Link trading general

Im willing to trade my Tesla Link for a Deutsch Link.




I'm willing to trade my InvisiLink for NuPepeLink

Sir Please Buy this is the Real ChainLink


that's not nupepecoin
quit trying to scam me

i will upload an Israel Pride token for that invisiLink

can someone please give me a facebook link?

i demand quality loli ecchi in return


>non transparent borders
clearly made by an amateur, pity upload

how about this rare non transparent 16 color bitmap version?


Looking for chainstink pls

what the fuck is going here?

it's just a meme don't fall for it

Your chain link bullshit is god awful and no one wants to conduct blockchain-financial network transactions through nodes held by actual retards

Im gonna just come out: i have almost all the fan LINKs


Legit, I've been watching out for them, they'll be the rare pepe cards of the future

gib rare link pls



i can take requests. I made israel, lewd, US gov, and smug link, if you want any oc. please upload asian girls or lolis with your post though
nice. added to collection.

i'm holding some Link (400)

Tbh the hyperledger one gets me the most should do more with other coins

>he fell for it

reddit says its not a meme reeeeeeeeee

Kek. im gonna make funfair link now

do an obese sergey trapped in a cube pls

When link hits 1k, can we celebrate by buying Veeky Forums and hunting down the tripfags?

I give you.... the New Fun Fair

Beautiful. Obese sergey now pls?



Cleaned it up.
Doing Fat sergey now

woops. forgot pic

Eagerly awaiting fat Sergey


fatsergey when

halfway done

we lie in wait like wolves

Someone needs to make cryptolinkies.

I give you....

Sergey Link

haha saved. thank u user



guise how do i make this logo. someone pls give me a template or generator

anyone have any requests? i made the deutsch link one

Microsoft and Apple please?

Oh! Do the bogs next


gimme some time

Holy fucking prophecy

REQ $1000 EOY

Here's Apple

Apple Link needs to end with a period

Nice, thank you user.



look at me. LOOK AT ME. i am the chainlink now


someone please make a chainlink BMW isetta
pic related

What you didnt know is that Sergey indeed isnt getting the ballroom.. he is getting the cheteau. A grand palace with a throne room to match his rotund figure, there will be thousands upon thousands of chairs for an audience hungry to hear master Sergeys words. Rory will swoop in while the roaring crowds chant for their king to appear, leaving big macs on the throne to tempt sergey into a faster response. Shortly after, loud and thunderous footsteps like tjose of a gods begin to draw closer as one radiantly cosmic end of sergeys gut breaches the room. Slowly but surely sergeys form begins to take shape, like the titanic crossing the atlantic. Sergey will spot the big mac, and promptly sit on it, absorbing it with his hyperevolved skin that allows direct big mac absorbance to the digestive system. Sergey looks up, sweat dripping from his face after the long and dangerous trek from the makeup room to the throne room. He utters but a single word, "smart contracts". The entire room faints as their souls are torn from their bodies in a glorious light. Sergey transcends mortality and his gargantuan soul leaves for his big cube in the sky.