>Beta release
>Official public release

1 dollar by the end of March. Better get in now.

It already went to 1 Dollar- remember that Convention in Vegas?

We don't talk about that.

The ICE show - in London? At least pretend to know what you’re talking about.

The Online Gambling Industry will get fucked because all Gamblers go into Crypto and Gamble "Fair" in an shitty looking Crypto Online Meme Casino called Funfair. So these Gamblers just buy some Eth or BTC , send it to an Meme online Casino and buy FUN. Then they play in the Funfair Casino because its so fair??? Nigga its bullshit no matter how you look at it.

we don't talk about the October incident.

Maybe it hits 0.10 USD if it launches and works good

You utter clown. FUN is the tech casinos will run on - it will be re-skinned to suit each adopter. The showcase is just that - a demo of the tech running. FUNFAIR is not a casino outfit.

Can you talk about it just this once, just for... FUN?!

just picked up 20 this is cheap as shit
jez san gonna take us to the moon faggots
lol at all the fags who bought this at 10+ cents

heheh y-yeah what a bunch of dumbasses....

Unironically bought at $0.13 and no regrets

Casino empire on the moon

Yea, I'd be pretty mad if I bought at 14 cent...

lmao im just busting your chops anons you are alright
truth is I wanted to buy in at 15 cents but simply forgot about it. now saw it at 5 cents and went balls deep immediately
were all gonna make it faggots

Lets go Bois, 500 sats is floor

I'm still at 3x profit on this coin. Bought at the absolute floor.

Do you wear a pink shirt now; like a real fun chad? I probably would

>$1 by March
Are you fucking retarded?

speculation frenzy upon first news; plus priced in future expansion

That would make me a rich man..... But you're wrong.
I like these prices now because I can accumulate heaps with every pay cheque.
Look, if I am wrong feel free to screencap this and rub it in my face by the time March comes around.