New Trading Card game, almost literally the ground floor. Has a nice twist where you continue to get Eth back for the next few sales of the item at a reduce rate. Volume is picking up nicely:


Careful with that gas limit though. MetaMask sets it pretty high. You can knock off a zero and still be fine.

I repeat my question:
How to make those ponzi eth games? Is there a tutorial somewhere? I've got plenty of time, I might scoop some eth from normies as well.

Copy the smart contract from the etherscan link for starters.

learn python


Let's moon it!

It's already happening. The top items 10x'd since the initial post, and the rush on the bottom-tier is on before the middle pumps again.

> You can knock off a zero and still be fine
what do you mean?

When Metamask auto-completes the tx amount and cost, the amount is really high. Reducing it by a factor of 10 still goes through. This still holds true for buying the .001 eth items, but the front page are now expensive enough and moving quick enough to make the extra cost irrelevant.

too many emoji this will fail

I am a programmer and can fully program a game like this(even way better). If you have a good idea or anything just post your Discord.

Here's an image to go with. The gas limit is 3 mil. Reducing it to 300,000 takes the tx fee to .0003 (which makes more sense for a .001 item). It has the possibility to fail though, so it's more of a risk with high volume.

Compared to the youcollect games (crypto and countries), this is a low supply. All the bottom are being bought up, so we'll see what happens at that point. If there's enough volume to sustain raising the floor, supply doesn't matter.

rank 14 on dappradar! can only go up

thx I see what you mean, but if it fails somehow can you lose what you sent? Im asking for other ether games also, is it possible?

there has been such an influx of these in the past couple of weeks. why?

leave now

Bear market makes people bored.

Yes, you lose a portion of the tx fee. You can check your account on etherscan to see how much was burned.

no one's going to buy into this shit game pajeet. go home; india banned crypto remember.

ok thx a lot im checking the game

people still buying so . . .. . . .. ..

how many ground floors do you have to miss?? jesus

it literally couldnt be easier to make money off these games

They've been the only thing making money for me this year before this week, honestly. If you get in early, it's a nice quick eth tap.

why even buy crypto when you can just do this shit?

easy money

which is the one that made half a million in one day?

this is dumb don't get scammed