ICX train about to leave the station

Your daily shill thread

>mainnet got dumped, price is still low even though it's rising steadily
>undervalued due to devs missing a deadline
>korean exchanges have announced that they'll be adding new coins again
>token swap & mobile wallet coming in march
>IISS and ICO platform launch in april

The literal gook eth/neo on the comeup in development by a bunch of proper sweaty nerds.

atleast read the whitepaper

I'm very bullish about this token.

SHUT THE HELL UP... i got .05 cents to still accumulatee!! RREEEEEEEE

>Let's not moon right now, I need more

We all know icon will be big. It may not be this month, next month, or by Summer, but we all know that EOY if we just hold our stacks will be fat.

Yep this is one of the comfiest holds out there.

how much EOY considering circulating supply?

$4.80 i think

$100 seems plausible, but far from guaranteed.

Honestly, overvalued as fuck, everything priced in, koreans dont give a shit about this coin and its supposed to be the korean ethereum.
VEN already worth 15%+ when ICX was always cheaper.
Would buy ICX if it drops to $2, otherwise i wouldnt bother. It will bleed like OMG and do nothing forever.

> It will bleed like OMG and do nothing forever.
this. dump now before more losses

How poor are you faggots?

Once the correct market cap value is listed this will halve in price. Just wait for a bit. Currently this is overvalued surprisingly. Great project though just don't get burned when its mcap doubles and normies dump.

not at all, i don't own this coin

Also should mention there are still shit loads of ico bag holders looking to unload so the price rising is very difficult. I would expect 25 end of year at most currently. Next year is when the train should get rolling big time. Especially if they are going through with staking.

>Ethereum of Korea
> Literally not on any Korean exchanges
> No Koreans even talking about it
> Overvalued as fuck

>Once the correct market cap value is listed this will halve in price
wait a minute the MC is unknown?

no. Just double what CMC says, it only counts circulating supply.
already priced in.

The market cap is well known. CMC just doesn't list it correctly and the gooks won't correct them. With the launch of mainnet there will be 800mil tokens which is double what they have listed now. Even though, like Vechain, they're somewhat locked they still exist. So the minute the wallet and mainnet are public accessible the mcap instantly doubles and normies panic sell. Unless this is priced in which is super doubtful since this has happened to several alt coins before and went poorly.

examples? were they as open and clear about it as ICX?

So many nig nogs spreading alrdy debunkes fud in this thread. Stay poor faggots, laughing all the way to the bank $ICX