ForkDelta is about to add SmellyCoin within 24 hours

ForkDelta is about to add SmellyCoin within 24 hours.

Are you guys ready for the smelly takeover?

I’m ready and I’ve been waiting for this very moment. I have 10,000 SMELLY and the stench just isn’t enough. I need more.

Is that you smelly admin

Are you still doing smelldrops


Got 100k

my anus is ready

can someone link me to telegram pls

you can find it on

I got SHIT and SMELLY.
Am I missing anything?


Lol wtf. I unironically want this. Why isn't it called braap coin?

I've got SHIT SMELLY JEWS need to find somewhere in Poland I can dump them

it won't let me view the channel

some fag tried making a brapcoin but it never turned into anything.

Smellycoin is here to stay. And it’s not even a coin, it’s an erc20 token. Everything about it just stinks.
Have you seen the Whitepaper?

dear sirs is this coin one replacing LINK? thank u kindly.

the only piece of shit shitcoin I wouldn’t mind having a nice chunk of.

I don't have a single one. Send me some of that smelly shit, please.


fucking Veeky Forums won’t let me post the link.
don’t join the normal telegram though. There’s a smellycoin groupchat. the link is on the bitcointalk thread. I’d find it for you but I’m too lazy

I got it

No. What's the point of it. Does it solve anything or is it just a meme. And are people seriously throwing more than a hundred bucks at this thing ffs
it explains everything. it’s a worthless piece of shit token that smells.

so you are saying it kindof like link sir?

I can’t tell the real pajeets from the larpjeets anymore