WTF is going on with this coin.
I has been hovering about $1.00 for a long time now not really doing anything.
Bought a bunch at $1.50 and I can't decide if to jump ship at a loss or hold on forever.

>hovering about $1.00 a long time
Shut the fuck up, dude. Just shut the fuck up. You're not going to make it if you continue to be an impatient child.

LOL $1.50.... I got in at 20c, sold at $2.50 and back in at 70c

You're missing opportunities but if you hold enough time imo it will be about 2$ some weeks later

xrp is a joke

>mfw The CEO fudded his own coin by saying these are not currencies but basically digital bags

look at the 4h candles i hope you leave just before mooning

I can sense the pump is coming in near future.

You're too impatient. Sell, go buy some $0.20 shitcoin. Lose 50% on that when it dumps to $0.10 and come back with a new wojak

>unironically thinking a top 3 coin is going to make you rich
If you aren't rich already, you're wasting your money dumping anything into the top 10.

Panama Buyers Club, the group responsible for Pumping ripple to $2.75 is now accumulating LUX coin. Should get in that instead.

it's a scam.

You have to be patient to make the most gains.

This shit will be $10-$15 by EOY. Minimum.

I can't believe in 2018 idiots are still buying into coins that they know nobody in the real world will ever hear of. Idiots like yourself are why the coins even are created in the first place, to make money off of you.

How fucking stupid are you? This market is growing by leaps and bounds every year.

The top 5 one year ago were:

Bitcoin @ $1,000
Ethereum @ $11
Ripple @ $.006
LTC @ $3.79
Monero @ $12.21

>Hurr durr hurr it's retarded to invest in top coins

many moon missions to come



pffft, try 100k minimum

mozel tov

yea dude it went from like .03 to $3

then normies figured it out

and then they continued to read and realized its worthless

and then retards kept trying to post so they can pump the price and dump their bags they missed out on selling

where do you check for ROI on CMC?