Not buying RLC from binance at the bottom of the dip. Easiest gains of your life

Not buying RLC from binance at the bottom of the dip. Easiest gains of your life.

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This shitcoin is dead. It's a meme

LoL how is it dead or a shitcoin?

Im selling at +50% which will be this weekend. Look at the charts..

total supply is nothing.. blockchain agnostic, will be powering most dapps on all chains. DO THE MATH. Check their twitter and roadmap. Ahead of schedule, constant partnerships. Biggest sleeper in crypto and pajeets think it's 'dead' because it didn't deliver a lambo in a 2-day investment. When it passes $400 I'll repost all the pajeet threads saying iExec is dead.

You are right my friend. I will still sell most of my holdings this weekend for small gains. But holding a decent bag till the end for sure.

This is actually a Hidden gem. I wonder why it isnt shilled here

>bottom of thedip
You probably never seen a real dip.

because coins pay shill teams to flood reddit and biz, iExec doesn't need it, they will have true growth simply because of adoption.

I sincerely wonder if shilling is going to be the go-to marketing model for companies now.
> spend all day baiting and counter-shilling corporate shills for keks
> mfw we are unironically entering the dystopian cyber future

so does this token offer oracles as well or no?

isn't that how you can get free coins? shilling on reddit, making a video, retweeting shit, etc.


Wouldn't be surprised, and would help to explain how these shills can so passionately argue the same thing day in and day out- they figure it's their meal ticket. So annoying though. 4chinz is more important than ever, because with no persistent identities (sans tripfags) shills will always get BTFO.

RLC is a great buy that we can all agree on.

Should I go all in on this or ENG?


Doesn't Plasma make Iexec redundant?


If this actually went to 400 I'd unironically and literally be a multimillionaire.

They're both good projects but: Private smart contracts/off chain computations vs. off chain computations, which is more unique?

I will after we breach 6k. Thanks for the heads up.

i need this to hit 10 bucks and ill be a millionaire. hoping this happens by may