Will I make it with wabi?

Will I make it with wabi?
I know Enigma will be 30+ in the next 6 months and over 100+ by start of next year. Just worried about wabi?

Also portfolio rate thread.

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Wabi as your second largest holding

wow you are really going for the "if i dont make it im buying a rope" tactic.

big if true, news worthy if false (rip)

in all seriously the only coin i like in all of what you got is ENG, and i own trx. not like that amounts significant anyways. lol

So I should take some profits out of wabi and put into something else?

Eng is amazing and has a huge future. Gotta get more

>Not buying any Veeky Forums meme coins like LINK.

Umm user, I'm sorry to say

Put that 2k in MAN, BTO or SophiaTX thank ma later

If bitcoin reaches 100k you will make it. Could always get more Wabi. Buy the dips.

Link isn't a meme


yeah, neither is fun


Like these picks, all above ico price except BTO

If you want to make it I need more aggression out of you user. $30 TRX what the fuck is that. What is the fucking point of $2000 ETH? Consolidate this shit into one play, two if you are a pussy, and get the fuck out of my office.

I'll show you a proper blockfolio,I'm going to make it faggot

You're hired.

your portfolio is a shitcoin museum

I was thinking the same

> $30 of Tron


I'm doing this for free.

Keep ENG and ETH

dump the other shitcoins for fuck's sake

prob the airdrop

Check out Lockchain!

Taking on Airbnb


In all seriousness blud. Grow some fucking balls and commit to just 2 (or even 1). Youll never make it to the moon with that shit