ITT only portfolios that will make it

ITT only portfolios that will make it

Fuck i forgot i still has that shitcoin when i get that dip at 60k while it was flying around 90-80k, i set sell order at 69999 and now it's down to 40k

You're invested in literally every shilled shitcoin. Fucking larping retard

Just gotta twiddle my thumbs until late 2019

Yeah im taking this one to my grave, at least ive only bought 200 @ 15$ lol could be worse

Its not larp its my actual poortfolio

Pic of my recent binance shopping spree

Nice link stack, care to share your thoughts on the coin?



where did you get all that money? I can't believe your momma gave you

What do you think lads? Thinking of holding until 2019.

>literally only made money with ETH

Also how do you show percentages and balances on delta, I can only do either or

With that level of diversification you're better off taking everything you've got in the top marketcap coins and buying c20 instead

I have photoshoped it to show both but I'd like that option. Also an option to produce a screenshot of the entire portfolio is would be nice.

I started with 8k in August/September. I know I have to many shitcoins.
Capp and HBT I both only invested 1.5k $ and already took out like 20k of them and put into other coins. Bought capp in ico at 0.008$, was worth 0.40$ in mid jan, I sold a good amount at 0.15$ tho, had 230k. Both still undervalued, marketcap 250 and 440. When they are marketcap 50 I am gonna cash out into btc/eth. Not sure if I should sell some WTC. I feel like I really need some big coins but don't know which to sell

Oh and fucking hbt, I invested in their ICO in autumn, price went from 30 cent or like 900 hbt/eth (at eth 300$) to 5 cent or 5000 hbt/eth. I bought 15k more at this time. Sold some the last days because the price kept up so well and I fear a little crash, although marketcap is still very low.

Went all in and waiting up to 2 years for peak lambo land but staking might be too profitable to sell by then

>I took this pic 2 years ago
Oh wow, I usually see my shoops and pics used everywhere now, but it feels so good everytime I see someone else use them.

lmao i hope you mined that.

Will be selling my ZCL in about 10 days any maybe going 50/50 into MAN and NULS. Might off load tau if it gets pumped high enough, I deeply regret not selling at 8/10x
I really hope I hit 1.5M this year

R8 my b8 m8s

im not gonna make it :*(

>put some in VEN
>wait for rebrand
>more omg

nice SKY brah

~70,000 XRP
~90,000 XLM
~14,000 (M)IOTA
~4,000 ICX
~500,000 TRX

A fellow fucking HST investor. You and I will be millionaires EOY 2019. Maybe even 2018.

Am I good?

read that as 570k

do i count?

You're comfy.

I'm so glad I found it before all the news they got coming out including what the big exchange is (also just how big the customers they acquired this early on are, including what that top 5 country MiVote's in the contract stage with). It feels like there's constantly someone from the team on their Telegram answering everything too. Best team and token use I've seen in crypto. I decided to stop risking hopping around from coin to coin and just settled for a sure thing with a decent amount of money.