RLC / iExec

Is there a reason this happened or is this a good time to buy? I bought into this at .70 in december and sold near the top but havent look back at it since then

it's absolutely shit and never rises, the company has shit marketing skills, and there's no hype. I'd invest in 2 years if it's even still around.

their marketing is ass, the video on their website makes you want to run for the hills, but the tech is solid from what i can see

nah it's shit id avoid til next year

Marketing is shit but their main focus is to roll out the tech right now. They have 6 PhDs on their team. All of which are experienced in the cloud computing field. Think it's going through accumulation phase till May. That's when things will get interesting.

> but user whales are accumulating

i really hope this guy didnt buy last night when i told him to avoid it

Total shitcoin subtly shilled by biz pajeets

1 buck eoy

I saw threads all over Veeky Forums recently, makes me wonder if it was a pump and dump

also when btc starts rising people tend to sell off alts

another reason to avoid this shitcoin is because whenever btc pumps this usually drops dramatically

My bags are heavy, bought around 2.50, kek. I might buy more since they are actually putting out a working product, right now I think the biggest thing is that it is working with Blender.

i'll just leave this here and let you draw your own conclusions

the 3d app? to do nertwork rendering or something?

Yeah, 3d rendering, interface is dogshit but at least it's better than >golem.

interesting - i wish they weren't french

Definitely not a pump and dump. It's a hidden gem but maybe too hidden. However the team have started getting more active in updating the community and are finally getting some momentum so I expect things to pick up soon

Realistic price in 2020 when v4 comes out?

This is a very comfy hold, the shitty marketing fud is true but the tech is great, they are solving scalability issues and are gonna host a lot more dapps soon

How the fuck is a nose diving price "comfy" you imbecile?

Just accumulate this. It isn't shit, it's hitting milestones, and has shitty marketing. It's perfect.

Don't be a fucking tard, the project is still in the development phase. I bought this shit at 0.70 and I'm not selling till $70 next year.

the only bad thing about this coin is no one knows that it's a legit game changer
and because no one knows, no one gives a fuck about it, hence the price

One thing concerns me...doesn't Plasma pretty much make Iexec redundant?

More time to accumulate