How do you begin your day?

How do you begin your day?

>implying i sleep

breakfast of champions.

A large pot of tea and some beans on toast.
Cigarettes are for teenagers, poorfags, the mentally ill, and niggers.


>wake up
>anxiety attack
>lie around for an hour, heart racing
>finally check cmc
>get up
>barely get down a bite

Water, greek yogurt, frozen fruit, and a piece of toast

Coffee and toast w butter

All fancy cheese omelett

2 pieces peanut butter toast, 2 hard boiled eggs, greek yoghurt with raspberries and then a coffee while browsing the market. I've experimented with lots of different breakfasts and this one ended up working for me

Breakfast is a jewish myth

Caffeine pill, tea and a bunch of peanut butter since I'm on keto right now

why is Veeky Forums broken

Speed and weed

Dont forget the veggies for nice creamy turds

that's me minus the gym oh lord...

Similar, but far less healthy
>wake up
>look at clock - three hours before wage cucking
>look at cmc
>heart racing
>smoke cigarette
>smoke another
>begin to fall asleep 10 mins before work
>wake up tired

>wake up
>smoke a bowl while looking through action music playlists
>find a 1-3 hour or live stream
>draw with appropriate theme music for whatever i'm working on
>keep drawing until i get tired
>eat a few cup noodles

check crypto every so often throughout the day

living the dream

Good job user

enjoy getting knocked out of ketosis with all of that sugar and carbs, friend. stick to macadamia nuts.

>worship satan
>take away
>work (night shift)

drive around, sometimes give people at bus stops rides if the whether is bad
get home snort some coke, eat some chicken

skate liver oil

niggers only smoke menthol tho. what about cigars?

Smoke a joint and hike 6 miles every morning

pic related, timmies, large double double with rando cig, im about to get me hands on some panda ciggies. cant wait to try it out. when i make it, i will just sit in my backyard of wooded suburban home, smoking a cigar and strong coffee while browsing interweb & enjoying mommy nature

Sucking my girlfriend's penis

coffee & cigarettes, after that I check CMC

Banana with peanut butter for breakfast. Used to eat a big breakfast but didn't like that so I switched to nothing but didnt like that either. Small breakfast is the way to go

Skate liver oil, nice.

>Slumber mode for the next 3 hours
>My brain got attacked enough for me to final wake ul at 6 am
>Get up from bed
>Go to work

I want to neet again guys

>wake up
>tuck morning wood into my waistband and go to kitchen
>check my blood glucose
>check cmc
>drink 2 energy drinks
>barely get to wagecuckery on time
>check cmc during work breaks
>2 more energy drinks for lunch, maybe some gummie bears if blood sugar is low
>check cmc after work, walk next door to gym and sweat out the last of the energy drinks
>protein shake and shaky checking of cmc before bed

I quit smoking but I am running out of methods to stay calm when all of my alts are dipping sideways

smoke weed faggot

Cigars are the true patrician option ofc

I quit smoking because spending that extra money on cryptos is worth it. Would rather smoke a joint once a week anyways, cigs are just a pacifier, same with cig gars

i do it by not killing myself with nigger sticks

fucking pleb smoking cancer sticks and drinking peasant ass coffee

you people make me sick

I hate you so much coffee+cigarets people.
Your breath smells like shit, your clothes smells like shit (cold tobacco yerk).
You're ruining my mornings.

CMC Markets? What is cmc?

Coin Market Cap.
I have shortcuts on my phone and pc to each coin I've invested in...
Was feeling on top of the world in December, but now.....

A joint and a yerba matte. I'm sponsored by pic related so I get that shit fo' free. Then I take a shower and eat from fried rice while checking on my bots' overnight trading.

I had to give up smoking just recently because it was getting too hard on my lungs after 15 years. But I would have 2 on my way to work before, and about 10 more cigarettes through the day in the last year or so. Now it's:

>wake up
>check crypto
>make a pot of coffee and some eggs and/or bacon/sausage
>Drink coffee with whole cream and stevia
>Have a dip of tobacco on the way to work
>check crypto when I get to work and throughout the morning when I can find time
>Have a nice keto lunch
>check crypto
>go home
>check/trade crypto for hours
>Have a nice keto dinner
>acknowledge gf
>go to bed too late

I wish I could still drink coffee but my stomach feels like shit after one sip now, feels like it's eating my insides. But oh god I miss that smell and first sip so damn good. Miss cigs too but feel a lot better not smoking.

I go back to sleep several times

>Coin Market Cap
Bitcoin $10,300.90
Ethereum $942.71

Cheer up buttercup it's not all bad, maybe some more December action this year looks like?

Pic related, BTC in 2018

Today, omelette containing bacon, 2 year old cheddar and sun dried tomatoes. Prepared by my wife while I browsed Veeky Forums and tried to shake off the anti-psychotics that dull me to sleep.

You forgot
>Wake up in middle of the night check crypto fearing the worst
>It's worse and now you can't sleep

bong hoots and beers

I dream about woodworking

Are you me?

>wake up at 1700
>check coinmarketcap
>visit my weed dealer
>get home and light a joint
>check coinmarketcap
>watch crypto YouTube videos till 2100
>leave for my gfs house
>pump her up with cum and leave
>get home and check coinmarketcap
>cook some spaghetti
>eat then sleep

>wake up
>bowl of cereal
>log in to exchange
>sell order
>inject roids
>drink preworkout
>go to gym

feels good man

I begin my day with a balanced breakfast because I'm not some child LARPing as le wolf on le wall street day trader

Every time I traded high I lost money

Is this common? I've literally quit because I kept losing money so reliably when baked all day

Maybe this should have been obvious

Breakfast is for fags dude

>wake up at 6:15
>check blockfolio
>see the market moved against me, bad mood
>eat cereal and go to work
>sell/buy crypto every now and then at work to try to recover losses
>go to gym
>check blockfolio, see market moved against me
>dinner, sleep, repeat

me too friend, me too.