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Just 290.
Kill me

went all in in august got about 800, will i make it?

i have half that man we are not making it

Price predictions by June and EoY?

fml only 500

no wait for me guys.

fuck me i only have 2000 i need you guys to crash the market again for another 6 weeks or so

$1000 by EoY?

Only have 250 which I've held since August. I think OMG is a better project overall when compared to REQ, but do you guys think REQ will moon before OMG so I can accumulate more of it before plasma? I really don't have much fiat left

need to decide OMG or NEO? what u guys say?

>keep waiting for omg to dip to $12
>it won't dip

I'm pissed


a sell order I forgot about went through at 15.99

it will go down right?

im riding on vechain rebranding and prl airdrop to buy more omg before month's end. I can see omisego hype getting higher and higher so I'm looking for more short term ways to increase stack

yes suck my chode

Will the release of plasma cause the OMG token to go up in value? Why?

had about 100 this morning, sold thinking btc would gain more in the day than OMG, too bad

we moonin'.. 1500 reporting in.. howie doin?

Same, I was about 80% in VEN and have a few OMG. Selling down to 30% VEN after the rebranding and picking up OMG. It's causing me pain to see OMG go up and I almost want to sell VEN now and FOMO... but I have to wait.

>He wants to buy more, pump it

Its not guaranteed that REQ will ever moon let alone before OMG. REQ would have to pull a miracle out of their ass before June, probably a takeover of PayPal. I'd just dump those bags and put everything you can into OMG.

I'm not asking for REQ to hit $50 in a month, and of course it mooning before OMG is no guarantee. I think it's so oversold right now that when a piece of good news comes out it will quickly return to its ATH price, if not breaking it.

should i buy into this now? OR is it being pnd?

OMG is going to be the best performer from here on out.

It dipped there for like two weeks. Do you only want coins when you see them rise in value? Try researching and you’d realize this was a quality as fuck project with immense potential. Herd mentality is strong here.

>had 450 last year
>sold at a loss because weak hands
>bought back in last week at same price (lol)
>now only have 50 and price is going pu

how screwed am I?

it's hard to tell. circulation is so low because most people got what they wanted way back in august. i think this is big players who sold for january crash getting back in mixed with some fomo

No I've been eyeing it and I even bought a few when it dipped to $8 but getting more fiat into crypto takes a while so I missed out on the $12 price point which I thought was a pretty fair price. I don't want to FOMO in now because every time I do that prices drop.

Macd is about to cross. its shorting. trying to figure where to buy back in. looking at .00163 conservativly. .00160 is a risk.

hope you're right, orders placed

You lost $400,000 EOY.

Very fucked tbqh

What's up with the 4000 amount?

there is no fucking way OMG will be $1000 at EOY you delusional cent
that *might* happen but it will take years

Here is comes

It's exactly how much you need to make it.

Bit of an exaggeration but you definitely lost $100+k

That's how many you need to hit a million dollars becuase it'll be 250 bucks minimum EOY2018


I only have 100

Thanks just bought 4k.

$1000 would be amazing, but isn't likely. I do think $300+ is realistic if plasma comes to fruition. If transaction volume takes off... it's really hard to predict how high this thing could go if the staking rewards are high.

How the fuck do you know? IF people said btc would be at 20k years end you'd have said the same shit.

For all we know, btc could be at 100k EOY and OMG could be higher than that.

If OMG is great you wouldn't need 4000 to retire

only 400

I have 16

I always try to keep this in mind. I used to think $500 was the max btc would go to for because there was a ton of hype around that time
I also used to think eth was like a knock-off bitcoin that wouldn't be worth anything. I wouldn't compare omg to eth or btc directly but things in crypto seem to move really far really fast and I think tokens that provide services rather than simply being alternative currencies will be huge.

You think you can retire with a few hundred thousand? Probably in Eastern Europe or Thailand

What's up niggers I have over 6000

I sold mine at 15.8

>tfw you could have bought 1 jnt for $1,000,0000

I've actually got a small stack of JNT. If I had to pick 2 alts I could see moving up to top 10 it'd be JNT and OMG. I'm a little biased but those 2 seem really solid it's just a matter of the technology being rolled out and adopted.

>probably in eastern europe

I have a feeling these are not even shill threads, it's probably some sick people with inside information that knows it's actually going to sky rocket for maximum euphoria of *told you so*.

yeah I'm only used to shitcoins being shilled

people give Veeky Forums a lot of shit for shilling garbage but there's some coins that are actually really solid, that's why I don't subscribe to the whole 'if it's posted on Veeky Forums you shouldn't buy it' meme

It's like every other forum. You just filter out the garbage. I just use it to find coins I haven't heard of and do research. It's also fun to start seeing coins you have positions in shilled.

Tfw when only 2000 omg

When should I sell my BCH for OMG shekels? Got the BCH for free from Coinbase but I have no faith in it as a currency.

yes omg is the easiest $300+ coin eoy

tfw you only make $2000 for every $ it goes up.

105 OMG. Fucking sucks.

>tfw only 750 OMG