It's over. Cash out now. This is going to end badly

It's over. Cash out now. This is going to end badly.

>A growing number of Coinbase customers are complaining that the cryptocurrency exchange withdrew unauthorized money out of their accounts. In some cases, this drained their linked bank accounts below zero, resulting in overdraft charges.

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I signed up to Gemini today, but that being said, I've never had an issue with coinbase. I'm keeping both exchanges to compare prices when doing fiat exchanges ofc. Anyone who has these 20k ACH gone missing issues with coinbase is probably doing something retarded.

Also, I highly doubt they're making unauthorized withdrawals on their users, that would be fucking retarded and a billion dollar + company would not do that. I work in chargebacks/ fraud for a major gaming website, and there's no fucking way that's what's going on, that would never happen - this isn't bitgrail.

Just like Binance got hacked, eh?

Fuck off. Go post this on Reddit where it might actually have any effect whatsoever.

bro this is actually true, happened to several friends who use normiebase

Who are you quoting?

I actually believe this is not a larp
>fomo all in
>ignore fees
>get overdrafted
>blame cuckbase

fucking burgers, man.

didn't AB talk about how exchanges are the future? Wouldn't the people who control banks try to fuck over incumbent exchanges while launching your own? hmmmm

major moons in 6 months

Do you get paid in REQ??

Coinbase is refunding people affected by the issue, but that isn't going to stop them from closing their accounts to avoid shit like that from happening again. Without normie money coming in, we're only going downhill from here.

some people have had money put into their accounts too.

Guys if you don't join Coinmetro when it opens next week.... you have no pity. Research it.

can confirm, i received $300 out of nowhere then it was taken back

Its over. This FUD. Its terrible and no one cares or will remember it in 2 days. This will end badly for shorters. A growing number of shorters and salty bottom sellers are typing sas shit on Veeky Forums

how does this shit happen? also, checked.

Dude. Coinbase admitted to it. It's not a FUD, and it hasn't impacted by. Y so nervous?

You remind me of people defending Tether right before the fall from 12k to 6k.

It's most certainly a bug on their end. Considering they must have billions of transactions going on, it's not too unlikely. They are retards though.

I got some email about my two-factor authorization being changed. Luckily I didn't have any money sitting on Coinbase. Anyway, I tried logging in and everything was fine. What happened here?

Ok. Even so until proven otherwise is anamolous and no systemic impact. OP is certainly FUD. Bad FUD. Sad FUD.

Do I you little thot hole? Please show me evidence of anything you think regarding tether

>what is grammar
If you're going to retort, at least put in some semblance of effort.

You are so fucking stupid. This multiple charging issue has affected thousands of coinbase customers.

I’m calling it now, this does absolutely nothing to the price and has no relevance a week from now

>Even so until proven otherwise is anamolous and no systemic impact
>thousands of people closing their accounts and no longer buying crypto has no impact
>normies being turned off from crypto because of this debacle has no impact
The reason for the pump to 10k was to get normies to FOMO into BTC again; with normies now closing their Coinbase accounts that won't be happening.
If Coinbase wasn't the largest fiat gateway for Americans this wouldn't be such an issue.

the lack of an audit, obviously
if they showed us the fucking audit we'd be at 50k by now since people wouldn't be scared of a massive crash triggered by it

Yeah people got overcharged, which they are now fixing, go back to r/coinbase and hang out with the neurotic faggots who are crying about this as if it means anything.

it means some people are gonna get money to buy more bitcoin...

does gemeni accept credit cards

Its not a spoof... Coinbase has an alert on the support page admitting it. I was affected they took 300 USD plus a 3.00 international charge yesterday out of my account. good thing im not a poor fag and it did not result in overdraft charges, but they most certainly took my money.


PSA: COINBASE CUSTOMERS CHECK YOUR BALANCE I was overcharged twice and currently have $-500 in my bank account. These fucking shills won't even allow people to file a complaint ticket, how can I get them to pay the overdraft fee assuming I get refunded the money?

I've read the posts on Plebbit. Sounds like it's connected to the reclassification of crypto purchases by credit card companies. I checked my bank accounts connected to Coinbase and none have any unauthorized withdrawals. I also have a $2k and $8k fiat transfer pending with Coinbase and have no reason to believe they won't clear tomorrow.
If you use Coinbase, I'd keep an eye on it but I wouldn't be panicked.

>Using Coinbase
Kys. I've been in crytpo since $1800 and have never used Coinbase. Use Coinmama or go find a BTC ATM and put cash in and send it to your wallet. This isn't hard fatties.

kill your worthless self faggot nigger

I was one of them. Found out 20 minutes ago. There's another dozen or so people I talked to on reddit who are having the same problem, especially with the Canadian bank Scotiabank. Apparently some have already been refunded.

same situation. except they charged me 50 cents to give and then take back the money. give me back money coinbase!

Fucking retards don't keep up with news. I expected BTC to drop after this came out but it's still up. Now when I go to sleep I bet it hits and I fuck myself over by canceling my orders.

>please, please don't spread any news even if true that might make my gay little coins go down

1/ We have determined that the erroneous credit and debit charges are the result of Visa reversing and recharging transactions. This was not done by Coinbase. We are working with Visa to ensure all affected customers are reimbursed.

this has been the shittiest fud ive seen in the last 6 months

You know why these guys are posting this, right? Because these DUMBASSES sold at 6k. And now they're fucked.

just wait for the REQ mainnet
Coinbase is about to get raped by the French

lol what a delusional faggot!

>their company would benefit from an audit that's why they are dragging their feet about it.

It's funny how they robotically parrot the exact same lines. But hey. That's the magic of cognitive dissonance.

>linked bank account
>used credit card to buy crypto
kek they had it coming
>buying anything on credit

go to sleep fag, we need a dip

hey man, if you know of a better fiat gateway, i'd love hear it.

I'm all for any way to turn cash into crypto honestly.

VISA gift cards are also rejected on all exchanges.

It's Chinese new year today. Did you think the 2018 "January dip" was bad? You ain't seen nothing yet.

what should i use then instead

cut out the middle man and mine it

It's literally the credit card companies and the Banks. They obviously want to take the credibility of crypto down and that's exactly what's happening.
Coinbase has changed nothing on their end.

not an option

I recommend Gemini. It's also FDIC insured + the Winklevoss/Bogdanoff twins will personally reimburse you if the exchange gets hacked.

not on android?

Prevents phone trading.

>We have determined that the erroneous credit and debit charges are the result of Visa reversing and recharging transactions. This was not done by Coinbase. We are working with Visa to ensure all affected customers are reimbursed

Visa trying to ruin crypto again.... Yeah I think I'll HODL

No one reads?
>MCC code for Crypto got changed.
>Merchant code, litereally for Coinbase got changed to charge cash advance and higher APR
>It's not the merchant, it's the credit card processor who is redoing the transaction to rebill the customer.
>Making Coinbase look back.

I'm not a fan of CB, and not a fan of Credit Card processors or Credit card networks.

That's it. More sign to use crypto. The network/merchant processor is litereally redoing transactions to profit off you.

How the fuck is an unauthorized debit transaction even possible? I don't use coinbase and I'm a naive leaf but I need to log into my online banking account to send money...


You can meet me in person or wire cash to me.

You pay me 6% premium, for the convenience.

anyone? im still confused. I know how you can charge a linked CC but how are they removing money from your bank account without consent or hacking you?

in case anyone is serious about doing this stuff correctly, you do not under any circumstances use coinbase to buy.
deposit usd into GDAX via wire transfer, then buy.
>but muh wire fees
you fucking fool, buying 2k of coins in coinbase gives you a fucking shit price, a % fee on top of that, AND they sit on it for a week.

>Who are you quoting?
Every one of these clickshekel kikes are using Plebbit threads as a source.

It's definitely an alternative, but coinbase is offering a 1.49% fee. It's still the best fiat gateway that i know of.

Can’t wait for COSS to take this over


Coinbase sucked dick anyway

i fucking hate coinbase and want them to go under so fucking bad

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this is the missing piece for me thank you my autistic friend

>he doesn't use GDAX where the fees are basically 0

user WHY

also Gemini costs almost the same as GDAX and they're much more friendlier


he doesn't know they are the same thing

no shit but there shouldn't be a 1.49% fee if he's using gdax

>n word
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Take your FUD back to /pol/ retard

I removed all my bank and card info. Haven't used normiebase in months anyway. Gemini all the way.

fucking this

Thanks to the jew banks, they actually classify coinbase transactions as foreign transactions and charge a shitton of fees each time (like $30 to $50). If the fees made their balance negative they got hit with another overcharge fee.

burgers got fucked hard

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Aaaand I'm out

Why do they want to prevent phone trading

Ok OP, wait to buy. Got it.

retard, just deposit your shekels into the Coinbase USD wallet and then instantly transfer it to GDAX for free

>This country not even listed on coinbase
Is this braindead amerifat blaming my motherland again?
You should go back to

Just checked and a double charge showed up on my account from a payment I made on the 5th, looks like they refunded it instantly though.