closer to our trim bags than finished nugs. All I can see in that picture are leaves.

nice bait. what is moderation

>tfw smoking wax and not even getting high anymore

>user user
>Veeky Forums user
why am I not surprised

Most Verge holders are kids who's puberty just kicked in, funny thing is is thats exactly the audience Verge should go for.

damn bro chill on it
try switching to flower for a little then taking a short 3-7 day tbreak, thank me later


yeah well you guys are charging $60+ for 1/8s in 2018 so I'd imagine that comes with a little more work on presentation.

weed gay

verge's roadmap is literally finished. their product is fully released. why would it go anywhere? their product doesn't even work

There's a difference between a little presentation and literally not trimming your weed at all, which is what that picture looks like.

alright. I'd still rather buy OPs pic for half or less than what a Rec place would charge for neatly manicured bud. its still bud.

I’m still laughing because verges news today is groundbreaking and while all you talk shit you will realize you missed out on free easy money

hahaha overcautious loser

Weed fags like you are worse then a group of crocheting grandmothers bitching. who gives a fuck about a few untrimmed leaves.

The bigger issue and it is hard to tell from photo but buds in upper left seem to have mold.

If anything it is best to leave the leafs on as long as possible both for the protection they provide but also drying curing.